Vancouver Canucks: BURRRRRR

In just a few days time, Alex Burrows will take his place in the Vancouver Canucks ring of honour. And I can’t help but to take a look back at his Canuck career from the beginning. His story is one of legend, one that proves utter determination and dedication pays off. From undrafted and a player that was never supposed to make it to a fourth line pest to a first line winger with the Sedins to absolute legend status.

When I first started to really get into hockey and in depth into the Canucks, I started learning about not just the main team but all of their affiliates, learning as much as I could about each aspect of the organization. That meant trying to watch not just the Canucks games, but also trying to watch as many of their affiliate games as was possible.

Back then, their AHL affiliate team was the Manitoba Moose and I still remember the first time I heard about a player named Alex Burrows joining the team. For me, even from the beginning he stood out. To his opponents, he was known as a pest but to me there was something special about this undrafted player finding his way in the lineup and endearing himself to his teammates. Did I have any idea of the massive impact he would go on to have with the Canucks in the years to come? No, but there was something about his unwavering determination that was beyond admirable.

I remember it crystal clear when he was recalled by the Canucks in January 2006. It didn’t take long for him to become an irritant to his opponents and for the him to endear himself to Canucks fans. Those first few seasons he established himself as a solid 4th liner and quality penalty killer and fan favourite. He had a knack for timely goals BUT no one could have predicted what would come to be his incredible hockey story.

I don’t think anyone could have predicted the numerous clutch goals or his future first line winger status when Burrows first made his debut. There was something special about watching Burrows each time he took to the ice, he gave it his all every single shift he was out there. Wherever he was inserted into the lineup, he seemed to thrive, especially when no one thought it possible.

It’s no secret that the Sedins had A LOT of different wingers on their line over the years, but there were none that they had the seamless chemistry with like Burrows. Did ANYONE have the inkling that it would be sustainable in any way when AV threw Burrows on their line that fateful February 2009 game?! No, but oh how FUN was that to watch develop. He put up points and opened up the ice for the twins in such a way that no other line ever did. It was truly magical, to see the “triplets” dominate for a few years.

Just one example of MANY triplet highlights:

Then there are a few clutch goals that I can’t help but think of every time I think of Burrows.

The infamous streak breaking goal versus Carolina:

Series sweeping goal in the dying seconds of OT:

Everyone’s favourite dragon slaying goal is something that will always be particularly special:

To me, Alex Burrows will always be a Canuck. On December 3rd, he will take his rightful place in the Ring of Honour.

Merci pour tout, Alex. Nous nous souviendrons toujours de vous en tant que Canuck. (Thank-you for everything, Alex. We will always remember you as a Canuck).

BURRRRRRR, it’s cold in here, there must be some ALEX in the atmosphere! And on December 3rd, one more time, there will be.

Forever a player who defied the odds and made the most of his opportunities. Forever our dragon slayer.

As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

One Last Time, Thank-you, BURR.

I knew this day was coming and yet it still hurt my heart to learn the news that Alex Burrows has officially retired from the NHL. Heart and soul every shift on the ice and off of the ice in the community.

When I used to tell people that I loved hockey and specifically the Vancouver Canucks and that Alex Burrows was my favourite player, I would get sneers of derision and without a doubt the followup question was always: “how can you root for such a pest? How can Canucks fans possibly root for a guy like Burrows?”

The answer is simple. How could I not root for him? An example of pure determination, constantly working towards his dream and achieving it despite the odds. Undrafted and never meant to make it in the NHL, forever left an indelible mark with a franchise with memorable goals and a massive heart.

From the outside, his opponents and opposition fans merely saw a pest but in Vancouver we saw him as an inspiration. Burrows defied the odds. Never drafted, worked his way up from the ECHL to the QMJHL to the AHL to the NHL. Even when he finally made it, NO ONE could’ve predicted what would occur. Most thought he’d simply be a 4th liner/pest to his opponents for the entirety of his career at best. I doubt anyone even considered that he’d become a first line player or have multiple +25 goal seasons.

