Vancouver Canucks: Calder Consideration

It was speculated all season long but now it’s officially official: Elias Pettersson has been nominated for the Calder Trophy. He’s up against Jordan Binnington(St.Louis) and Rasmus Dahlin(Buffalo), two players who have also made quite a mark in their own rookie seasons for their respective teams.

This post however is all about Pettersson. Not to take away from either of the other candidates, but what Pettersson did for the Canucks was remarkable. From the moment he was drafted in 2017, his doubters and critics were convinced he was the wrong choice. Last season, he racked up all the records playing in Sweden and turning heads but still leaving many wondering if he could translate that success in the NHL. He changed the mindset of his early critics from the media to the fans and that of his teammates as he eased into the first year of his NHL career with the poise of a veteran.

From his very first game, he hushed any doubts that anyone had about him being able to play in the league. Every game when he was on the ice, whether he scored a goal or not, his vision of the game was something to behold. Every shift, he had fans on the edge of their seats, and every goal/assist scored, he brought them to their feet.

Can we talk about his FIRST NHL goal and the reaction he had to hearing the crowd’s thunderous ovation?

Or how about that magic he dished to Boeser against the Avs when he channeled his inner Sedinery? I have to tell you, being in the arena for this game and witnessing Pettersson’s 5-point night was all kinds of incredible.

Or his penalty shot goal vs. Nashville?

Or his first career hat trick that included the OT game winning goal?!

Or the fact that as a rookie, he had THIS move in his shootout arsenal?!

Insane, yes? Pettersson plays with a quiet confidence and energy that he passes along to his teammates. His confidence was contagious among his teammates and re-ignited a hope for the team’s future among the fans.

Those are only a few of a myriad of Pettersson highlights this past season. What an incredible opening to his career, giving Canucks and hockey fans a glimpse of what’s to come. This is only the beginning, the kid is something special. When it comes down to the award, I hope that it’s Pettersson’s name being called in June but it’s a tough competitive trio this year yet again. Whether he wins the Calder or not, he made Canucks fans beyond proud with his inaugural season.

As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

Vancouver Canucks: An Ode to Elias #MVPetey

There’s no denying that, this season, Elias Pettersson has completely changed the story when it comes to the Vancouver Canucks. And as the season has continued, social media has exploded with every Pettersson highlight as he edges closer to tying/passing the Canucks rookie scoring record set by Pavel Bure.

So without further ado, this post is for Petey!


What can I say to possibly properly convey just what you have done and meant to the Canucks this season?

What a season it has been for Canucks fans to see you elevate the game to an entirely  new level. The critics voiced their concern from the moment you were drafted and you seemed to tune it all out having a record setting season in Sweden last year. We had heard all about your incredible season last year but we still had no idea what to expect when you joined the Canucks full time.

Sure, we had high hopes and perhaps that was unfair to you as you hadn’t even had a chance to play a game at Rogers Arena yet. No one was sure if the hype of last season could possibly live up to reality and yet it has. It’s been even more than we could’ve possibly imagined.

From that very first shift, to that incredible shot, to that first goal on home ice that brought the crowd off our feet and the cheers raining down to your incredible consistency as the season has progressed. It’s been absolutely unreal. in the best way possible.

This season was supposed to be a disaster on every level but your confidence has completely changed the narrative. Your confidence raises your teammates confidence. Maybe not every night is perfect, but it’s always a battle and you never give up, always giving the team a chance to stay in a game or maybe even steal the game.

On behalf of Canucks nation, thank-you hardly seems enough for igniting new life into a new young Canucks core. You’ve changed the negative narrative into one that is full of hope for the future and whispers of #MVPetey growing ever louder as the season continues.

Here’s to a heck of a final stretch for you and the rest of the team! This is only the beginning and I can’t wait to see the rest of your career unfold!



Vancouver Canucks: Shades of Sedinery.

Elias Pettersson. No words…well that’s a lie, I have all the words. It’s only been 9 games, and yet he’s already silencing any and all critics who said the Canucks were wrong to draft 5th overall in 2017.

Last year, Canucks fans were treated to all the highlights of Pettersson’s remarkable season in the SHL playing among grown men as he set records and won all kinds of awards for his season. It was remarkable and it gave Canucks fans something to be excited about moving forward. His season led to him getting hyped before he’d played an NHL game and many wondered if he could possibly live up to the hype. How would his game translate to the NHL?

There’s no doubt in that he’s talented and the anticipation for him to be successful was through the roof before the start of the year. No, he’s not McDavid, he’s not Crosby, he’s not Gretzky and no one expects him to be. He’s his own player and that’s still to be defined.

All eyes were on Elias as he made his NHL debut in October, hopeful that his play in the SHL would translate to NHL success. All doubt was cast aside when he scored the first of his highlight reel goals:

There’s a lot of time left between now and the end of the season, but his 15 points in 9 games has him in the lead as the early Calder trophy favourite. Yes, you read that right, 15 points in NINE games! That’s some kind of incredible. He’s giving Canucks fans flashbacks to Pavel Bure, and brings the crowd off their feet every time he’s got the puck at Rogers Arena. It’s something amazing to see, truly.

It’s not just how he plays with the puck, it’s how he plays without the puck…no matter where he is on the ice, he is always ready to make a play. And then, there’s his determination to keep improving even after he has a memorable moment or highlight. He’s a team player, always looking to help keep the team in a game. Perfect example, his 5 point effort against the Avalanche, every time the team was down, he was quick to lead the charge of helping the team tie the game and eventually win the game. His vision and creativity with the puck are all kinds of incredible.

Can we talk about that SEDIN like bank pass off the boards to Boeser against the Colorado Avalanche?! Serious shades of sedinery:

Brock This Way With Elias! OH yes, I can definitely get used to highlights that feature those two players. Their recent chemistry is something truly magical to behold, especially if you get the chance to see them play live.

And yes it’s still early in the season, but the whispers about the talent of Elias Pettersson are getting louder outside of Vancouver. Elias is playing his game and it’s getting others talking and taking notice. Soon, everyone will know his name.

I’ve said it many times, but if you have a chance to see Pettersson play live, take it, it really is something special to see in person.

Breathe easy, Canucks fans, Elias Pettersson is a Vancouver Canuck and THIS is just the beginning. The best is yet to come.

As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.