Bettman+Fehr=both sides optimistic & other thoughts before the new week begins

According the Bettman & the NHLPA  director Fehr, a first counter proposal is expected to be presented next week. Both sides remain optimistic that an agreement can reached before or by the ‘deadline’ enforced by Bettman. Fingers crossed that that optimism turns into a brand new CBA by/before September 15th. I might be the only one who’s choosing to be optimistic about this scenario as it is Bettman at the helm of the ship…but I REFUSE the thought of no hockey next season, it is just unfathomable to me. I cannot think one other NHL Commissioner who had 2 lockouts(&potentially a 3rd) in their tenure[and he’s only been it since ’93!]. I might be the only one…but I will shout my optimism loud enough for all hockey fans! I demand that we get to see some #Tripletmagic & #Sedinery +#AllAmericanExpress not mention the other great moments for other great players in this league.The madness will be starting in October!

Word is that Conn Smythe winner Jonathan Quick has had surgery to repair disc fragments and a cyst. Rehab is expected to begin next week and the estimated minimum amount of time for a full recovery is projected to be 6 weeks(aka just in time for pre-season).

If Doan is looking for money and it is indeed around $7 million…then it will more than likely be with Phoenix or another team that he signs, not Vancouver. I do not think the Canucks should take on a $7 million annual cap hit. However, if it is not about the money and indeed where he would fit best & have a chance at winning that elusive Cup…then he could end up in Van City, Pittsburgh or New York. It seems today that the supposedly signed & sealed offer by Jamison(*apparently he got the funds he was short on just a mere few weeks ago…but questions have arise where did it come from?) is not all it seems and the Phoenix ownership is once again basking in uncertainty. The favourites in the Doan sweepstakes seem to change daily 2 days it was New York, yesterday it was Phoenix…today there have been whispers of Pittsburgh. There will continue to be rumors and whispers until there is an official announcement. Should the Phoenix sale & ownership go through officially ensuring that the franchise remains in Phoenix, it is almost certain that Doan would no doubt sign to finish his career with the Coyotes.

P.S. When I refer to the #triplets that refers to Henrik & Daniel Sedin + Alex Burrows… or my other favourite when referring to the twins #sedinery = their unreal chemistry..its magical…just you wait until October & they dazzle us with their seamless no look passes.  When I refer to the #allamericanexpress that refers to Ryan Kesler, David Booth, & Chris Higgins. In the future I will probably make many more references to these combos & state some new ones…just a little preview of what comes once hockey finally begins again!!!

As always, until next time[& I know there is still dramatics still to come before all is said & done this off-season], nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

2 thoughts on “Bettman+Fehr=both sides optimistic & other thoughts before the new week begins

  1. Hey Sarah,
    I admire your optimism about the contract situation. I hope you are right as I have lived through the last two season interruptions and it was no fun! Look forward to your posts each day. Especially the count down 🙂

    Ms Mc.

    • Thanks:) I love that I have at least a few faithful readers:)! & I hated that last season interruption(2004-2005)…that was BRUTAL…!! I will continue the countdown & the positivity for all fans:)! #61moredays!

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