A Letter To All Canucks Fans

To whom it may concern in Canucks Nation,

First, let me say being a part of Canucks Nation, is one my favourite things and I love just about everything about this fan base. However over the last few weeks I have become increasingly concerned with the growing number of fans that are seemingly in favour of the team tanking. I am not talking about just tanking due to circumstance or for a high draft pick but a growing lack of support for the team from the fans. It is incredibly easy to be a fan when everything is going well for your team but as they struggle for stretches or experience growing pains of development it can become increasingly difficult.

I am writing to ask you a simple favour. I know not every decision made by the team, or the coach or the management will always be agreed upon BUT one thing that should not waver is YOUR support for YOUR team. And I know that seeing the team experiencing growing pains as they attempt to balance the infusion of youth into the veteran core is not always fun or an easy experience. I simply ask that while the team transitions, that we would all lean towards supporting them every game rather than tear them down.

Yes, the team has struggled to find consistency this season due to various circumstances but that doesn’t make me any less of a fan. I was a Vancouver Canucks fan yesterday, today and will still be tomorrow. I know that not every season is going to be perfect, in fact most will be far from it as this team is building for now and the future. I know that that there will be hiccups along the way, there will be learning curves and there will be lessons learned.

The media will not determine when or how I support this team. Playoffs or no playoffs will not determine when I support the team. First place or last place will not determine when I support this team. No one ever said that the 82-game journey that each team embarks on each season would be easy with no mistakes. Being a fan means standing by your team through the good and the bad. 24/7/365.

As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

Great (Low) Expectations?

54 games down, 28 games remaining and expectations: low.

It is no secret that the Vancouver Canucks have A LOT of work cut out for them if they would like to be playoff bound come April. So, yes perhaps the expectations for the Canucks are incredibly low moving towards the finish line of the 2015-16 season but perhaps that’s for the best. Low expectations leave little room for disappointment and instead leave open the opportunity to enjoy every moment as it comes.

I’ve never been a huge believer that everything comes down to the odds. Yes, the odds are factors that will and do influence parts of a season but they do not tell the entire story. If you were to ask any of the experts right now, if they thought the Canucks had a chance for the playoffs, most would say not even close.

28 games remain on the regular season schedule. 28 chances to change their fate to that of which many do not think possible. 28 opportunities to make the unpredictable possible. How they play these final 28 games will be up to them every time they step on the ice for a shift. Perhaps they can use their recent road trip success with their mothers in attendance as their inspiration for these final 28 games.

54 games down, 28 games to go and expectations low. Anything can happen, are you ready for whatever that might be? Here’s to wherever these final 28 games lead the Canucks down the final stretch drive of the season!

Fun fact: Did you know that after playing in his 1140th NHL game in Arizona on February 10, Henrik Sedin has tied Trevor Linden for most games played in a Canucks uniform. He will become the all-time leader in games played for the franchise on February 13 when the Canucks take on the Toronto Maple Leafs. If you ask me, that sounds like the PERFECT evening for Sedinery to be on display.

As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.