Hello world!

Hello fellow hockey fans & bloggers!

I decided it was time for me to start a blog about my hockey obsession & the team that makes me crazy(according to my father anyway!)…the Vancouver Canucks.The Canucks are the team that I love to cheer for & of course yell at when I ‘m watching the games on TV or live at the arena.There is nothing like watching a game live at the arena, its an atmostphere unlike any other when the entire crowd sings the anthem in unison or cheers for the team & yells at the refs in unison. It really is something almost magical.

Like any other true Canuck fan, I cheer in the good & bad times of any season. I am a constant optimist & refuse to give in to the negativity that the media seems to always partake in. I watch every game & keep up on the stats of the other teams so that I can keep up on how the Canucks stack up against them.

The Canucks have provided many memorable moments over the years:

The 1994 unlikely playoff run with Captain Kirk’s heroics, or Bures unbelievable goal against the flames which spiraled the Canucks on a roll that led to the unbelievable 7 game series against the Rangers. Linden serving as Captain following in the steps of Smyl. The acquisition of NAZZY(Markus Naslund) who set many records in the franchise over the years. 2007 quadruple overtime against Dallas with Henrik as the hero but LOUUUU keep the ‘nucks in it with 72 saves!!! Burrows being united with twins & becoming their ‘other brother’ or as I call them the “triplets!” in that fateful February game or the next season when Burr had back to back hat tricks….I mean come on..that guy came into this league undrafted!!!  The 2011 playoff run- Game 7 vs. Chicago..are you kidding me?! could that have been any more dramatic?! It was like watching a game in near utter silence not wanting to jinx the outcome. Burrows gets the opening goal…misses on his penalty shot & then in sudden death overtime Burrows steals the puck for the goal on Crawford & the ENTIRE city breathed a collective sigh of relief & cheered endlessly as Chicago had finally been thwarted!!                  Game 5 vs. San Jose…talk about another great moment! Double overtime(on May 24th…just like ’94) & JUICE(aka Kevin Bieksa) gets some help from the stanchion to score the goal that set this city in complete celebratory uproar that will only be topped when the Canucks win the Stanley cup…(which we all know has to happen at some point…every team will have their moment eventually!)

Sorry I got carried away there remembering many great Canuck moments! I can’t help it. Anyways the point of me creating this blog is so that I can share my thoughts & opinions on the team that makes me crazy as my family says, but I know I’m not the only one who yells at the TV when the ref misses a call or when a player does something completely stupid. I look forward to sharing many more thoughts & opinions with all of you in the future! Nuck said:)!

Sarah E.L.

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