Rumor has it….Doan spotted in Vancouver? What’s that about Arnott?

Rumor has it that Shane Doan was being wined & dined Tuesday night at the “Italian Kitchen” in Vancouver by our very own GM Mike Gillis, Assistent GM Gilman, & the owners of the Vancouver Canucks, the Aquilini brothers. All that this means currently, is that Doan is finishing making his rounds to the teams that have shown an interest in him…much like last week when he met with Philly, New York & Montreal to name a few of his stops and could very make one or two more before all is said and done. It should be interesting to hear how all these meetings compared and which team opportunity Doan thinks is in his best interest. A decision is expected to come this week…but as we all know just because it is supposed to be decided this week does not mean it will happen.(Remember that supposed July 8th/9th deadline?!) The deadline is meaningless until proven true which has yet be done, despite the media’s ever so certain continuous predictions. As previously stated, the league & all eyes around the NHL will remain on Doan and the rumors will cycle until an official signing has occurred.

Rumor has it that the #Canucks are also looking into Jason Arnott…that’s apparently a possible plan ‘B’ should they not be able to land Doan. Arnott also brings a lot of experience and leadership to the table…including Stanley cup experience! I think it would be advisable to sign at least one of these veterans…but not necessarily both. Arnott played last season with the St.Louis Blues leading them to their best season in franchise history…previously he captained Dallas, and in New Jersey was an integral part to their winning the Stanley Cup in 2000..scoring the OT cup winning goal! He would provide an invaluable source of information and leadership. Both Doan and Arnott are invaluable to whichever team signs them, and the Canucks would be lucky to have either.

**IF Doan does indeed sign with the #Canucks….he would not be suiting up in his usual #19 as that number has been retired within the #Canucks organization in honor of Markus Naslund. (remember the disaster when Messier demanded to have #11 after it had been ‘retired’?…I don’t think that Doan is domineering like Messier was at that time.) Should Doan sign with the Canucks, I think he would be more than willing to wear another # and would be nothing short of world class in dealing with the media and the fans.

In other news the NHLPA is still reviewing the NHL’s latest potential agreement…hopefully both sides(NHLPA & Bettman’s army) can come to agreement STAT so we hockey fans do not have endure a shortened season or worse, a lockout year!

That’s all for the rumor mill, as the drama shall I’m sure, continue to unfold as the off-season drags on by!

#70moredays #isitOCTOBERyet??!!

Until the next domino falls into place or the next dramatic off-season move, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

All eyes on Doan as the wait continues…& it feels eerily quiet on all fronts

What’s that?? Did you hear the news? Yes that’s right, the rumors are true! Doan is still pondering his NHL future. All eyes around the league are waiting for his official announcement of pen to paper and see which team he aligns with, if it is in fact not Phoenix. Rumor has it that his lack of an announcement has led many to suggest that the lack of certainty with the Phoenix ownership is starting to wane on Doan and he is seeking a team that will give him the best shot at winning the Stanley Cup. There are 5 teams aside from Phoenix, that are determined to land him : the VANCOUVER CANUCKS, the Pittsburgh Penguins, The Philadelphia Flyers, The LA Kings, and the New York Rangers. All of the fore-mentioned teams would be a great fit for him should he decide to leave Phoenix. All the league & the rest of us watching can do is to continue to wait some more.

Aside from all eyes watching Doan….all is quiet on the Western & Eastern fronts. It all seems eerily quiet in both conferences regarding trades & major signings, almost like the calm before the storm and a change is just around the corner. No major signings since the establishing of Weber as a lifetime Predator and still no announcement of a new CBA being reached(it must be reached by mid-September to prevent a delayed season or a lockout year). One of these days an announcement is going to be made and like any hockey fan we all hope that it is one that confirms the season start date as October 11th 2012…not one that is delayed.

In other news the Vancouver Canucks re-signed forward Guilliame Desbiens today. Bienvenu Desbiens, welcome back to the green &blue! We’ll have to see how he plays with the big club should he be called up or impress at training camp and during the pre-season. He’s been solid with the Moose/Wolves organization in the AHL.

That’s all. Until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.


Slowly still the off-season continues…73 more days!

This off-season seems to be dragging on by…ever more slowly as the days go by. Doan has yet to sign ink to paper officially…but with his ‘suggested’ payday it seems more and more likely that he will remain with Phoenix, at least if things with the Coyotes ownership are resolved. It will come down to who can afford to pay Doan the desired contract. His agent has been quoted saying that a decision could come as ‘early’ as sometime this week(funny I recall that a decision was going to be made by July 9! and yet here we all are still waiting 3 weeks later)

Many questions about the uncertain new CBA & remaining UFA’s are still in limbo. Cross your fingers that the NHLPA & Bettman & company can reach a new CBA agreement before mid-September…or else we’re looking at a delayed season or a lockout year…yuck! As for the remaining UFA’s, it is still to be determined as to where they will be playing next season. There are also questions surrounding each team as they continue to build and prepare for the upcoming season: Toronto’s goal-tending situation, the Suter/Parise affect in Minnesota, Nash’s chemistry in the Big Apple, Thomas taking a ‘one-year’ absence while constantly making controversial statements through his social media causing headaches for the Bruins who were hoping to trade him(but that’s looking unlikely with his constant commentary), D-day eventually arriving…as in the day Doan picks a team, the reunited Staals playing together, Nashville attempting to build around Weber while paying him nearly $26 million in bonuses next year, and the list goes on! Nothing will be resolved completely until the season begins & 2 teams battle it out next June.

