Vancouver Canucks: An Ode to Elias #MVPetey

There’s no denying that, this season, Elias Pettersson has completely changed the story when it comes to the Vancouver Canucks. And as the season has continued, social media has exploded with every Pettersson highlight as he edges closer to tying/passing the Canucks rookie scoring record set by Pavel Bure.

So without further ado, this post is for Petey!


What can I say to possibly properly convey just what you have done and meant to the Canucks this season?

What a season it has been for Canucks fans to see you elevate the game to an entirely  new level. The critics voiced their concern from the moment you were drafted and you seemed to tune it all out having a record setting season in Sweden last year. We had heard all about your incredible season last year but we still had no idea what to expect when you joined the Canucks full time.

Sure, we had high hopes and perhaps that was unfair to you as you hadn’t even had a chance to play a game at Rogers Arena yet. No one was sure if the hype of last season could possibly live up to reality and yet it has. It’s been even more than we could’ve possibly imagined.

From that very first shift, to that incredible shot, to that first goal on home ice that brought the crowd off our feet and the cheers raining down to your incredible consistency as the season has progressed. It’s been absolutely unreal. in the best way possible.

This season was supposed to be a disaster on every level but your confidence has completely changed the narrative. Your confidence raises your teammates confidence. Maybe not every night is perfect, but it’s always a battle and you never give up, always giving the team a chance to stay in a game or maybe even steal the game.

On behalf of Canucks nation, thank-you hardly seems enough for igniting new life into a new young Canucks core. You’ve changed the negative narrative into one that is full of hope for the future and whispers of #MVPetey growing ever louder as the season continues.

Here’s to a heck of a final stretch for you and the rest of the team! This is only the beginning and I can’t wait to see the rest of your career unfold!



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