Rumor has it….Doan spotted in Vancouver? What’s that about Arnott?

Rumor has it that Shane Doan was being wined & dined Tuesday night at the “Italian Kitchen” in Vancouver by our very own GM Mike Gillis, Assistent GM Gilman, & the owners of the Vancouver Canucks, the Aquilini brothers. All that this means currently, is that Doan is finishing making his rounds to the teams that have shown an interest in him…much like last week when he met with Philly, New York & Montreal to name a few of his stops and could very make one or two more before all is said and done. It should be interesting to hear how all these meetings compared and which team opportunity Doan thinks is in his best interest. A decision is expected to come this week…but as we all know just because it is supposed to be decided this week does not mean it will happen.(Remember that supposed July 8th/9th deadline?!) The deadline is meaningless until proven true which has yet be done, despite the media’s ever so certain continuous predictions. As previously stated, the league & all eyes around the NHL will remain on Doan and the rumors will cycle until an official signing has occurred.

Rumor has it that the #Canucks are also looking into Jason Arnott…that’s apparently a possible plan ‘B’ should they not be able to land Doan. Arnott also brings a lot of experience and leadership to the table…including Stanley cup experience! I think it would be advisable to sign at least one of these veterans…but not necessarily both. Arnott played last season with the St.Louis Blues leading them to their best season in franchise history…previously he captained Dallas, and in New Jersey was an integral part to their winning the Stanley Cup in 2000..scoring the OT cup winning goal! He would provide an invaluable source of information and leadership. Both Doan and Arnott are invaluable to whichever team signs them, and the Canucks would be lucky to have either.

**IF Doan does indeed sign with the #Canucks….he would not be suiting up in his usual #19 as that number has been retired within the #Canucks organization in honor of Markus Naslund. (remember the disaster when Messier demanded to have #11 after it had been ‘retired’?…I don’t think that Doan is domineering like Messier was at that time.) Should Doan sign with the Canucks, I think he would be more than willing to wear another # and would be nothing short of world class in dealing with the media and the fans.

In other news the NHLPA is still reviewing the NHL’s latest potential agreement…hopefully both sides(NHLPA & Bettman’s army) can come to agreement STAT so we hockey fans do not have endure a shortened season or worse, a lockout year!

That’s all for the rumor mill, as the drama shall I’m sure, continue to unfold as the off-season drags on by!

#70moredays #isitOCTOBERyet??!!

Until the next domino falls into place or the next dramatic off-season move, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

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