There was tons of negativity that came his way from the media and fans that didn’t see what Canucks fans saw on the daily. And he handled it with grace, never let it get to him, rising above it on every occasion. From a rookie to a seasoned veteran mentoring young players, he did it all.

No one could have predicted that he would become the one of the best line mates to skate along with the Sedin twins or score some of the most memorable goals in franchise history. People say that the twins made Burrows and there may be some truth to that BUT no one ever opened up space on the ice for the twins like Burrows. He was also vital in their successes as well. There’s a reason why he was at times considered the “third Sedin”, he seemed to read their passes almost as well as they did and seemed to almost always anticipate the place they passed the puck. For years it was absolute magic.

So while many on the outside remember Burrows for his on ice antics or being a pest, Canucks fans will always remember him for his heart and soul. He gave everything from his humble beginnings of working his way up to the league, to his rookie days to his successes as the Sedins winger to his work off the ice in the community and for using his voice to raise awareness for the importance of mental health.

822 games with the Vancouver Canucks, 913 regular season games overall, not too shabby for a guy who was never drafted. He embodied what it meant to have the heart of a Canuck from the beginning to the end of his career.

So while thank-you hardly seems enough, it’s what we have to offer Alex Burrows. He made Luc Bourdon proud. He made his coaches and teammates proud. He made Canucks fans near and far, endlessly proud. And yes, we will always think fondly of that dragon slaying goal or the goal that ended and 11-game winless streak

And to THIS fan, he will always and forever be a Canuck. I’ve said it before, but it still remains true; when I have felt like giving up, all I have had to do was think of how he always kept pushing forward despite the odds and I would be reminded that when you tune out the negativity, with hard work and perseverance, anything is possible.

Thank-you doesn’t seem quite enough but one more time, it’s what I have to offer. Thank-you for everything, BURR.

As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.


Heart of a Canuck

If you were to look up the definition of what it means to have the heart of a Canuck, it would be a pretty long description of numerous virtues embodied by players of the Vancouver Canucks past or present that outside of their fan base, are not always seen by those on the outside.

A small sample of those descriptors: Determination. Sacrifice. Motivation. Driven. Perseverance. Leadership. Dedication. Mentor. And the list goes on, but these are indicative of not just how the player is on the ice but also off of the ice within the community.

Some players exhibit one or many of these qualities throughout their time with the team and beyond. And then there are some that embody everything that having a heart of a Canuck means from the moment they join the team to the time when they retire or are traded to join another team. Players that have embodied this quality over time include: Orland Kurtenbach, Pat Quinn, Trevor Linden, Markus Naslund and yes the Sedins. One that to the outsiders was always and still at times seen as pest to his opponents but to Canucks fans will always be on that list is: Alex Burrows.

Alex Burrows was an absolute class act in his time here. From the outside, that side of Burrows was not always seen. His name was synonymous with pestering his opponents. In Vancouver he is synonymous with constantly proving his critics wrong, playing any spot in the lineup that coach put him, breaking streaks, becoming the third Sedin, slaying dragons, and helping to end the stigmas surrounding mental health. He gave his all for his teammates, every single game, every single shift and off of the ice as well. He gave everything to this city.

This past week when Alex Burrows returned, Vancouver had a chance to express our thanks to a player who always has and always will embody what it means to have a heart of a Canuck.

He’s with the Senators now, but even in his leaving, he made sure that Vancouver also benefited from the trade. His last act was one in which once again he put his team first, as he always has done from day one. From undrafted to becoming the heart of a team and turning an entire city into believing that dragons were meant to be slayed.

Burrows was not the first player to have these qualities and as he grew into the inspiration that he has become, he had some incredible mentors in the Sedins and Trevor Linden. He also over time became a mentor to the younger players coming into the Canucks system and paved the road for what it means to be a professional on and off of the ice.

