Welcome to the Club

They said it was impossible. They said he didn’t have what it takes to make it long term in the NHL. They have spent years berating him and his brother for everything they do on and off the ice. They have no idea just how valuable these two players have been to the Vancouver Canucks organization, fans and the city of Vancouver.

Henrik Sedin deserves all kinds of respect in the hockey world despite arguments from those on the outside will say. They can keep telling us all the insults, there is not one negative thing that Canucks fans haven’t heard over the years. They will keep proving why they ARE deserving of being inducted into the hall of fame one day down the road.

From a rookie searching for his game to a now seasoned veteran leading the way on and off the ice. Friday night was all kinds of incredible for Canucks fans to witness as Henrik Sedin had another night for the record books.

All week you could feel the energy building up in Vancouver as Henrik edge ever closer to the milestone. Walking into Rogers Arena for the game against the Florida Panthers, you could feel the anticipation in the air. There was a buzz among fans as we were ready to witness Henrik Sedin reach yet another milestone. His very first NHL point came against the Florida Panthers, so it seems fitting that his 1000th should come against them as well. The feeling in the arena was electric from start to finish. It is a game that my sister and I will remember every second of the experience for years to come. img_0274

Sometimes hockey is pure magic and if you’re really lucky you will get to witness it just as an incredible crowd did Friday night when Henrik Sedin scored his 1000th NHL point. Heading into the game, every single person in attendance knew the possibility of what we might witness and was hoping it would be more than an assist or an empty net goal, and boy did Henrik ever choose the perfect moment to deliver his 1000th point in style with a goal versus former teammate Roberto Luongo.

Down 1-0 in the second period, cue the Sedinery play taking over and pulling 18,000 fans to their feet. Edler to Daniel to Henrik putting the puck past Luongo. Pandemonium ensued as cheers rained down as the arena made their appreciation heard loud and proud. You could not have scripted the moment ANY better (unless perhaps somehow Burrows had been on the ice). Even more heartwarming than seeing that goal right in front of our seats was seeing not just the entire team rush to the ice to take in the moment, but also the props given to Henrik from Roberto Luongo.

Welcome to 1000 points club, HANK!

In case you weren’t lucky enough to witness the moment live in all it’s glory, here it is:

Here’s a little snippet of what it felt like to be there (credit to fellow Canucks fan Clayton Imoo for capturing the following video):

Henrik wanted the point and to reach what once seemed like an impossible feat but more than that he wanted two points for his team. Isn’t that just like Henrik, that rather than be consumed by his own milestone, he put his team first? Sounds familiar doesn’t it? The Sedins while deserving of immense respect do not go out looking for recognition, they simply go out setting an example of what giving their best looks like every shift.

Once again Henrik reached this latest milestone with his brother not too far behind him in the hunt for the very same feat. Daniel Sedin with an assist is now just 32 points away from joining his brother in the 1000 points club. Will we see another Sedin milestone this season or maybe early next season? One thing is certain, whether it occurs this year or next season, Canucks fans are incredibly lucky to get to witness both milestones. img_0272

The day will come when the Sedins retire, but until that day comes, take in every moment of Sedinery that happens. Thank-you, Henrik and Daniel for 17 years and counting of incredible moments that will live long in the history of the Vancouver Canucks.

As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

(side note: here’s a snippet of another incredible moment captured during Henrik’s milestone night, courtesy of the Vancouver Canucks:


History Is Coming: Hank You.

Milestones begin to add up for NHL players over the course of their careers: their first game, first point, first goal, first penalty, first hat trick, number of games played and on goes the list.

Vancouver Canucks, captain Henrik Sedin is fast approaching yet another milestone: 1000 career NHL points. It’s an incredible feat and one that not every player reaches throughout their careers. One that takes commitment, discipline and perseverance.


January is quickly becoming a month to keep our eyes on as Henrik inches closer every game to this latest milestone. Heading into tonight’s game against Calgary, Henrik Sedin has amassed 996 points and counting. Let that sink in for a moment: Henrik Sedin is closing in on 1000 NHL points.

There was a time when many were unsure if Henrik and Daniel would have what it takes to make it long-term in the NHL. Neither Henrik or Daniel had it easy but they kept with it and now here we are over 1000 games later.

In those 996 points, there have been some standout moments: from his first goal to being named captain of the team to his 112 point Art Ross trophy season to his unbelievable chemistry with his brother, Daniel and to the moment he passed former teammate Markus Naslund as the Vancouver Canucks all-time leading scorer. Creating magic nearly every game with his play on the ice with his brother or as Canucks fans call it: sedinery.

