Vancouver Canucks: ONE LAST TIME.

Here we go…the end of an era has officially arrived. Are you ready, Canucks fans?

To be honest, I don’t think I ever quite prepared myself for this day to actually arrive. The Sedin era is officially coming to a close and while my heart is breaking more and more as that reality sets in, it’s also full of pride knowing what they have given to the game of hockey.

This week has one full of emotions all over the map. Elation from finally getting to meet two people who have defined what it meant to be a Canuck in every possible way. Shock in learning the news that they were leaving the game when the season comes to an end. A beyond grateful heart for the 18+ years that they’ve given everything they had to this city and this team.  Nostalgia for the ever countless moments of Sedinery that captured us all and changed the way many players played the game. Content in knowing that this decision was made on their own terms and not because an injury made the decision, the future will be theirs to decide.

In Vancouver, it’s the end of an incredible era that will long live on for the fans that watched the entirety of their careers and every player that they played with over those 18 years.

The announcement though not entirely unexpected still took Canucks nation by storm. The city at times has been critical of their two Swedish superstars but with just TWO last home games to witness Sedinery, the city stormed to make sure that the Sedins were given a proper send off.

The final game for the Sedins at Rogers Arena was perfection. Let me take a minute to describe to you the atmosphere which was all kinds of magic. My sister and I have partial season tickets, so we had our tickets to the final game long in advance before the retirement news broke. Our seats are in the upper bowl but with a great view of the ice and that was where we expected to witness this one last game of Sedinery instead we found out that we won the in arena seat upgrade to seats behind the glass! And can I just say, WHAT A VIEW for the end of what has been an epic chapter in Canucks history?! I will long remember every single sight and sound from that night.

Walking into the arena on Thursday, you could feel a different energy, one that was no longer battling tanking or not tanking but rather one that was completely centered on celebrating that Sedins and everything they have meant to this city. For 18+ years they have defined the heart of the team.

It was absolutely electric, almost a playoff like atmosphere and noise level in the arena from the warm ups all throughout the game. From the moment the puck dropped, every shift Henrik and Daniel were on the ice the cheers roared and the crowd was on their feet. (Myself, I’m fairly certain I was standing for pretty much the whole game.). I lost count of how many ovations we gave but it was quite a sight to take in with 18,000+ fans.

For one night, we came together, dropped our different views and simply said thank-you to two players who as great of hockey players they were, were even greater people. Every shift they were on the ice, the alternating cheers: “HENRIK! DANIEL! HALL OF FAME! GO SEDINS GO! ONE MORE YEAR!” reached a new decibel. It really was all kinds of magic to be a part of and to witness.

As has been the case many a time this season, the team fell behind by 2 goals heading into the 3rd period. On this night though, that didn’t seem to matter even a little. From the viking clap that led off the start of the final period you could feel something magic was still to come. You could feel the team wanting to complete the comeback and what a comeback it was. And those Sedin shifts in the third period? Oh yes the cheers got even louder hoping to see some Sedinery magic the Rogers Arena ice ONE LAST TIME.

Cue overtime for this fairy tale night. If you thought it was LOUD during the game, then the noise in the OT reached a whole new level. The crowd was on their feet anticipating. hoping for that magic to strike once more…and what a treat we all got to witness:

Rogers Arena was alive as the Sedins twin-tuition struck ONE LAST TIME. And it was all kinds of magic and picture perfect way for them to bid farewell to the rink they’ve called home since they made their NHL debut in 2000.

Full credit to the Canucks for this final mic’d up feature with both Henrik and Daniel that gives a small taste of how epic this night truly was:

As a Canucks fan, I feel beyond incredibly lucky have been able to witness countless memories of Sedin magic and their retirement probably won’t fully hit me until next season when they aren’t in the lineup for the season opener. It’s not often that fans have one, let alone two players play side by side for nearly two decades accumulating franchise records. They leave behind a legacy that will be hard to duplicate but be an incredible example of what it means to be professional both on and off of the ice.

