Daily Prompt: Canucks A to Z

I’m a little late with this post but I liked the idea!

Create a short story, piece of memoir, or epic poem that is 26 sentences long, in which the first sentence begins with “A” and each sentence thereafter begins with the next letter of the alphabet. [not that this post is in any way epic or necessarily poetic but rather facts.]

Alex Burrows began his NHL career playing his way up through the minors, undrafted before he solidified his spot on the top line with the Sedin twins.

Bure known to many as the “Russian Rocket” for his knack  for speed and to score many timely goals will have his jersey #10 retired this upcoming season.

Chris Higgins after signing a 4-year extension will be looking to stay healthy through 82 games this season.

Daniel Sedin matched his brother YET again when his scored his 756th career point also in his 905th career game.

Edler will be forced to sit out the first two games of the 2014 Sochi Winter Games following his suspension from the 2013 World Cup before being eligible to play.

Forever Canucks: Luc Bourdon, Pavol Demitra, and Rick Rypien left this world too soon but they will never be forgotten.

Game 7 between the Canucks and the Chicago Blackhawks in 2011 was everything fans of the rivalry could hope for going all the way to OT ending only when BURROWS scored and the entire city cheered as the team finally eliminated the hawks.

Harold Snepsts a heart and soul player, he and his moustache were quick to becoming fan favourites during his playing time with the Canucks.

Ice will be taking over outdoors in the NHL this season as there will SIX outdoor [stadium] games kicking off with the Winter Classic in January.

Juice [aka Kevin Bieksa!] scored one of the biggest goals in recent franchise history with his double OT goal May 24, 2011 that sent the team to the 2011 Stanley Cup Final.

Kurtenbach served as the first official team captain when the Canucks joined the NHL in 1970 and was there in October 2010 to present Henrik Sedin as the current team captain.

Linden though he may be retired was and still is an incredible mentor to past and current Canuck players.

MacLean forever will be remembered by Canuck fans for making “the save” during the first overtime period of game 7 vs. Calgary in 1994.

Naslund, Morrison, and Bertuzzi formed what fans called the “West Coast Express” scoring many very exciting goals as the team’s top offensive line.

Olympic glory was more than just a possibility when Vancouver acted as host in 2010 with 7 Canucks participating and 3 returned from their quest with medals [Luongo -GOLD, Kesler-SILVER, and Salo-BRONZE].

President’s men in consecutive years [2011, 2012].

Quinn helped lead this team transitioning from former player to coach from 1991-1994 during which he earned a Jack Adams award [1992] and coached the team on their 1994 run to game 7 of the Stanley Cup final.

Ryan Kesler’s Selke play in 2011 reached a level dubbed as #beastmode and fans hope that he will find that level when the calendar flips to October 3rd.

Sedin and Sedin have an insane amount of on ice chemistry constantly creating plays with the puck when it looks impossible and often more very difficult to stop when on their game.

Torts having officially switched places with Vigneault will be looking to leave his mark on the team in a positive way that will hopefully lead to an extended playoff run.

Utica has been named as the new home for the Vancouver Canucks AHL affiliate which will be named the Comets.

Vintage will become more than the past when the Canucks host the Ottawa Senators in the 2014 Tim Horton’s Heritage Classic at BC Place Stadium March 2, 2014.

Wilkins will forever be remembered by Canucks fans for scoring the FIRST goal in franchise history!

X-factors throughout the line up are must for any team hoping for an extensive playoff run.

You, fans in the stands will all be chanting #LUUUUUUUUUUU when #1 returns to the net this season!

Zack Kassian will hopefully find his scoring groove in the upcoming 2013-2014 season.

There you have it…it may not be epic or poetic BUT it is all Canucks A-Z! Enjoy!

As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

What kind of FAN are YOU?!

What type of sports fan are you? No, I do not mean which sport do you watch, I mean what type of fan are you? It does not matter the sport you watch or follow, all sports have one common thread that connects them together: the fans. Are you a fan who cheers for a team because others do[social pressure]? Are you a bandwagon fan and cheer only when a team is doing well or playoff bound? Are you a fan that does not cheer but rather critiques without any stats to back you up? Or are you a die hard, cheer no matter what kind of fan? Or perhaps you fit into the unique fan category [such as the Canucks Green Men and the Swedish viking twins, etc.]?