And as it has been with their entire careers and reaching milestones…Daniel will also be IMG_0613reaching the 1000 points plateau later this season. That’s an incredible feat for one player on a team, let alone two players who happen to be brothers and have been line mates for their entire careers.  Their critics berate them nightly and yet every season, they have continued to defy the odds.


Henrik will once again cross the milestone line just before Daniel, just like he won the Art Ross the year before him or reached 1000 games played. It seems only fitting that they will be crossing this latest milestone together, one after another.

From surpassing 1000 games played to amassing nearly 1000 NHL points, Henrik has made a long lasting impression on the game. Just 4 points separate him from his latest moment in Vancouver Canucks history.

(*Sidenote: Daniel Sedin is 35 points from also reaching the 1000 points milestone while Bo Horvat is just 7 points away from 100 NHL points.)

History is coming very soon. Where will you be when the moment happens?

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The Sedins are old. The Sedins play making days are long behind them. The Sedins are on the cusp of the end of their respective careers. The Sedins should pack it in and retire or request a trade out of Vancouver. Canucks fans have heard it all. Maybe some of them even started to believe it to be true that this is the beginning of the end and maybe it is exactly that. Maybe these are the twilight years of their respective careers, but who says they have to take the decline route? The Sedins may be thirty-five but that does not mean they are finished.

Sure, November was not exactly the most memorable month for the Vancouver Canucks in the win column, BUT Sedinery had it’s mark in nearly every game. The twins put on a showcase all month long, amassing a combined thirty-five points over fourteen games.

Henrik: 6 goals, 11 assists (17 points)

Daniel: 8 goals, 10 assists (18 points)

Here’s a few examples of the artistry that was November Sedinery:

Some kind of pass from Daniel to set up Hansen:

Just when you thought the Blackhawks were going to break our hearts on home ice, the twins took over the game, scoring the first of three late insurance goals:

Game tying goal versus Torts:

Or back to the Chicago game…when Daniel notched his 900th career point as he set up his brother for the first tying goal of the game:

Nov-Sedinery-ember was fun to witness and gave rise to hope that the twins are not done yet. Thirty-five years old and they still continue to take the hockey world by surprise. They may be approaching the tail end of their careers but they are doing so in style and and adding to their one day legendary status. The day will come when the Sedins decide to hang up their skates and Canucks fans will never be the same having witnessed the entire career of two incredibly uniquely gifted players. For now, I say, let’s enjoy every moment of Sedinery that was, and is yet to be.

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Sarah E.L.


Milestone HANK

A hockey career can be divided into numbers. The number overall that a player was drafted into the NHL. The number of years that a player plays before retiring. The number of points a player amasses (both goals & assists). The number of minutes of ice-time that a player averages per game. The number of penalty minutes a player picks up. The number of power-play points a player amasses. The number of playoff games/series a player plays in and the number of points a player has amassed in playoff games. The number of awards a player has won. The number of teams a player has played for or the number of times a player has been traded.

Today, in honour of the Vancouver Canucks Captain, Henrik Sedin who will be playing in his 1000th NHL career game March 12, 2014; we will take a closer look at his career by the numbers. It is not often that a player plays 1000 games with the same franchise, but that is true for Henrik Sedin going into tonight’s game.

Spoiler alert: it is impossible to not mention Daniel in conjunction with Henrik.

NHL Draft day 1999: The beginning of the #Sedinery journey.

NHL Draft day 1999: The beginning of the #Sedinery journey.

Henrik Sedin was drafted 3rd overall at the 1999 NHL draft right behind his brother Daniel by the Vancouver Canucks. His NHL debut was the start of the 2000-2001 season, on October 5, 2000 and he scored his first goal October 16, 2000. His NHL debut was delayed because him and twin brother Daniel had committed to one more year with MODO (in the Swedish Elite League) before making their names known at an NHL level.

It was not until after the 2004-2005 lockout that fans and media fully realized the star potential that Henrik and his brother Daniel were capable of on the ice. In the 678 games that Henrik has played in since the start of the 2005-2006 season, he has posted 687 points (148 goals, 539 assists).

In 2010, Henrik set a new franchise record for points scored in a single season with 112 points surpassing Pavel Pure’s record of 110 points (Daniel won the Art Ross in 2011). With his record points he won the first Art Ross Trophy for the Canucks franchise and also won the Hart Trophy. At the start of the 2010-2011 season, Henrik Sedin was named team Captain.

