And then there were 3….Doan shortens his list! + Will the NHLPA & NHL reach a new CBA?

We are now into the 2nd week of August of this off-season and there are still many players & teams waiting to sign or make moves. Rumor has it that Shane Doan has shortened his list to just 3 teams outside of Phoenix that he is considering: Pittsburgh, Vancouver, and of course New York(rangers). Yes he would love to stay in Phoenix…but with the ownership situation being so uncertain, it may be cause to draw Doan elsewhere. I still think Shane Doan would look fantastic outfitted in #Canuck blue & green slotting in on the 2nd line:)

Donald Fehr director of the NHLPA has said that an agreement can be reached by the NHL and the NHLPA, but both sides need to be committed. The NHL has made a proposal but the NHLPA is working on submitting a counteroffer. The current CBA expires in 6 weeks time…but Fehr feels that is sufficient time to counteroffer and for both sides to reach a fair agreement. Fingers crossed that the agreement comes quickly(I refuse to entertain the idea of no hockey next season…aka the dreaded lockout!)!

The days of this off-season are continuing to drag on…silence and echoes filling the space. It feels as though a team or two is going to make a dramatic move or two yet before all is said and done. The dominoes have yet to fall into place.

#65more days! #isitOctoberyet?!

As always until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

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