Philadelphia takes another hit on the blueline! + other NHL tidbits

Philadelphia has suffered yet another loss on the blueline, the team announced Andrej Meszaros is out indefinitely after tearing one of his achilles tendons. As Canucks fans will remember…such an injury is not an easy road back…just ask Sami Salo.Sami Salo was sidelined by the very same injury in the summer of 2010…it was thought he might not come back and if he did would, he play the same? The answer is that YES he did make a comeback and NO he didn’t play the same, he played even BETTER(just look at game 4 against San Jose in the 2011 conference final and all of last season!). It was a long road back for Salo, he only played 27 regular season games in the 2010-2011 season, but he made his presence known in those games and during the 2011 playoffs he played amazing and last year was his best season in years. I wish the best for Meszaros as he works his way back from this injury, it will not be an easy or a quick path but as all Canuck fans know, it is definitely possible. The loss of Meszaros on the blueline adds to the already decimated blueline that is the Philadelphia Flyers. They lost Carle to free agency, they lost Weber due to Nashville matching their lunacy, and all camps are quiet on the Pronger situation. The lack of any news on the Pronger situation suggest that it will not be good news when an announcement does get made. The loss of Pronger(at least in the short term) and the indefinite loss of Meszaros leaves a HUGE void for the Flyers on the blueline come October. They will have to address the matter before the season begins.

In other NHL news Toronto Maple Leafs forward Joffrey Lupul skated for the first time today since separating his shoulder in early March. The Leafs will need him in tip top form for camp next month, when he combines with Phil Kessel and both are healthy, they make a lethal duo. All eyes are still on Doan as his fate is still yet to be decided(big surprise!), the list sits at three until otherwise announced. I know, tell me something we don’t already know. In other news we already know but are anxiously awaiting, there is yet to be a formal agreement between the NHL and the NHLPA regarding a new CBA(must be reached by mid-September to avoid a shortened season or a lockout year). The Canucks would love to have a Doan-/Arnott-type player signed to help fill the void of Kesler’s absence until he returns. The dust has yet to settle on this off-season and there is bound to be more dramatics before all is said and done.


As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

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