How did I get here?!+ ALFIE’s back for more!!

Yesterday I came across a great blog post by a girl from Pittsburgh about how she became a sports fan, specifically obsessed with hockey.How did she become one of those people who swore they would never be one of those who yell at the television?! here’s the link to her post:

It really struck a cord with me because that was and is me. I always said I wouldn’t be one of those crazy people who yelled at people running around on skates on the television(when the refs make a bad call or the players are playing poorly)…but that is exactly who I have become…just ask my father or anyone who watches the games with me. I started watching the games more regularly and quietly this game called hockey drew me in…and once in, there was no going back. I mean if I’m going to get into to a sport…then its all in…no halfway business. What fun is it to cheer for a sport if you don’t really know what’s going on? None…so once I became entranced…there was only one thing to do…learn everything. I can quote my teams stats backwards & forwards, understanding the rules for the game is a must, of course like any fan despise when the refs make bogus calls, I look forward to every October when hockey returns and going to #VancouverCanucks games have become fall & springtime musts & a birthday tradition. Game days require jerseys or some kind of Canuck color co-ordination and during playoffs…like any sports fan, I have my rituals! I never miss a game and keep up off opposition scoreboards(I find its best to know everything there is know about one opponent or another before each game). And how about that 2010 Olympic GOLD medal earned by Crosby, Luongo & company?!!(My favourite part about that medal…it was WON on #Canuck ice by LOUIE!!!). The summer Olympics while incredible athletic performances, do not the hold the same draw for me that hockey does. Its something almost magical when at the arena, the lights go down, the players line-up, the arena goes silent, and then the anthems begin, and 18000+ all their game apparel, join in…and then just as the puck drops the entire arena cheers in unison for the home team! There is nothing like it.  Other sports have caught my eye, football (BC Lions, NY Giants), basketball(LA Lakers, Dallas Mavericks), but none hold the excitement or the draw that hockey has for me. The game is fast paced and you never know what might happen…just because it team is down by 1 with less than a minute left doesn’t mean its over…until that final buzzer goes…its anyone’s game(Remember that game against Detroit in February #Canucks fans? that epic comeback & shootout victory to end that 23 home-game win streak?)! Like I said…I wasn’t always this way knowing every fact I can know…but its who I am. What’s the fun in not committing completely? It’s way more fun to know and understand the sport that I love to watch. Some games completely frustrate me…and others are so inspiring when an entire team plays so seamlessly. I bleed blue & green. Every October is a new opportunity for every team.

Did you hear Ottawa?! ALFIE’s back for one more! I think it would be extremely odd if Daniel Alfredsson was not in the Senator line-up in of the best team Captains in the NHL today. His leadership will be long remembered in the Ottawa franchise(captain since 1999!). Welcome back ALFIE!! The NHL wouldn’t have been the same without you! And once again we are STILL waiting on that official announcement from Doan…many sources are saying with the ever increasing unstable Phoenix franchise that is more likely he will sign elsewhere this season. He may still stay in Phoenix…but wouldn’t it be something to have a guy like that on your team?

#71moredays! Never say never, because anything is possible once that whistle blows & the puck drops onto the ice in the opening face-off. Until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

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