From a young rookie to matured franchise point leading Captain.

From a young rookie to matured franchise point leading Captain.

Last season may have been shortened due to the lockout but Henrik made it a memorable year when he surpassed former Canuck, Markus Naslund’s franchise record of 756 total points when he reached point number 757 on February 15, 2013. The standing ovation was thunderous.

This season marks Henrik’s 13th NHL season. In 999 regular season games, Henrik has been assessed 572 penalty minutes and amassed 192 goals along with 641 assists for a total of 833 points. Of those 192 goals, 50 of them are power-play goals, 6 are short-handed and 34 are game winners. In 13 NHL seasons, Henrik has played in 99 playoff games in which he posted 74 points (22 goals, 52 assists). Of those 22 goals, 9 were scored on the power-play and 4 were game winners. Those 99 playoff games also include 1 Stanley Cup Final appearance (2011).

In addition to 13 NHL seasons and counting…Henrik has also made waves playing for his home country of Sweden at competition on the international level. He has represented Sweden at two Olympics (would be three but was forced to withdraw from the 2014 Olympics due to injury) including a GOLD medal in Turin in 2006. Most recently he helped lead Team Sweden to the 2013 World Cup in May and also won two bronze medals at the WC in 1999 and 2001. In 81 games for his international team (combining junior & senior levels), Henrik has put up 69 points (27 goals, 42 assists).

His iron man streak may have officially come to an end earlier this season, but Henrik’s work ethic to always improve his game and give everything he has, will long be remembered when the day comes that he eventually does retire.

Mr. Milestone H. Sedin is the leading franchise player with the following records:

641 assists (& counting), 833 points (& counting), most points in a single season (112 in 2009-2010), assists in a single season (83 in 2009-2010) and most consecutive games played (679).

Here’s just a few of MANY memorable regular season Henrik moments.


2/18/11 TIC TAC TOE…SCORES!!!!

3/14/13 Penalty SHOT! He dekes, he shoots, he scores…the crowd goes WILD!!!


There have been many moments of #sedinery by Henrik and his brother Daniel, and for the next four years there are bound to be many more. Vancouver Canucks fans are VERY fortunate to have been able to watch Henrik and Daniel mature from rookies to matured veteran leaders and reach superstar status. Brothers have played together in the league before but none have played their entire careers together from day one and had the insane chemistry that the Sedins have. There are times when they don’t even look at each other when making a play…they simply anticipate where the other will be and 95% of the time they are right. The twins have been there for nearly every milestone that the other has reached BUT this will be one that Henrik will have to reach without Daniel on the ice (out with an undisclosed injury). Even if Daniel isn’t in the lineup, you can be sure he’s cheering louder than anyone else in support of Hank. No one will cheer louder for Daniel when his moment comes next season than Hank.

It is an incredible milestone in many players careers to reach the 1000 game mark but it is rare to see a player play 1000 games with ONE franchise, but that is exactly the case for Henrik Sedin tonight when he steps out on the ice. He has played EVERY game of his career for the Vancouver Canucks. I repeat how incredibly lucky it has been to watch Henrik’s career develop from a young rookie to the veteran leader that he is now. The Sedins have had the fans and media critique them every step of the way but I ask you, Vancouver, do you realize how lucky we have been to witness the careers of these two?

There is NO doubt in my mind, that one day both #33 and #22 will be up in the rafters at Rogers Arena. It will be strange to not see the Sedins on the ice, but perhaps by then we will finally be able to fully appreciate just what these two mean to the franchise. It is not just their amazing abilities on the ice, but also the work they do off the ice with the Canucks charities and in the community that will make them irreplaceable.

In closing, I salute you, Henrik Sedin for 13 excellent seasons on & off the ice. Here’s to everything he’s done in the past, the present and the future still yet to come. #HankYouVeryMuch

As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

Player Profile: #22 Daniel Sedin & #33 Henrik Sedin

Today's Profile: Daniel & Henrik Sedin.

Today’s Profile: Daniel & Henrik Sedin.

Yes, today’s profile features not ONE but TWO players and the answer to that is simple…you cannot talk about one Sedin without mentioning his brother. The two are nearly inseparable on and off the ice. Their chemistry is so seamless that at times they make a play that looks to be harmless into a sensational showcase of #sedinery.

