Rumor has it….

Rumor has it Shane Doan has been offered a 3 year contract by the Canucks….along with offers from 5 or more other teams including Phoenix. Rumor has it he has yet to decide where he will play next year though most people expect him to remain loyal to the only franchise he has ever played for.

Rumor has it that Luongo may or not be traded in the near future. I despise this idea, but that is because I think it is wrong to trade a proven #1 starter and depend on a yet proven goalie who (yes he has been exceptional, extremely so) has only played 59 games. I like Schneider, really I do, but he will never Luongo, maybe he will be great, but maybe he won’t be. I’m not sold 100% on this idea just yet. I respect Luongo’s decision to leave if the opportunity presents itself as the media & many others have forgotten the amazing things he brought to this city(a desire to win, 2010 Olympic gold medal, playoffs in 5/6 years, 2 presidents trophies!, a Western Conference championship, etc.). I really do not wish for Luongo to leave, but if he were to be traded it had better be for more than simply draft picks because despite what some people in the media say, Luongo’s value is high. Like I said I really do not like this idea, but I know that it is a possibility.

Rumor has it there is still drama to be had in this NHL off-season to come. Mind you probably nothing quite as dramatic as both Parise & Suter signing identical $98 million deals in Minnesota or the J.Staal trade to Carolina, but you just never know what might happen.
Nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

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