Me, you ask, what kind of fan am I? Well if you follow my blog regularly the answer is obvious. Personally, I fit into the die hard, cheer no matter what kind of fan category. Was I always this way? No, but I decided if I was going to start cheering for my team than it had to be all or nothing. If you also are a die hard fan, then perhaps you can relate to the frustration that comes when those who are only around to cheer for win streaks or extended playoff runs. A die hard fan is in for the long haul, season after season, win or lose. A die hard fan knows the team stats backwards and forwards. A die hard fan cheers all season long despite the ups and downs, it is the ups and downs that give teams character.

Fans of all kinds also tend to have game day rituals of some kind. Do you have a specific game day routine? Do you eat a certain food or have a specific game day beverage? Or perhaps have a lucky t-shirt or jersey that you must wear?

oh how I have missed game days & putting on the this jersey! Welcome back boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is how game day begins for this die hard fan!

I ask you again, what kind of fan are you? Is there a team that drives you from the bandwagon to die hard? If you are a fan of any sport, you understand the phenomenon of what it means to a fan of any kind. No matter what sport you root for, you will always find fans of all levels. Some fans will drive you crazy, some will start great debates with you and some will be crazy all on their own but all are unique in their own way.

There is always a bandwagon for every sport, the one that is most often seen during successful streaks or extended playoff runs. For me, there is no bandwagon. All season long, win or lose I will continue to cheer for my Vancouver Canucks. I am a #Canucklehead through and through and that will not be changing any time soon. Whatever type of fan you are, as always, until next time, nuck said.

#whatkindofFANamI? #heartofaCanuck #ourteamourway

Sarah E.L.

A day in the life…

A day in the life of a crazed hockey fan begins almost always the same. There is an air of excitement that can be felt across the city throughout the day. The city turns blue and green everywhere you look. Game day has over taken the city. Jerseys and teams colours are being worn by everyone. Local media from the radio, to the newspapers are making predictions for the big game and the production of certain players beyond the coming evening’s game. Fans all around the city are buzzing with excitement as they make their own predictions over the impending game and their favourite players. Every where you go people are discussing not just the game but the season to come. All around town whether it is at home, on the bus, walking down the street, at work or out for a bite…the game is being discussed. Some people cannot wait while others find the whole sport and the insanity it brings, ridiculous. Pre-game shows begin on the radio and T.V. to further analyze the game that has yet to happen and any incidents or story lines they think might relate to the impending game. [Personally, I like to skip pre-game shows as they usually make me irritable with their inane commentaries.] Game time dawns but that doesn’t mean the puck drops right away. There is the pre-game warm-ups for both teams and all the fans racing for the best spot closest to the ice to view their favourite players.

Then, there are the anthems and any previously scheduled pre-game ceremonies that take place. The lights go out in the arena and suddenly the team logo on the ice is in the spotlight. The horn goes off as the players are announced and skate onto the ice for the anthems and ceremonial puck drop.The entire arena is engulfed in silence as the crowd anticipates the coming anthem and outcome of the game. The anthems begin and an echo of the entire crowd singing in unison gets louder with each line. The excitement is palpable. The puck drops. The home team wins the draw. The crowd begins to cheer as one as the players race down the ice. The whistle blows. The puck is offside. Play begins again and there rushes back and forth as the crowd oohs and aahs. Close calls on both sides. Just as it looks like the home team might score, the whistle blows again. A penalty is being called against the home team. The crowd sends out a round of boos to very loudly to let the refs know they got the call wrong[even if they were right…!]. The crowd is on the edge of their seats as the visiting team spends an entire two minutes of the powerplay in the offensive zone swarming for that elusive first goal only to be denied by impeccable goal-tending and defensive maneuvers by the penalty killers. Each save and block is met with loud cheers for the home team. The home team kills the penalty and the cheers are deafening as the penalized player exits the penalty box and steals the puck for a breakaway. SCORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Goal celebrations ensue on the ice and those deafening cheers…well lets just say they reach a whole new level. Lines change and the resumes. Action goes back and forth amid cheers from the home crowd or boos when the opposition gets near the puck. The opposing team ties the game….met with a round of ‘terrible goal’ comments and boos from the crowd. The pace picks up as the clock winds down and the game could go either way. ONE minute left in the third period and the game is still tied. Over time seems inevitable. The away team ices the puck…play moves into their end for one last draw….the puck drops and the home team wins the draw back to the point. The defenseman on the point passes cross ice down to the winger on the side of the net who fakes a shot and blindly passes the puck to the forward screening the front of the net who with a quick backhand dekes it in the net just as the buzzer sounds….SCORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PANDEMONIUM ensues as the the crowd jumps from their seats erupting in cheers and applause as the team leaps from the bench surrounding the goal scorer. The away team skates away heads hung low in disbelief at the over time opportunity lost at final seconds. The home team celebrates the winning goal…three stars are named…the goalie, a very appreciated offensive defensive forward and the game winning hero. The crowd waits to file out as the players are interviewed. After the interviews are over the crowd files out of their seats and make their way through the arena…the home victory is feeding everyone’s mood…people are high-fiving all the way to their cars and public transit and everyone cannot stop talking about that last second goal.The feeling of victory is felt all throughout the city. The day in the life of one crazed hockey fan is one full of endless possibilities. Win or lose this fan will always support her team.

