Bettman+Fehr=both sides optimistic & other thoughts before the new week begins

According the Bettman & the NHLPA  director Fehr, a first counter proposal is expected to be presented next week. Both sides remain optimistic that an agreement can reached before or by the ‘deadline’ enforced by Bettman. Fingers crossed that that optimism turns into a brand new CBA by/before September 15th. I might be the only one who’s choosing to be optimistic about this scenario as it is Bettman at the helm of the ship…but I REFUSE the thought of no hockey next season, it is just unfathomable to me. I cannot think one other NHL Commissioner who had 2 lockouts(&potentially a 3rd) in their tenure[and he’s only been it since ’93!]. I might be the only one…but I will shout my optimism loud enough for all hockey fans! I demand that we get to see some #Tripletmagic & #Sedinery +#AllAmericanExpress not mention the other great moments for other great players in this league.The madness will be starting in October!

Word is that Conn Smythe winner Jonathan Quick has had surgery to repair disc fragments and a cyst. Rehab is expected to begin next week and the estimated minimum amount of time for a full recovery is projected to be 6 weeks(aka just in time for pre-season).

If Doan is looking for money and it is indeed around $7 million…then it will more than likely be with Phoenix or another team that he signs, not Vancouver. I do not think the Canucks should take on a $7 million annual cap hit. However, if it is not about the money and indeed where he would fit best & have a chance at winning that elusive Cup…then he could end up in Van City, Pittsburgh or New York. It seems today that the supposedly signed & sealed offer by Jamison(*apparently he got the funds he was short on just a mere few weeks ago…but questions have arise where did it come from?) is not all it seems and the Phoenix ownership is once again basking in uncertainty. The favourites in the Doan sweepstakes seem to change daily 2 days it was New York, yesterday it was Phoenix…today there have been whispers of Pittsburgh. There will continue to be rumors and whispers until there is an official announcement. Should the Phoenix sale & ownership go through officially ensuring that the franchise remains in Phoenix, it is almost certain that Doan would no doubt sign to finish his career with the Coyotes.

P.S. When I refer to the #triplets that refers to Henrik & Daniel Sedin + Alex Burrows… or my other favourite when referring to the twins #sedinery = their unreal chemistry..its magical…just you wait until October & they dazzle us with their seamless no look passes.  When I refer to the #allamericanexpress that refers to Ryan Kesler, David Booth, & Chris Higgins. In the future I will probably make many more references to these combos & state some new ones…just a little preview of what comes once hockey finally begins again!!!

As always, until next time[& I know there is still dramatics still to come before all is said & done this off-season], nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

And then there were 3….Doan shortens his list! + Will the NHLPA & NHL reach a new CBA?

We are now into the 2nd week of August of this off-season and there are still many players & teams waiting to sign or make moves. Rumor has it that Shane Doan has shortened his list to just 3 teams outside of Phoenix that he is considering: Pittsburgh, Vancouver, and of course New York(rangers). Yes he would love to stay in Phoenix…but with the ownership situation being so uncertain, it may be cause to draw Doan elsewhere. I still think Shane Doan would look fantastic outfitted in #Canuck blue & green slotting in on the 2nd line:)

Donald Fehr director of the NHLPA has said that an agreement can be reached by the NHL and the NHLPA, but both sides need to be committed. The NHL has made a proposal but the NHLPA is working on submitting a counteroffer. The current CBA expires in 6 weeks time…but Fehr feels that is sufficient time to counteroffer and for both sides to reach a fair agreement. Fingers crossed that the agreement comes quickly(I refuse to entertain the idea of no hockey next season…aka the dreaded lockout!)!

The days of this off-season are continuing to drag on…silence and echoes filling the space. It feels as though a team or two is going to make a dramatic move or two yet before all is said and done. The dominoes have yet to fall into place.

#65more days! #isitOctoberyet?!

As always until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

Kesler’s return delayed…Doan’s heart in Phoenix, but where will he play next season?

Bad news bears. In the latest #Canuck news, it looks like Ryan Kesler will not be returning in early October…but rather early-mid December. I was hoping to see #17 lace up the skates for October…but as I mentioned before, I would much rather have Kesler return 100% recovered and fully ready to unleash his #beastmode for the rest of the year +playoffs(into JUNE..*fingers crossed*) and that means later than we all hoped. This latest update explains the pursuit of both (top 6 forward)Doan and (3rd line centre)Arnott as the Canucks are in need of both type of players to bolster the line-up without Kesler. Mind you a young Evander Kane would look great in the lineup too…with his skill-set, he could fill in the gaps with Kesler out and solidify that 3rd line. When one of a team’s best players is out of the the lineup for an extended period, it means that another player has to step up, with Kesler out of the lineup to start the year, that is exactly what it means. When Daniel Sedin missed 18 games in the start of the  2009-2010 season it was his brother who stepped up to lead this team(a year before he was named team captain!) with 18 points in that stretch, proving that he can play without his brother…he eventually went on to win the Art Ross trophy that year. When a player goes down, it gives the rest of the team the opportunity to step up and rise above the adversity. It will be interesting to see who takes that role with Kesler out of the lineup for a bit. I think it better that Kesler acts with precaution, coming back a little later than we all had hoped but fully capable of encompassing that #beastmode we all love to watch!