This year the Canucks have some veterans and some great young players on the team. Some of those players spent a lot of time mentoring Burrows, being mentored by him, learning from him and some never played one game with him, but they all know of him or have heard his story from him or his former teammates. His story is one that anyone can relate to, undrafted, too old, never meant to make it or have any sort of longevity and yet here we are more than 12 years later talking about his continuous legacy.

Players like Bo Horvat, Jake Virtanen, Sven Baertschi, Brock Boeser can all look to the example of Alex Burrows if they ever need inspiration of what it looks like to give your everything to the sport, their team and the city. They can look back at Burrows, and up to players like the Sedins to know that while it’s not an easy road, if they commit to it, they will inspire more people than they could possibly imagine possible.

To have a heart of Canuck, it’s not always an easy path, but it is one that will always inspire others. And if you see this Burr, this is just a reminder that to Canucks nation, you will ALWAYS be a Canuck. Thank-you endlessly for everything you did during your time here and still continue to do as you keep playing.

As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.


Dear Alexandre Burrows,

Thank-you, hardly seems enough for what you gave this city for 12+ years, but I’m going to try. First things first, please know that you never once for a second ever let me down.

Fans from across the league never really knew just how lucky Vancouver Canucks fans were to have you as a part of the team. The road wasn’t any easy one, but you stayed the path. From a ball hockey champion, to the Quebec Major Junior League, to the AHL to the NHL. From a rookie looking to make his mark to a seasoned veteran, you did it all and you did it with incredible grace.

822 games over the last 12 years in Vancouver, you have embodied everything that it meant to have the heart of a Canuck. You were never meant to make it to the NHL, let alone play on the top line for an extended period or score a franchise dragon slaying goal or become a pillar within the community and mentor for the younger players.

At the beginning no one was sure of what kind of impact you could or would go on to have in an NHL lineup. Most people saw you as tenacious with innate ability to get under the skin of your opponent and didn’t see the potential beyond that. Somehow, I think both Marc Crawford and Alain Vigneault always knew, and when AV made that seemingly crazy decision one fateful February day, to put you on a line with the Sedins, it gave people pause. And the rest as they say, is history. He was right, they were wrong, and you continued to prove all your critics wrong every single day.

You never let the negativity in. You rose above it all, every step of the way. You always did whatever was asked of you by the coaches or management. You were and are the consummate professional on and off of the ice. And when called upon to help carry on Rick Rypien’s legacy with mindcheck and help raise awareness about the importance of mental health, you were there. You gave everything you had with every shift on the ice and every moment you gave to the community in your tenure with the Vancouver Canucks.

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you and thank-you again for 12 incredible years of dragon slaying, the ever persistent pursuit of your dreams, and inspiring so many more to never give up. I wish you all the best in Ottawa, but remember, that you will always be our dragon slayer. You made Luc Bourdon proud. You made your coaches proud. You made your teammates proud. You made this city and Canucks fans around the globe proud.

And to THIS fan, you will always and forever be a Canuck. When I have felt like giving up, all I have had to do was think of how you always kept pushing forward despite the odds and I would be reminded that when you tune out the negativity, anything is possible. Thank-you doesn’t seem quite enough but it’s what I have to offer. Thank-you for everything, BURR.

Sarah E.L.

BURR Is The Word.

He’s a pest. He’s an agitator. He’s a fourth liner. He’s a penalty killer. He’s a grinder. He’s spent time as the third Sedin. He’s loyal. He’s a leader on and off the ice for his teammates. He irritates his opponents and drives opposing fans crazy. He’s stolen the hearts of Vancouver Canucks fans near and far. He’s the dragon slayer. He’s Alex Burrows.

Is this the end? Going back to mid-season last year, countless media and “experts” have either been calling for an Alex Burrows trade or announcing that his career is near it’s end. To be completely truthful, most never thought he would make it this far: 817 games in, 384 NHL points and all with the Vancouver Canucks.