Each new season brings new possibilities, you just never know what may happen. I do know that we will once again see some #sedinery & #17 in beastmode & #BURR creating magic #isitOCTOBERyet???!! first comes a CBA agreement, training camp, pre-season & the OCTOBER 11th!!! #73moredays!!

That’s all for now, until the next dramatic domino falls into place, nuck said!

Sarah E.L.

4 year deal breaker for Doan? other thoughts on this & that in the NHL

Today is yet another deadline set by Shane Doan to getting closer determining where he will play next year. Rumor has it that he is seeking a 4 year contract worth $30 million(or $7.5 million cap hit per year) before he will leave Phoenix. There has been no official statement yet as to where Doan will sign if indeed he decides to join a team other than Phoenix, but it will interesting to see which teams are willing to pay. I’m not sure why Doan keeps “setting deadlines” which is simply a way of saying “I still need more time to consider all my options”. It just makes the media go crazy until his next “setting a new deadline” announcement is made.

Philadelphia has yet to address their major issues on the blueline having lost Matt Carle to free agency, and  losing Weber to Nashville since they matched that lofty offer sheet. Still refusing to make any statements on Pronger’s status, it has many people questioning whether he will be able to play at all and what will the Flyers do to fill the holes in their defense. Philly did  however re-sign forward Jakub Voracek to a 4 year $17 million deal…a far cry from the $14 million they offered to Weber, but still a pretty good pay cheque.

Scotty Bowman and Pat Quinn are confirmed to coach the alumni game at next season’s Winter Classic between Detroit & Toronto. Anyone else wish that the Canucks would take part in one of these Winter Classic games?! How exciting would it be too see them play in an outdoor arena?! I’m not sure it ever will happen that the Canucks take part in this event, but I will say that I for one WOULD LOVE it, if they did!!

Rumor has Darryl Sutter(yes the one who led those pesky but determined Kings to Stanley cup victory in June) has stated to various media outlets that he believes that the Calgary Flames could have WON the cup every year during his time there, perhaps in 2004 that may have been true, but an interesting statement considering the franchise has missed the post-season the last 3 years(and 2 of them he was part of their coaching staff).

Questions are arising in Toronto regarding their goal-tending situation as to whether or not James Reimer will able to handle to pressure of becoming the bonafide starter, or after last year’s injuries & inconsistent performances should they look elsewhere (*******I would HATE seeing Lou in a Maple Leaf jersey or back in a Panther one with Florida!…like I have said previously I can understand the situation and Lou possibly wanting to leave the city. BUT I really don’t like the idea of him not a Canuck anymore, in fact I HATE the idea…part of me secretly hopes that he stays & steals back the reigns of starter. I really have nothing against Schneider, he’s a great athlete an impeccable goal-tender, and he deserves his own opportunities too. I’m just not sold on him as the #Canucks #1 just yet. Whatever does happen, to ME,  LOUIE will always be Canuck.

In other news Carolina has landed Alexander Semin by signing him to a one-year deal worth $7 million. It looks like Carolina is building a competitive team that aims to make the playoffs next year. They acquired Jordan Staal who is one of the best penalty killers in the league, spent the 1st six years of his career playing with the likes of Crosby, Malkin, & Geurin. Needless to say playing with his also talented brother Eric Staal next season will be yet another great opportunity for him. Carolina has also signed or re-signed the following players: Jay Harrison, Drayson Bowman, Zach Boychuk, Marc-Andre Gragnani, & Justin Peters.

Well as the day dwindles it appears the public is no closer to knowing where Doan will sign just yet…perhaps next week if what I hear is true, we will know his destination. Until next time, we wait for the drama to continue! nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

Off-season ramblings & still waiting on Doan…..

The off-season in review:                                                                                                  Minnesota won the Parise/Suter sweepstakes.                                                                              Rick Nash was traded from Columbus to the New York Rangers, giving him a chance to benefit from offensive line-mates & have a realistic chance at playoffs.                                Weber created drama by signing a ridiculous 14 year $110 million offer sheet with Philadelphia forcing Nashville’s hand to either accept it or let him walk. 6 days after the offer sheet, Nashville decided to officially match the offer, making Weber a Predator for life(& perhaps setting a ridiculous precedent for other players future contracts).                    The NHLPA & NHL head honchos are in the thick of meetings regarding a new CBA agreement & hopefully to avoid a lockout next season(I would not deal with that very well, nor would any other hockey fan, BUT that hasn’t happened yet, so lets cross our fingers that it doesn’t!)                                                                                                                               Marty Brodeur signed a 2 year deal with New Jersey, which basically insures that he will finish his career in New Jersey, playing his whole career for one franchise. This guy is an incredible athlete.

