Milestone HANK

A hockey career can be divided into numbers. The number overall that a player was drafted into the NHL. The number of years that a player plays before retiring. The number of points a player amasses (both goals & assists). The number of minutes of ice-time that a player averages per game. The number of penalty minutes a player picks up. The number of power-play points a player amasses. The number of playoff games/series a player plays in and the number of points a player has amassed in playoff games. The number of awards a player has won. The number of teams a player has played for or the number of times a player has been traded.

Today, in honour of the Vancouver Canucks Captain, Henrik Sedin who will be playing in his 1000th NHL career game March 12, 2014; we will take a closer look at his career by the numbers. It is not often that a player plays 1000 games with the same franchise, but that is true for Henrik Sedin going into tonight’s game.

Spoiler alert: it is impossible to not mention Daniel in conjunction with Henrik.

Henrik Sedin was drafted 3rd overall at the 1999 NHL draft right behind his brother Daniel by the Vancouver Canucks. His NHL debut was the start of the 2000-2001 season, on October 5, 2000 and he scored his first goal October 16, 2000. His NHL debut was delayed because him and twin brother Daniel had committed to one more year with MODO (in the Swedish Elite League) before making their names known at an NHL level.

It was not until after the 2004-2005 lockout that fans and media fully realized the star potential that Henrik and his brother Daniel were capable of on the ice. In the 678 games that Henrik has played in since the start of the 2005-2006 season, he has posted 687 points (148 goals, 539 assists).

In 2010, Henrik set a new franchise record for points scored in a single season with 112 points surpassing Pavel Pure’s record of 110 points (Daniel won the Art Ross in 2011). With his record points he won the first Art Ross Trophy for the Canucks franchise and also won the Hart Trophy. At the start of the 2010-2011 season, Henrik Sedin was named team Captain.

Last season may have been shortened due to the lockout but Henrik made it a memorable year when he surpassed former Canuck, Markus Naslund’s franchise record of 756 total points when he reached point number 757 on February 15, 2013. The standing ovation was thunderous.

This season marks Henrik’s 13th NHL season. In 999 regular season games, Henrik has been assessed 572 penalty minutes and amassed 192 goals along with 641 assists for a total of 833 points. Of those 192 goals, 50 of them are power-play goals, 6 are short-handed and 34 are game winners. In 13 NHL seasons, Henrik has played in 99 playoff games in which he posted 74 points (22 goals, 52 assists). Of those 22 goals, 9 were scored on the power-play and 4 were game winners. Those 99 playoff games also include 1 Stanley Cup Final appearance (2011).

In addition to 13 NHL seasons and counting…Henrik has also made waves playing for his home country of Sweden at competition on the international level. He has represented Sweden at two Olympics (would be three but was forced to withdraw from the 2014 Olympics due to injury) including a GOLD medal in Turin in 2006. Most recently he helped lead Team Sweden to the 2013 World Cup in May and also won two bronze medals at the WC in 1999 and 2001. In 81 games for his international team (combining junior & senior levels), Henrik has put up 69 points (27 goals, 42 assists).

His iron man streak may have officially come to an end earlier this season, but Henrik’s work ethic to always improve his game and give everything he has, will long be remembered when the day comes that he eventually does retire.

Mr. Milestone H. Sedin is the leading franchise player with the following records:

641 assists (& counting), 833 points (& counting), most points in a single season (112 in 2009-2010), assists in a single season (83 in 2009-2010) and most consecutive games played (679).

Here’s just a few of MANY memorable regular season Henrik moments.


2/18/11 TIC TAC TOE…SCORES!!!!

3/14/13 Penalty SHOT! He dekes, he shoots, he scores…the crowd goes WILD!!!


There have been many moments of #sedinery by Henrik and his brother Daniel, and for the next four years there are bound to be many more. Vancouver Canucks fans are VERY fortunate to have been able to watch Henrik and Daniel mature from rookies to matured veteran leaders and reach superstar status. Brothers have played together in the league before but none have played their entire careers together from day one and had the insane chemistry that the Sedins have. There are times when they don’t even look at each other when making a play…they simply anticipate where the other will be and 95% of the time they are right. The twins have been there for nearly every milestone that the other has reached BUT this will be one that Henrik will have to reach without Daniel on the ice (out with an undisclosed injury). Even if Daniel isn’t in the lineup, you can be sure he’s cheering louder than anyone else in support of Hank. No one will cheer louder for Daniel when his moment comes next season than Hank.

It is an incredible milestone in many players careers to reach the 1000 game mark but it is rare to see a player play 1000 games with ONE franchise, but that is exactly the case for Henrik Sedin tonight when he steps out on the ice. He has played EVERY game of his career for the Vancouver Canucks. I repeat how incredibly lucky it has been to watch Henrik’s career develop from a young rookie to the veteran leader that he is now. The Sedins have had the fans and media critique them every step of the way but I ask you, Vancouver, do you realize how lucky we have been to witness the careers of these two?

There is NO doubt in my mind, that one day both #33 and #22 will be up in the rafters at Rogers Arena. It will be strange to not see the Sedins on the ice, but perhaps by then we will finally be able to fully appreciate just what these two mean to the franchise. It is not just their amazing abilities on the ice, but also the work they do off the ice with the Canucks charities and in the community that will make them irreplaceable.

In closing, I salute you, Henrik Sedin for 13 excellent seasons on & off the ice. Here’s to everything he’s done in the past, the present and the future still yet to come. #HankYouVeryMuch

As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.