Undrafted, ball hockey champion and a near unmatched absolute determination paved the way for a hockey career that no one could have predicted. From his willingness to play wherever called upon in the lineup to his tenacity to his timely goals to his determination every step of his career thus far, he has cemented himself in the Vancouver Canucks history books.

His determination to keep pursuing his dream is part of what drew me to loving this team and this game. Those who don’t follow the Canucks regularly do not fully understand Alex Burrows.

And last night in Buffalo, he reminded everyone league wide just how influential he can be in the lineup for his team. He led the charge getting under the skin of his opponents, spearheading the French connection and getting the game winning goal. It was vintage Burrows, playing like it was 2010 or 2011.

I know just how real the possibility is that he could be traded this year or moves on to join another team in the off-season. I know that hockey trades happen every year and are a part of the business side of the game.

Yes, he may very well end his career on another team but right now, he is still very much a part of the Vancouver Canucks. And I plan on enjoying every moment that he has left with Vancouver whether that means up to the deadline, the end of the season or a different day. These may be the final days of his time with the Vancouver Canucks but that will not deter me from supporting him every step wherever his career leads him.

As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

A Very Burrows Tale

Yes, I know I am a few days late with this post, but here it is.

Alex Burrows was never supposed to make it in the NHL, let alone last more than 800 games or spend time as a top line winger with the Sedins as one of their most productive line mates.

A player that many labeled lucky to be here and a pest to his opponents early on in his career and no one ever thought he’d be a top line winger. With his tenacity on the penalty kill, ability to drive his opponents crazy, an innate ability to break streaks and score timely goals, Burrows captured the hearts of the fans. Pure determination has driven him far in his career.

He’s heard it every year that perhaps he’s not good enough and perhaps he should be sent packing and every year he comes back proving his critics wrong. He’s faced adversity at nearly every turn and yet keeps pushing forward. He’s become synonymous with breaking streaks. That dragon slaying goal against Chicago will forever remain one of my all-time favourite moments. You could feel the emotion across the city when that puck crossed the line.

And yes, I know that that was in the past and that many believe his best days are behind him and the team should let him go. And yes, I know that this post will not change anyone’s mind, but I hope it opens them enough to see the immense value that Alex Burrows has had to this franchise.

He started from the bottom and worked his way all the way up from a rookie to a now seasoned veteran. A rookie that has now become a leader for the younger generation and a voice of experience to his teammates. Burrows is not just a leader on the ice but also off the ice. He has embraced the community off the ice with the myriad of Canucks charities and has become an advocate for mental health awareness. Alex Burrows has proven time and time again, that no matter what your critics say, if you believe in yourself, you can achieve anything.

As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

Player Profile: #14 Alex Burrows

Alex Burrows professional hockey career did not begin like that of most of his teammates. He took the undrafted route from ball hockey, to the ECHL, to the QJMHL, to the AHL, and finally to the NHL. Seriously this guy’s story could be a movie with its humble beginnings to his current first line status.

Burrows quickly established himself as a pest to his opponents. In his early days with the Canucks he was not known for his timely scoring but rather his innate ability to kill penalties [particularly when paired with a certain #17] and get under the skin of the opponent.

In 569 NHL games, Burrows has tallied 294 points [152 goals, 142 assists]. It should be noted that the majority of those points have come during his time on the top line [242 points since the start of the 2008-2009 season].

Burrows was never supposed to make it in the NHL let alone play on one of the top scoring lines in the NHL. It was not until one fateful day back in February 2009 when the Canucks finally ended an 11 game losing streak [thanks to a SHG from BURROWS!] with playoffs looking near impossible, that Coach Vigneault decided to experiment with his lines the following game. Burrows was pulled from his usual checking role late in the game and put on a line with the Sedins…a seemingly questionable choice BUT guess what? It worked. The Sedins and Burrows clicked and quickly became one of the highest scoring lines in the NHL as they led the team in offense down the stretch that helped the team secure their Division title and a playoff berth. He finished the year with 28 goals.