Game days ending in victory or even those ending in a loss are a part of the journey when you follow any sport…but in the this current lockout through today the NHL has taken away all league wide regular season games through Nov.1st robbing the fans of any possibilities that could have been. The players and owners may be stuck at a stand still…but the fans deserve better…please, let’s get that new CBA signed & sealed so that we can all go back to our crazy game day routines!

This crazed hockey fan just wants to hear that that lockout is over! #endthelockout #enoughisenough #thefansdeservebetter

As always, until next time nuck said.

Sarah E.L.



Hello & good-bye to what was supposed to be. Today is October 11th. Today marks what should be the start of the regular season in the NHL. Today should be the day that I begin all my crazed hockey rituals that drive my family insane. Today is supposed to game day. Game day means team colors all day long paired with my jersey! Today the entire city should be taken over by team colors…and local media looking to predict how each player will perform. The city should be basking in the excitement that comes with the opening day of the season! Opening day brings hope for every fan that their team has the potential to go all the way. The first game of the season means anything is possible. Today my #Canucks and five other teams were supposed to be starting their season -including the Stanley Cup winning Kings…who were supposed hang their championship banner as is tradition. Today was supposed to mark the beginning of another incredible season yet to come with the ending unknown. Yes the season’s ending is still unknown…but the certainty of the season taking place still hangs in the balance. Today is not supposed to be a day of cancelled games…today is supposed to be the start the wonderful unpredictability that is the regular season in the NHL. Today is being called ‘Black Thursday’ by the sports media to describe the feeling around the league in regards to what were supposed to be tonight’s games.  Instead of players discussing their excitement at tonight’s prospects and the long haul that is regular season…they all seem to be looking at a shortened season & the Winter Classic puck drop as the starting point. #BlackThursday is not a trend that is making any one happy…especially the fans. Yes the players and league executives are disappointed about the lost games…but until BOTH sides can see beyond the numbers and into a REAL discussion, they cannot move forward.

Yesterday the NHL and the NHLPA met for 5 hours and are meeting again this morning. Rumor has that while there has been little or no progress in the 3 + weeks since the lockout was enforced…that the NHLPA will be the one to blink first as they are reportedly  preparing to make yet another proposal. We’ll have to wait and see as negotiations continue to drone on as to just who really wants the game back….because while they all might say they want to see the game back on there is ONE group that certainly wants the game back sooner than later. The FANS of course! The fans deserve better. The fans deserve to not endure any more lost games. Give the fans back the regular season after the 24th…!

#EndtheLockout #gettheseasonBACKonTRACK

Today was supposed to be the beginning but thanks to an announcement by GB it is not. Please tell me that REAL progress occurs during this latest round of meetings! Lets cross our fingers and hope that both sides can come together in the next few weeks and make some REAL progress in the new CBA before more games are lost. #82isenough…let’s get the season started again! #nomoreBlackThursday!

I don’t know about the rest of the fans out there…but I am tired of both sides fighting over words and policies….I just miss the game we all love. I am tired of this horrible lockout state. I miss hockey, bring it back. The  only ones who can grant this wish are the ones disagreeing over who is right. #timeforrealconversations today! As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.