Daniel and Henrik Sedin were drafted 2nd and 3rd overall in the 1999 NHL draft by the Vancouver Canucks. The opted to delay their NHL debut by signing to play with the Swedish Elite League for one more year following the 1999 draft.

There was a lot of hype about these brothers when they finally did make their debut with the Canucks and they faced a lot of critics [and still do]. The first few years of their careers began with a slow scoring pace that caused much concern for their critics. They did not fully showcase their superstar potential until they returned from MODO following the 2004-2005 lockout for the 2005-2006 season posting a combined 146 points [42 goals, 104 assists].

Fans were given a glimpse of their incredible play making abilities with the placement of winger Anson Carter on their line in the 2005-2006 season. It seemed over the next few years that the coach could place almost any winger on a line with the twins and benefit greatly.

The year to year winger experiment was beneficial to the lucky player placed on their line BUT the Sedins needed a true line mate that could not only benefit from playing with the twins but also benefit the twins.

One day in February 2009, an unlikely experiment was attempted amidst one of the longest losing streaks in franchise history, when the coach placed a pesky winger named Alex Burrows with the twins. A funny thing happened…he fit in even better with the twins than any other player. Did he benefit from his big minutes on the top line? Yes…but he also opened up ice and created space which benefited the twins. It was not long before fans and media alike began calling them the #triplets. Burrows and Sedins together quickly became one of the top offensive lines in the NHL and continue to capture their opponents off guard with their seamless passing and timely goals.

In 906 NHL games Daniel has amassed 758 points [291 goals, 467 assists]. ***Out of his 758 points, 607 of those have come in the 591 games he has played following the 2004-2005 lockout.

In 940 NHL games Henrik has amassed 792 points [182 goals, 610 assists]. ***Out of his 792 points, 646 of those have come in the 622 games that he has played following the 2004-2005 lockout. ***FUN FACT: BOTH brothers achieve their milestone 757th points [to surpass Markus Naslund’s 756 points record!] in their 905th games.

It is hard to imagine them playing apart when they have played together their entire careers [as far back as when they first began to play the sport in Sweden] and have a chemistry playing together that some players never develop. Together they have accomplished many feats: winning gold for Sweden at the 2006 Winter Olympics, back to back ART ROSS trophies[2010, 2011], Henrik won the Hart trophy in 2010, Daniel won the Ted Lindsay award in 2011, together they led the team to the 2011 Stanley Cup Final and helped team Sweden win gold at the 2013 World Championship.

Here are just a few classic #sedinery moments to prepare for next season[because there’s 2 of them, you get a few extra highlights!]:

Remember this beauty when Hank & Danny stole the show?

Can we please sign Hank up for the shootout already?!

This tic tac toe goal features the #triplets getting away with some #sedinery magic

Daniel Sedin scores a highlight reel vs. Minnesota:

Daniel scores late to force OT:

Going into this season, the Sedins will be looking to have a bounce back year putting up big numbers and taking their game to a whole new level as they prepare to earn a spot on the Swedish Olympic team and help the team go on a long playoff run. The keys for the Sedins success will be to not let the opponents distract them from their game and to remain healthy for the majority of the 82 game schedule. When the Canucks open the season October 3rd, look out for the twins to start the year with a new determination as they look to lead the team deep in the spring.

Lastly the Sedins will be looking to extend their contracts before the season’s end as their current ones expire at the end of the year. The twins have made it known that they WANT to STAY & WIN with Vancouver.

#isitOctoberyet #sedinery #hankanddanny #33 #22

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Lucky Numbers: #22 #33 #756 #905

Daniel & Henrik Sedin constantly committing acts of #sedinery on the ice.

Daniel & Henrik Sedin guilty of constantly committing acts of #sedinery on the ice.

From Henrik to Daniel, from Daniel to Henrik, from Sedin to Sedin, or from Sedin to his brother…these have been common phrases used by sportscasters on a typical #sedinery play during many games. These two are so similar in their careers that is a little frightening at times. Needless to say the Canucks have had some incredible moments with the Sedin twins in the line up, especially in the last 4 seasons.

Since the twins re-signed with the Canucks in the 2009 off-season, the team has posted a 180-83-30 record in 293 regular season games. In those 293 games, Henrik has amassed 332 points [73 goals, 259 assists]. Daniel did miss 29 of those games BUT in the 264 games he has played in, he has amassed 296 points [112 goals, 184 assists]. It should also be noted that they BOTH had separate 100+ point seasons[the only other Canucks to do that were Pavel Bure and Markus Naslund] in the last 4 years.  Combined they have won TWO Art Ross Trophies, 1 Ted Lindsay Trophy and 1 Hart Trophy for the Canucks organization. They have solidified themselves in the Canuck history books by BOTH surpassing former Captain Markus Naslund on the all-time points list where they now sit in the #1 and #2 positions.

