All eyes on Doan as the wait continues…& it feels eerily quiet on all fronts

What’s that?? Did you hear the news? Yes that’s right, the rumors are true! Doan is still pondering his NHL future. All eyes around the league are waiting for his official announcement of pen to paper and see which team he aligns with, if it is in fact not Phoenix. Rumor has it that his lack of an announcement has led many to suggest that the lack of certainty with the Phoenix ownership is starting to wane on Doan and he is seeking a team that will give him the best shot at winning the Stanley Cup. There are 5 teams aside from Phoenix, that are determined to land him : the VANCOUVER CANUCKS, the Pittsburgh Penguins, The Philadelphia Flyers, The LA Kings, and the New York Rangers. All of the fore-mentioned teams would be a great fit for him should he decide to leave Phoenix. All the league & the rest of us watching can do is to continue to wait some more.

Aside from all eyes watching Doan….all is quiet on the Western & Eastern fronts. It all seems eerily quiet in both conferences regarding trades & major signings, almost like the calm before the storm and a change is just around the corner. No major signings since the establishing of Weber as a lifetime Predator and still no announcement of a new CBA being reached(it must be reached by mid-September to prevent a delayed season or a lockout year). One of these days an announcement is going to be made and like any hockey fan we all hope that it is one that confirms the season start date as October 11th 2012…not one that is delayed.

In other news the Vancouver Canucks re-signed forward Guilliame Desbiens today. Bienvenu Desbiens, welcome back to the green &blue! We’ll have to see how he plays with the big club should he be called up or impress at training camp and during the pre-season. He’s been solid with the Moose/Wolves organization in the AHL.

That’s all. Until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.


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