Shortly after they announced their decision to retire, there was a resounding of praise and awe from coaches, teammates, fans, former teammates, and yes even opponents. Along with those comments of thanks came those critics claiming the twins never accomplished anything in the game since they had no Cup to their name. Yes, it’s true that they never won a cup BUT that one fact does not erase the accomplishments they DO have in the game: world junior medals, world championship, Olympic medals, Art Ross trophies, Hart & Linsday trophies. Maybe some will still say they aren’t true winners but Canucks fans know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Sedins forever changed the game of hockey, and the game will never be the same without them.

Henrik and Daniel: Thank-you hardly seems enough, but it’s what we have to offer. Thank-you a million times for EVERYTHING. You defined the heart of the Canucks for 18 years and leave behind a legacy that many will try to emulate.

Next up? Jersey retirement AND HALL OF FAME!

As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

Vancouver Canucks: Thank-You, Sedins.

The day has finally come, a word I never thought I’d hear either Henrik or Daniel say out loud. Or perhaps, it’s one that I hoped would never be said. At the conclusion of the 2017-2018 regular season, the Sedins will be officially retiring from the NHL.

There are NO words that I can put together that will possibly ever come close to enough to express my thanks, but here we go:

Henrik & Daniel,

Now that it’s officially, official; how do we as a city, as a fan base begin to thank-you for everything you’ve done? Is it even possible for us? For the last 18 seasons, the two of you have defined this team and mesmerized the NHL with your twin-tuition on the ice.

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you for 18 years of absolute magic, defying the odds, the ever persistent pursuit of your dream that became a reality and for inspiring SO many players and fans to also never give up. I wish that you could really know just big an impact you’ve made on the team, the franchise, on the city, the province and on the fans around the world. You made the coaches, your teammates, this city and every single Canucks fan beyond proud.

How many brothers that have been blessed to play in the NHL, can say that they have played their entire careers side by side for the same franchise? How many can say that they won back to back Art Ross trophies as the league leaders in points? How many can say that they BOTH put up 1000+ points?

We will savour these final three games. this final hurrah in your storied careers that are destined to be forever immortalized in the hockey hall of fame. Three more games for us to savour every last moment of Sedinery yet to come.

Over the last 18 years. you’ve given everything you had and more to this team, this franchise, this city and the fans. Your dedication was never in question, you persevered through the good and the bad and always led by example. Leaders on and off of the ice. You defined what it meant to play with heart. And please know that going into this final stretch of your careers, that you NEVER once let this city down.

And to THIS fan, to all Canucks fans, no matter what happens next on your journey or where your path takes you when this season comes to an end, you will always and forever be Canucks.

It’s near impossible to pin point ONE favourite moment of Sedinery magic when you’ve given us 18 years on unbelievable moments. Among those most treasured for me are witnessing Henrik notch his 1000th point, Daniel scoring many of his 41 goals during the 2010-11 season BUT my most favourite was just days ago when my sister and I finally had the opportunity to meet you both:

Little did we know, that just two days later you would make an announcement that would both break our hearts and make them soar with pride that we’ve been lucky enough to witness your entire careers. There’s not been one game that I’ve attended at GM Place/Rogers Arena that both of you didn’t play. Picturing a Canucks team that doesn’t feature you at it’s heart, will take some time to adjust to.

And while I’m excited for the team’s exciting potential down the road, I’ll never forget the two legends that paved the way for this new core. You’ve left an indelible mark that will forever be felt in the franchise and looked upon to remember that even when things get tough, all that needs to be done is to think back of how you both always kept pushing forward despite the odds and we will be reminded that when you tune out the negative, ANYTHING is possible.

Thank-you doesn’t seem even close to enough but it’s what I have to offer. Henrik, and Daniel, THANK-YOU, for everything.

And to all of YOU Canucks fans, let’s make Rogers Arena thunderously LOUD these final two home games of the season. Let’s show Henrik and Daniel just how much they’ve made a difference for all of us Canucks fans.

Sarah E.L.