Where oh where will Shane Doan sign? Will it be Phoenix? Or will he go somewhere else? Doan is really taking his time in signing a contract & really considering both sides, not who is trying to sway him with money but which team he will fit best with. Rumor has it that he has met with/or talked with many of the teams that have shown an interest in him. I think he’d be a great asset on any team, particularly in blue & green! But really wherever he ends will be lucky to have his experience and leadership. I would love to see Doan stepping onto the ice in Canuck jersey next year, but like everyone else I will have to wait until Doan announces his decision officially.

A big question remains for Philadelphia. If they were willing to take the plunge with that HUGE offer to Weber, what does that say about Pronger? Will Pronger be available to start the season or play at all next year? If they lose Pronger for an extended amount of time or permanently that leaves Philadelphia with a HUGE whole in their defense. I really hope that Pronger is not done, it would be a terrible way to end his career, to be forced into retirement because of his concussion. He was shut down pretty quickly last year, and his symptoms were quite severe. Pronger is a huge presence on & off the ice. Philadelphia has not addressed the possibility, but by making the offer to Weber that they did , it makes one wonder why they would go to such extremes to sign him if everything with Pronger is okay. I guess we shall have to wait for some sort of official word from Philadelphia, but I really hope that Pronger is not finished yet, that would be so unfair for him to lose the game he loves before he is .

In other news, the Canucks have agreed to terms with forward Dale Weise on a one year deal.

Still waiting….

Well the days are ticking away as the entire hockey world awaits the Predators decision regarding Weber, will they let him walk, letting him leave Nashville? Or will they match? As the days of will they or won’t they continue, this week begins the arbitration hearings for the RFA’s determining their salary & whether or not they re-sign with their current teams. Change or no changes prior to the start of the season can make or break you….look at Philly last year…they traded BOTH Carter[to Columbus] & Richards[to LA] before the season even began to 2 separate teams BUT both by the end of the year were celebrating as part of the LA Kings victory). For LA who picked up both those players….it made all the difference by June & Philly wasn’t so lucky.

Rumor has it Doan who the Canucks & five other teams are actively pursuing(having offered him a formal contract) & even more teams that have interest in him; is taking even more time to come to a decision that best suits him. In his case when he says he’s not in for the money, I believe it unlike say with Weber who said the same thing($14 million….seriously not in it for the money??! is he serious?! mind still = boggled by that number!!). I like that he’s wanting to see where he’d be the best fit & which ever team does land him, gets a guy who can still score & play defensively but also brings maturity & experience. I’d love to see him in Canuck colours next year, but odds are high that he stays with the one & only organization that he has ever played for. Doan is the type of player that you hope others emulate, and that everybody respects. Any team will be lucky to have Doan as a member of their team.

Each day gets us a little closer to October and you know that means?!It means hockey is finally back!! (heck I’d even settle to watch a pre-season game right now!) Just a warning I will get super excited when the 11th finally arrives & might drive a few of you crazy(my family would prefer that probably!) But I digress, until next time & more drama unfolds to comment on, nuck said!

Sarah E.L.

Rumor has it….

Rumor has it Shane Doan has been offered a 3 year contract by the Canucks….along with offers from 5 or more other teams including Phoenix. Rumor has it he has yet to decide where he will play next year though most people expect him to remain loyal to the only franchise he has ever played for.

Rumor has it that Luongo may or not be traded in the near future. I despise this idea, but that is because I think it is wrong to trade a proven #1 starter and depend on a yet proven goalie who (yes he has been exceptional, extremely so) has only played 59 games. I like Schneider, really I do, but he will never Luongo, maybe he will be great, but maybe he won’t be. I’m not sold 100% on this idea just yet. I respect Luongo’s decision to leave if the opportunity presents itself as the media & many others have forgotten the amazing things he brought to this city(a desire to win, 2010 Olympic gold medal, playoffs in 5/6 years, 2 presidents trophies!, a Western Conference championship, etc.). I really do not wish for Luongo to leave, but if he were to be traded it had better be for more than simply draft picks because despite what some people in the media say, Luongo’s value is high. Like I said I really do not like this idea, but I know that it is a possibility.

Rumor has it there is still drama to be had in this NHL off-season to come. Mind you probably nothing quite as dramatic as both Parise & Suter signing identical $98 million deals in Minnesota or the J.Staal trade to Carolina, but you just never know what might happen.
Nuck said.

Sarah E.L.