This year they BOTH surpassed Naslund’s 756 points at home in front of their fans in each of their 905th games. Of course it took them the same amount of games to achieve that milestone. Henrik surpassed the record when the Canucks hosted the Dallas Stars and Daniel became number two all-time behind Henrik in a game against the Chicago Blackhawks.

So…with all of their incredible accomplishments are you glad we kept the Sedins? Do you remember that it was at the very last second prior to the July 2009 free agency madness that rumors were swirling that they would test the free agency waters? You also remember there was A LOT of hype about Toronto tampering with the idea that they could get the twins to sign with them? Can you imagine that outcome if it had come true [if they were now sporting that blue maple leaf]? I, for one do NOT enjoy thinking of what could have happened if they had left…it just makes me irritable.

We are very lucky to have been able to watch the Sedins grow throughout their career and watch the work they put into their game and the community. The Sedins are a HUGE part of the Canucks success and will be looking to help the Canucks finish their final game of this shortened season in style and help the team get primed for playoffs.

Heading into the final two days of the regular season all 8 seeds are claimed in the Eastern Conference…except the final order has yet to be determined with many teams still having a game or two left to play. In the Western Conference much like the Eastern Conference, only the top 3 seeds are locked down with the final order still to be determined.There are still 2 seeds left to be claimed in the Western Conference playoff race, although in 9th, Columbus is just ONE point behind Detroit[currently in 7th] and TIED with Minnesota[currently in 8th] and all three teams have ONE game left that will make for a very dramatic finish. When the final standings are in we will take a closer look at the Canucks and their first round opponent.

Just two days remain in this shortened regular season and we are in for a dramatic close before the playoff excitement takes over 16 cities! Are you ready? The madness is nearly here!

Share your playoff traditions[if any] below in the comments!

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Birthday= Canuck’d Tradition

Hello faithful readers & possible spring breakers! Yesterday the Canucks did not get the win, and currently sit two points out of the NW Divisional lead. Stop rushing to push that panic button, there are still 20 games left in which a lot will inevitably happen and it will be a fun battle to watch down the stretch. It does not matter where in the top 8 a team finishes, just that they are in the top 8 prior to the start of playoffs. Be excited, the end of the season picture is still to be determined.

Today’s post however shall take us back to the Canucks match with the Predators.

Picture it, it was Thursday March 14th 2013, a day like any other except for the fact that it was my birthday. If you have followed blog from the beginning than perhaps you remember me mentioning, it has become my special tradition to go the Canucks game every year on my birthday. This year however that tradition was put in jeopardy because of the lockout and the uncertainty of what the shortened schedule would look like. So first, thank-you to those lovely people charged with the complicated NHL scheduling task for making this tradition once more!  The day started as any other game day would, checking the stats of all teams heading into all the day’s action. I like to know what’s going in the league to get myself into game day mode. Next up is getting Canucked up in team colours and making predictions for the game. I made 3 predictions that morning: Luongo would start, Kevin Bieksa would return & the Canucks would win by 3, [and if you watched the game then you know that all three of these became the end results]. The hours winded down and everyone returned from work to also get themselves ready for the game. In the end, all six of us were in Jerseys ready for puck drop.

Heading on the train to the game blue and green was every which you looked as many other fans were also decked out head to toe in Canuck apparel en route to the arena. Ticket and bag checks were mandatory heading through the doors prior to finding our seats in the lower bowl. We had seats just behind Luongo’s net, the view was excellent. We got to see the pre-game warmups up close:


Some of my favourite Canucks[Garrison, Lapierre, Booth, Higgins, Schneids] getting game ready prior to the puck drop.

Warmups ended and then before we knew it was time for the ceremonial face-off and both anthems to be sung. No one expected there to be any type of quick pace to this game, let alone 11 goals. Games between Vancouver and Nashville tend to be snooze fests and extremely tight defensively, that cannot be said for this goal fest. In their previous match up this season it was a 1-0 victory for the Canucks and most people expected a similar type of game heading into the match. That is not what happened. Two minutes in the Canucks took a quick 1-0 lead,

The first of 7 Canuck goals! The atmosphere was absolutely electric...