When Burrows first began his run of success with the Sedins, he was being paid a league minimum salary of $500,000. Prior to the 2009 trade deadline, all the experts predicted that he would be traded as he was in the final year of his contract BUT instead he signed a 4-year contract extension [$8 million—a $2 million annual salary].

Heading into the 2009-2010 season brought a lot of questions wondering if Burrows could repeat the late season surge he had when playing the Sedins the year before or if it was simply a one off. It was not a one off…he led the team in scoring with 35 goals that season [including hat tricks in consecutive games!]. Since that fateful February 2009 day, he has been a staple on the top line with the Sedins while also playing BIG penalty kill minutes on the top PK unit with #17.

Most fans, probably never would have pictured him playing on the top line with the Sedins when the pesky Quebec native joined the team BUT most will agree that he has fit in with the Sedins like no other player…even better than the Anson Carter experiment.

Here’s a few highlights to remind you of his timely goal scoring history:

Alex Burrows scores his 2nd hat trick in consecutive games:

Alex Burrows, streak breaker at your service! Just as he broke the Canucks 11 game losing streak in 2009, he breaks Detroit’s 23 win streak at the Joe Louis Arena in 2012:

And of course one cannot forget one of the best goals in franchise history! Alex Burrows, dragon slayer at your service:

One must also remember that whenever Burrows scores a goal and shoots an arrow in his celebration, it is in tribute to his late friend Luc Bourdon who will forever be a Canuck. #gonebutnotforgotten #wemissyouLUC #LB28

It’s like I said earlier, Alex Burrows NHL career did not begin like many of his teammates and should he WIN the BIG game one June, it would be a perfect story book ending; if a film were ever made to chronicle his hockey career.

Burrows has played with the Vancouver Canucks for his entire NHL career, and will hopefully finish his career with the team. He has had a knack for scoring some big goals for the team: the goal that broke the 11-game losing streak in 2009, the goal in that swept the St.Louis Blues in the 2009 playoffs, the goal that finally slayed the dragon known as the Chicago Blackhawks in 2011, the goal 11 seconds into OT in game 2 of the 2011 SCF, and the goal that broke Detroit’s win streak in 2012 and more that we have yet to see.

“Burr, it’s cold in here, there must be some Alex in the atmosphere…”

#BURRRR #heshootshescores

Cannot wait for Burrows and the rest of the team to return to the ice creating new highlight reel moments that will delight us, drive us crazy and start many many debates among fans and experts.


As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

And now we wait…

United they stand. Unfortunately not together with the players on one side and the NHL on the other side. Now if only they could be united together. The NHL and NHLPA wrapped two days of CBA talks yesterday in NYC. 283 players were present for the meetings.
According to the Maple Leafs forward Joffrey Lupul “the players are unified in this round of CBA talks and that he worries about the fans. There is a time when the fans will get fed up and both sides should probably apologize to them.” As with any war of words there is a difference of opinion between the two sides. One is adamant that there is a way for a solution and one is adamant that in order for change to occur is means putting the season on hold.  Fehr  says that the the players stand united. My favourite Fehr statement of the day “a lockout is a choice, not a requirement.” Bettman says that the owners also stand united. They all apparently have voted unanimously to lockout the players September 15th if indeed there is no new CBA in place. Question: did they really vote unanimously or did Bettman do a little leaning to force his preference? Did you also hear Bettman’s claim that the players solidarity is WHY the league lost an entire season in the last lockout? So question for Bettman….who’s solidarity will he blame this lockout on…the players or the owners? Well there is rumor of limited talks happening at some point today between the NHL and the NHLPA….but will they be able to gain any middle ground? We will have to wait…

In the mad dash scramble to the ever closer impending lockout many teams will be looking to lock in players to extensions before the expiration of the current CBA. Many teams have taken part in the last minute dash…everyone wants their intangibles locked in beyond next season while the current CBA still exists.