At this moment Doan’s heart is Phoenix but he has officially stated that he will do what is best for him…even that means leaving the Coyotes franchise. So, once again we are left with the “I need more time to make this decision” announcement. It sounds as though Doan is divided, he may be on his way out of Phoenix but he also could remain loyal to the Coyotes. He has been visiting with other teams as he processes what is right for his future( a list that includes: New York, Philadelphia, Montreal, and Vancouver). Until the hockey world hears his official decision…all eyes around the NHL will remain on him, or until another dramatic move is made.

In other news all of us fans are still waiting to hear any  official word of agreement on the new CBA[Collective Bargaining Agreement] between the NHL & the NHLPA…because if you are like me…a year of no hockey(aka a lockout year) is absolutely unacceptable. The NHLPA has been reviewing the latest proposal by Bettman[Do Not get me started on Bettman!] and the NHL executives…but no word on its been seen as accepted or not. Keep your fingers crossed that both sides find a #winning agreement for both sides before mid-September so that we get hockey starting October 11th and not a year later!!

Until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

All eyes on Doan as the wait continues…& it feels eerily quiet on all fronts

What’s that?? Did you hear the news? Yes that’s right, the rumors are true! Doan is still pondering his NHL future. All eyes around the league are waiting for his official announcement of pen to paper and see which team he aligns with, if it is in fact not Phoenix. Rumor has it that his lack of an announcement has led many to suggest that the lack of certainty with the Phoenix ownership is starting to wane on Doan and he is seeking a team that will give him the best shot at winning the Stanley Cup. There are 5 teams aside from Phoenix, that are determined to land him : the VANCOUVER CANUCKS, the Pittsburgh Penguins, The Philadelphia Flyers, The LA Kings, and the New York Rangers. All of the fore-mentioned teams would be a great fit for him should he decide to leave Phoenix. All the league & the rest of us watching can do is to continue to wait some more.

Aside from all eyes watching Doan….all is quiet on the Western & Eastern fronts. It all seems eerily quiet in both conferences regarding trades & major signings, almost like the calm before the storm and a change is just around the corner. No major signings since the establishing of Weber as a lifetime Predator and still no announcement of a new CBA being reached(it must be reached by mid-September to prevent a delayed season or a lockout year). One of these days an announcement is going to be made and like any hockey fan we all hope that it is one that confirms the season start date as October 11th 2012…not one that is delayed.

In other news the Vancouver Canucks re-signed forward Guilliame Desbiens today. Bienvenu Desbiens, welcome back to the green &blue! We’ll have to see how he plays with the big club should he be called up or impress at training camp and during the pre-season. He’s been solid with the Moose/Wolves organization in the AHL.

That’s all. Until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.


Slowly still the off-season continues…73 more days!

This off-season seems to be dragging on by…ever more slowly as the days go by. Doan has yet to sign ink to paper officially…but with his ‘suggested’ payday it seems more and more likely that he will remain with Phoenix, at least if things with the Coyotes ownership are resolved. It will come down to who can afford to pay Doan the desired contract. His agent has been quoted saying that a decision could come as ‘early’ as sometime this week(funny I recall that a decision was going to be made by July 9! and yet here we all are still waiting 3 weeks later)

Many questions about the uncertain new CBA & remaining UFA’s are still in limbo. Cross your fingers that the NHLPA & Bettman & company can reach a new CBA agreement before mid-September…or else we’re looking at a delayed season or a lockout year…yuck! As for the remaining UFA’s, it is still to be determined as to where they will be playing next season. There are also questions surrounding each team as they continue to build and prepare for the upcoming season: Toronto’s goal-tending situation, the Suter/Parise affect in Minnesota, Nash’s chemistry in the Big Apple, Thomas taking a ‘one-year’ absence while constantly making controversial statements through his social media causing headaches for the Bruins who were hoping to trade him(but that’s looking unlikely with his constant commentary), D-day eventually arriving…as in the day Doan picks a team, the reunited Staals playing together, Nashville attempting to build around Weber while paying him nearly $26 million in bonuses next year, and the list goes on! Nothing will be resolved completely until the season begins & 2 teams battle it out next June.

Each new season brings new possibilities, you just never know what may happen. I do know that we will once again see some #sedinery & #17 in beastmode & #BURR creating magic #isitOCTOBERyet???!! first comes a CBA agreement, training camp, pre-season & the OCTOBER 11th!!! #73moredays!!

That’s all for now, until the next dramatic domino falls into place, nuck said!

Sarah E.L.