Evander Kane considering his options? + other NHL notes

Are the Winnipeg Jets are worried they could lose Evander Kane(not to be confused with that pest known as Patrick Kane whose alias is a blackhawk in the windy city!)? They have reportedly offered him a six year deal worth $29 million.  Rumor has it that the reason it is taking so long for Evander Kane to sign the dotted line, is that he wants to review all his options including possibly Vancouver…but as you know, this rumor must be taken with a grain of salt. It would an interesting signing to land Kane who was drated 4th overall in 2009 by the Atlanta Thrashers(now the Winnipeg Jets) from the VANCOUVER GIANTS in the WHL. During his time in the WHL he won the Memorial Cup in 2007. He’s had some success with Atlanta/Winnipeg, but unfortunately the last 3 years he has not had the opportunity to participate in the NHL playoffs as the team has yet to qualify past April. If he were to sign somewhere else…it would require being given an offer sheet as Kane is a restricted free agent and Winnipeg would have the choice to match or not match the offer. I think it is a long shot that Kane does not end up in Winnipeg next year…but wouldn’t it be something to see a B.C. native and former popular Vancouver Giant outfitted in #Canuck blue & green in October?

In other news, surprise surprise, the hockey world still awaits Doan’s impending annoucement. Where oh where will Doan sign?….Phoenix, Vancouver, New York, Pittsburgh, LA? Alas, we shall have to wait.

Tuukka Rask is priming to take the reigns that Tim Thomas left willingly behind when he fled B-town for personal reasons. The Bruins are also apparently looking to dump Thomas’ salary from their roster in order to make other moves which even if he doesn’t play leaves them responsible to pay him 3 of the 5 million dollars that he would get if he played. Although with the way that Thomas keeps turning to social media to express his views and make controversial statements, it will be harder for the Bruins to convince another team to to take Thomas & his salary. Initially they were planning to trade him to a team that was below the salary cap floor(ie: the Islanders), but who is going to want to invite someone to their team that causes problems(via social media) and unnecessary drama(ie: skipping the White House visit)…many think it is too much trouble.

The Canucks have signed their 2012 2nd round draft pick to entry level NHL contract today. As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

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