Speaking of intangibles. One of my very favourite #Canucks….ALEX “Mr.clutch” BURROWS has signed a 4-year  $18 million extension[an annual cap hit of $4.5 million] with the Vancouver Canucks. Remember how this guy was never supposed to make it to the ECHL let alone the AHL? Or when this guy was had his first 28 goal campaign and he was making $500,000? One day someone is going to write his biography…and hopefully it includes another run at the cup or two. Congratulations Alex Burrows! You have more than earned the new contract!!!

Will you believe that Shane Doan and the never ending off-season drama continues with a contract today?! He WILL sign a new contract and announce his FINAL decision today. Rumor has that it will be Phoenix[most likely]. UPDATE: SHANE DOAN has [surprise, surprise] signed a 4-year $21.2 million deal to stay in Phoenix. Wow. He took the entire summer down to the 11th hour to make a decision that EVERYONE knew was most likely to happen. Congratulations to Phoenix for allowing Doan to play his entire career for the ONE franchise…that does not happen for every player. So…now that Doan’s staying in the desert…does this mean the Canucks go after Jason Arnott [short-term…1-2 years]?

In the land of things that are so predictable, we are down to 1 day. 1 day before Bettman and the owners make the announcement of the looming lockout official. And now all we can do is wait. Wait for what we all know is coming when the gavel is thrown down tomorrow.

As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

Canucks & Burrows talking + BEAM me up SCOTTY extended in Philly + Cherry Commentary

The Vancouver Canucks Assistant GM Gilman has been quoted saying that YES they are in the beginning stages with Burrows agent to get him re-signed beyond next season long-term. Burrows has positioned himself in a place of receiving a well deserved raise (he has scored 26 or more goals in each of the last 4 seasons…MOST of those were even-strength goals as he gets limited if any power play time with the Sedins & Kes being the #1 power play unit. Rumor has that the Canucks are also looking to lock up Edler with an extension beyond next season…#23 has been becoming more & more consistent the last few years…he put up 49 points(incredible saying as no one was supposed to get those type of numbers except Ehrhoff…fascinating tidbit: last year Bieksa also hit +40 points with a total of 44 points & Hamhuis hit 37 points….our top 3 offensive D combined for 130 points…that’s sensational!). Let’s get Burr signed quickly, MG & then Eddy too!

Rumor has it that the San Jose Sharks in trouble….reports have come out that they lost $15 million last season despite having sold out every home game. We’ll have to wait and see how accurate those reports are and how it will affect the franchise, if at all.

While the Philadelphia Flyers have a fading blue-line…they have secure one of their most exciting forwards in signing Scott Hartnell to a SIX-year extension[$28.5 million with an annual cap of $4.75…extra note:BURROWS could request that type of $$ but he probably wouldn’t]. Way to go Scott, the contract was well earned…this guy scored 37 goals last season!  Hartnell is always fun to watch…one of my favourite moments was watching him in the ALL-Star game last year and he kept razzing Phaneuf  or him & Lupul commentating while they were mic’d up so the viewers could hear.Plus that guy has a habit of scoring some clutch goals…like another gritty player I know(#14 in green & blue)! Solid signing Philly! Now they just need some help on the defense.

In the world of CBA negotiations, the ever colourful Don Cherry[you either love the guy &his suits or you hate him] is back at it, giving loud commentary regarding the NHL. He has stated that he believes its a shame that there is going to be a lockout as both sides have yet to come to a new agreement, however he predicts that it will only last two months. Could we have a lockout and hockey in November? People may not always like what Don Cherry has to say, but this guy has NEVER been afraid to call them like he sees them and in this comment…he could very well be correct. While the idea of a lockout is disturbing to me and many other hockey fans…I would take a shortened season any day over NO season. Let’s hope that should there be a lockout, that is a very brief work stoppage. The next round of CBA meetings are set to resume Wednesay between the NHL & the NHLPA and both sides will have to give a little in order to make a new CBA a reality.

