Vancouver Canucks: A Team Like That

“A team like that.” The quote that has been heard loud and clear all around town following the Canucks victory in their home opener over the LA Kings. A quote that seemed to spark a team and inspire a t-shirt campaign

It’s no secret that the Canucks have had their share of struggles the past few seasons and that in turn meant there were long stretches of hockey that were difficult to watch. It doesn’t mean that there weren’t some high lights or stand out moments BUT there were definitely some games and years that were down right painful.

YES, it’s early. YES, we should tamper our expectations as it’s merely November and they’ve been going through a bit of a tough stretch but have ended the slump with a big win versus Nashville! There’s no denying that this team feels different than teams in recent years. I’m not saying they’re going to win it all, it’s way TOO early for that type of prediction. I am saying that IF they continue to play the way they’ve started this season, they will get back to the post-season where anything can happen. Or maybe they just get close to the playoffs, whichever way this season goes, it’s been a very LONG time since watching the Canucks, even during tough their stretches was as fun as it has been so far this season.

Through 19-games(10-6-3), they’re playing in such a different way than in recent years. They’re playing as a team with all 4 lines plus the blue line contributing on a nightly basis. Goal-tending is giving them opportunities every single game. Special teams have been fantastic. In 19-games, they have scored 5 or more goals EIGHT times.Their goal differential is near the top of the league. Who knows if that stat will last but it sure is fun to see them in that discussion. The current top three teams in the Pacific(Edmonton, Arizona, and Vancouver) are all teams that were on the outside looking in at the end of the last season, how fun is that to see?

Good stretches will come and go and November will be a good test for them moving forward. Just two more home games before they head on the road for 6-games to close out the rest of November.

Can’t wait to see how the month closes out, and what rest of the season holds!

A team like that, indeed.

As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.