Raise-A-Reader 2013 Edition!

Every year the Vancouver Canucks participate in the Vancouver Sun’s Raise-A-Reader campaign. This year was no exception and they were out bright and early. Vancouver Canucks players downtown is a HUGE draw for fans of the team.

The campaign went from 7:00AM-9:00AM. There were representatives from the Vancouver Canucks, Vancouver Whitecaps, B.C. Lions, Global News, and of course the Vancouver Sun. You can guess who I went downtown to see, right? Is it even a question?!

Of course it’s my Canucks! Support a great cause & meet part of the team?!

Team representatives today were: David Booth, Zack Kassian, mascot FIN! Kirk McLean was representing the alumni [but I missed out on meeting Captain Kirk…next time!! Even so, I still have some great long lasting memories!]

It was an absolutely fantastic way to start my day!

First meeting of the day: David Booth!

Met David Booth!

Thanks for the photo David!

Second meeting of the day: Zack Kassian! [side note…Jeff Vinnick {Canucks photographer} got an awesome shot of my 3 sisters & I with Kassian…hope to get a copy to share!]

Met Zack Kassian!

Thanks for the picture Zack!

And no Canucks fan outing would complete without a sighting of everyone’s favourite mascot: FIN!

FIN always takes a bite when our paths cross!

FIN always takes a bite when our paths cross! Seriously…every time!

Walked away with 3 awesome autographs!:


Helped the #raiseareader campaign & walked away with the perks of being an early bird! 3 autographs: newspaper[FIN!], Jersey[#9 Kassian], & hat[#7 Booth]!

Thanks again David Booth, Zack Kassian, & FIN for an epic start to my day! It was great to see so many Canucks fans out there support the #RaiseAReader campaign & supporting the team! Hope to see you all out there next year!

[Canucks met previously: Mason Raymond & Ryan Kesler. Still on my list of Canucks to meet: Luongo, Linden, the Sedins & Bieksa]

I do not think I can thank the Vancouver Canucks enough for my wonderful morning! It only made me that much more excited for the regular season to begin[despite the lack luster preseason!].

As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

Player Profile: #9 Zack Kassian

Zack Kassian’s NHL career began when he was drafted 13th overall by the Buffalo Sabres in the 2009 NHL draft.  He made his NHL debut with Bufflalo in November 2011 and played a total of 27 games with Buffalo throughout the 2011-2012 season before being traded to the Vancouver Canucks. Zack was acquired in a trade to Buffalo with Marc-Andre Gragnani in exchange for Cody Hodgson and Alexander Sulzer.

His initial arrival in Vancouver was not well received by the fans as many were livid that COHO was traded. Kassian was put in an impossible position as everyone [media and fans alike] decided that since he didn’t play the same style as Hodgson that acquiring him was a mistake. It is not quite fair to have the expectation that they should replace one another on a roster when they play different styles. I admit, I was not completely sold on Kassian when he first arrived BUT he has shown flashes of what could be if given an opportunity. It is important that people STOP comparing him and Hodgson because they are clearly not the same BUT both bring some great elements to their respective teams.

Kassian brings size and grit to the game and when on a roll can score a clutch goal. Last season he spent a few game playing top minutes with the Sedin twins…and like many other players he was the beneficiary of some incredible plays. Perhaps this year we will get to see him play MORE with the twins OR in the very least with consistent line mates.

It is important to remember that Zack Kassian has yet to play a FULL NHL season and his full potential has yet to be seen. Going into the new season it will be interesting to see how he develops under new Head Coach, John Tortorella.

In 81 NHL games, Kassian has amassed 21 points [11 goals, 10 assists]. This year hopefully he will build upon that with a full NHL season and put up some big numbers.

Here are a few highlights from Kassian’s 2012-2013 season to remind you of how much potential he has going into this season:


Powerplay…Hammer to Kassian, SCORES!

Sedins & #zackattack combine against the Blackhawks:

The key for Zack this season will be consistency and making the most the minutes of ice time he’s given. Kassian has a lot of potential that has yet to be unlocked but hopefully will be developed under Torts and with consistent line mates. Here’s to Kassian having a great season in 2013-2014 & pre-season starting in ONE week!

#zackattack #gocanucks #nearlyOctober

As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.