As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

BURROWS…do the Canucks need him? YES…get it done MG! & a few other tidbits

Rumor has it that the Vancouver Canucks are in the midst of signing one Mr. Alexandre “Clutch” Burrows to an extension [his current contract ends in 2013]. Can I just say that love this rumor?…No one has more heart that Burr when that puck drops & no one has ever had the chemistry that he has with the Sedins…he completes the #triplets! He has scored some of the biggest goals in recent #Canucks history: February 2009 scored the goal that broke the Canucks longest losing streak, 2009 series sweeping goal vs. St.Louis, the series clinching goal in OT vs. the Blackhawks and the whole city cheered in unison[BLACKHAWK down..favourite goal ever]…need I really say more?!..yes? okay there was the goal that ended Detroit’s ridiculous home winning streak[23 games!]. After the way this guy has played the last 3 1/2 years…he is indeed insured a raise…..prior to his current contract[ signed in 2009 pays him $2 million] he was only making $550,000 per season[through the 08/09 season]. Over the last 4 years Burrows has scored 28, 35, 26, and 28 goals respectively(that’s 29.25 goals per season!). He deserves a raise…he might not take a large one because for Burrows it is not about the money…it never has been, he loves this game. This is the guy that was never supposed to play in the big time….never drafted….was an amazing ball hockey player before moving to ECHL and getting a chance in the AHL that would change his life. The dream was to play hockey…but would it happen. A team in Manitoba needed a gritty player and their coach at the time was one Alain Vigneault…[also on that Manitoba team were one Ryan Kesler and one Kevin Bieksa these guys have played together since 2005 first with the Manitoba Moose & now my Canucks!!!]. As luck would have it he did well in Manitoba and earned a call up to the big club…the Canucks…where he spent most of the remainder of the year. He joined the Canucks in 2006 and never looked back. In 2006 Vigneault was named as head coach of the Vancouver Canucks and in 2006/2007 Burrow was a permanent part of the team. This guy has been my favourite since that first call up…him and Kesler developed as 2 of the best penalty killers[still are when paired favourite short-handed goals are from those 2!]. It was not until the 2008/2009 season that his potential to be a 1st liner goal scorer playing with the Sedins was revealed…it was an idea of desperate need to spark the team…and it paid off…big time. Burrows has been playing with the Sedins since that fateful February day in 2009 and the fans have been treated to see many acts of #sedinery+burrows. Burrows story is so incredible..its a wonder that it hasn’t been made into a movie…[if the Canucks win a cup in the near future…you never know! *fingers crossed*]. I think Mike Gillis must get this deal done and knowing Burrows…he will not ask for a lot of money and his loyalty goes deep. Let Burrows finish his career as a Canuck not just because it would kill me to see him wearing a different uniform..but because this guy is the HEART & SOUL of the team. Your move Gillis…but not signing him would be the wrong move! #14 will always be a Canuck…I have a feeling one day it might join #12, #16, & #19 in the rafters….so too will #22 & #33.

In other hockey news the deadline of September 15th is looming ever closer and both sides need to come closer together before any deal can made. The NHL & NHLPA will meet again next week to continue talks…both sides are growing uneasy with the gap that separates both sides. They will both have to compromise to make a deal a reality.

Philadelphia signed forward Wayne Simmonds to a 6-year extension(annual cap of $4 million…Burrows could easily ask for that or more if he wanted to…get BURR signed, MG!). Also making headlines yesterday…Alexei Kovalev is aiming to return to NHL once more. Of course I also must mention that Doan is still holding everyone at bay with no decision yet made…what’s it going to take for him to just tell us YES he’s signing in Phoenix or NO.

As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.