The first of 7 Canuck goals! Ebbett got the party started, & the atmosphere was absolutely electric…

The entire arena was up on their feet cheering loudly for the home side. It only took a few minutes for Nashville to respond back with their own goal tying it 1-1. For a while it seemed as though that’s how the game would stay, until an Alex Edler point shot found its way behind Pekka Rinne making it 2-1 Canucks. Nashville had some late pressure but the arena erupted in #LOUUUS as Luongo stood tall keeping Nashville at bay. The final minutes of the first period saw some incredible Sedinesque passing from Bieksa to Ebbett to Hansen to Raymond who unleashed a highlight reel wrist shot to beat Pekka Rinne giving the home side a 3-1 edge heading into the 2nd period and the crowd was on their feet once more. There was a palpable sense of ease at the end of the first period. Cue the second period when the refs beginning to hand out penalties much to the fans chagrin. Nashville had some dangerous zone time but the Canucks were able to keep the door closed and the momentum on their side. On their final clear down the ice, the puck found Lapierre just as he exited the penalty box  and he made no mistake on his breakaway putting the home side up 4-1. The crowd was ecstatic and not afraid to make their cheers heard. Cue Nashville pulling Pekka Rinne for the for 3rd consecutive outing at Rogers Arena. It seemed as though the game was decided, that is until Nashville was quick to come back within two, making it 4-2. The crowd was slightly apprehensive at the quick turn around, but each time the Canucks had the puck their cheering became louder. Jannik Hansen would ensure that the Canucks 3 goal lead was re-instated before the end of the 2nd period giving the Canucks the 5-2 edge heading into the third period. Sounds pretty good, right?

The Canucks began and ended the third period with a three goal lead. The lead nearly disappeared when Nashville launched their comeback, making it 5-3 with lots of time left on the clock, and just like that Nashville scored again making it 5-4 seemingly taking all the momentum to their side[or so they thought!]. The goal only made the fans in the stand cheer louder for the home team with just over 4 minutes left in regulation, NO ONE wanted overtime or a dreaded shootout. Heading into the final minutes of the game, Nashville had cut lead to just one and you could suddenly hear a pin drop as 18,860 fans sat in silence collectively holding their breath. Cue another shift in the game as the Canucks instead of collapsing started a charge into the Nashville zone with Henrik leading the way. It looked like he was about to score before he got taken down and much to Nashville’s dislike, the Canuck Captain was awarded a penalty shot. Coach V wanted a powerplay but was not given one and Hank had to take the shot. As Henrik skated to centre ice, the entire arena stood in silence hoping to see the goal light come on. When he pulled that move and gently slid the puck in the net, the entire arena was jumping, cheering and high 5’s all around!!!!

Henrik skated in all sly, faked Mason to force him out the net only to gently slide the puck into the net...SCORES!!!! The entire arena went crazy[in a good way!]

Henrik skated in all sly, faked Mason to force him out the net only to gently slide the puck into the net…SCORES!!!! The entire arena went crazy, the atmosphere was electric.

Henrik’s penalty shot goal seemed to calm the crowd with just over 2 minutes left. Nashville did indeed pull their goal-tender for one last chance to tie the game or pull within one. However what occurred is what seems to happen more than not when a team pulls their goalie, the team that was ahead added to their lead. After many close calls, Booth finally got his first goal of the year[thanks in large to Lapierre who could have taken the shot himself instead of passing the puck to Booth]! The home was now ahead 7-4 with the entire crowd still on their feet. As the final buzzer sounded the team jumped from the bench to celebrate the WIN at home with a salute to the fans. It was great to be there in the stands, especially for that Henrik penalty shot goal[that was insane! the guy should seriously be in shootouts more often!!!]. I am so very ecstatic that my birthday tradition is one that got to continue despite the lockout. Thank-you to the Canucks for getting the win and helping to make it a very memorable outing!

And here is my favourite shot of the night: LOU & SCHNEIDS!

Lou & Schneids celebrating the 3/14 win vs. Nashville.

Lou & Schneids celebrating the 3/14 win vs. Nashville.

Back to business for the Canucks as they are right back at it tonight. Heading into tonight’s game the Canucks will be looking to get back into the win column when they face off against the St.Louis Blues. Puck drop is just after 7:00 PM[pacific time]. David Booth is out with an injury he suffered in the Detroit game and Zack Kassian will return in the line up. It will be interesting to see how it goes! #GoCanucksGo!

As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.