Vancouver, You Are Better Than THIS.

Truthfully, I was in the middle of writing a completely different post but had to stop because I saw this tweet emerge on my timeline:

It broke my heart a little AND this needed to be said.

Vancouver, you and me, we are better than this. We are better than sending harassing messages to an opposing player and his family. Yes, we all hated the hit and ensuing injury to Elias Pettersson but that does NOT in any way justify the treatment that has been directed towards Matheson and his family. It also does NOT in any way justify the hate that has also been slung towards Canucks players by “fans” of the team for their response or lack of response to the aforementioned hit depending on how you look at the situation. Either way, those messages of hate and death threats being directed at Matheson and Canucks players are all kinds of wrong.

We are better than sending harassing messages and threats to players on an opposing team and we are better than sending harassing messages to players on our own team. That is a whole new level of wrong that I cannot even begin to fathom. It’s heartbreaking.

Social media can be a great tool for fans of the game to connect with each other and share that bond. It’s also a great tool that can connect fans with their team and players from their team. But that fun is gone instantly when someone takes it too far sending threats and continual harassment that can cause real harm. It affects more than those who send the tweet and those who receive the tweet/messages, and very quickly can spiral farther than ever intended. Words are a powerful thing and can leave an indelible mark.

Do we want that mark from fans in Vancouver to be one that drives players away from ever wanting to play here knowing that the fans will treat them this way? Or do we want that mark to one to be one that creates a bond between the fans and the team that is strong, drawing players to want to be here? I know which one I’m aiming for.

I’m going to say this plain and simple: harassing ANYONE online let alone a hockey player is NEVER a good idea. And I get that there will be chirping back and forth but taking it the level of death threats and sending harassing messages is not chirping or in good fun.

Vancouver, you are better than this. We are better than this.

As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

Skid row…

The Canucks are currently on a 5-game losing streak (0-3-2)…or haven’t you heard? The local media has gone out of its way to repeat that very fact incessantly as the streak has extended.

I hate losing streaks and I hate being constantly reminded of that streak. Do they think the fans have missed the last 5 games? Do you think we are blissfully unaware?

We get it, the team is on a losing streak that currently sits at 5 straight and it needs to end sooner rather than later.

How many different ways can the media taunt Torts with the SAME incessant “Why is the team losing?” line of questioning? Do they think he has been absent from the last five games? Torts has been very quick to acknowledge when the team hasn’t played their best or when he doesn’t agree with a call the refs have made or when he has simply had enough of the media’s poking.

Losing streaks are zero fun and always bring with them relentless negative media attention that is even worse in this age of social media. Everyone has an opinion as to why the team is losing, moves they should make or what the team can do to make themselves better.

Most fans dislike extended losing streaks immensely and as much as the fans dislike the losing, the team hates it more. Unfortunately losing streaks are a part of professional sports and all teams will and do endure them at some point throughout every season.

The thing about a losing streak is that is talked about ad nauseam until the tide changes. The worst part is the non-stop reminder every time you open the paper, turn on the sports channel,or even chance looking at what is posted on social media. Like I said, I hate losing streaks BUT losing streaks are a part of journey that is an 82-game season.

The Canucks have said all the right things about wanting to get out this funk that has seen them drop 5 straight, and now it is about putting those words into action when the Columbus Blue Jackets and the Chicago Blackhawks come to town this weekend. The team will need all of their best players to step up..and these two games will be a great test to see them get back their groove. It’s big 4 points up for grabs this weekend and I don’t need to remind you that picking up points early is extremely important to a team’s chance at a playoff berth.

This team has a great opportunity to turn the tide this weekend. We all know that one game in particular will have all the players wanting to play their best…yes its the one featuring those pesky but very talented Blackhawks. These two teams always put an entertaining game on the ice when they meet and I’m sure Saturday will be no different.

Here’s to the Canucks rediscovering their groove this weekend as they look to #endtheskid and pick up some very important points to help them catch up in the very tight Pacific Division.


As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

[Side note**Two years ago when the Canucks had their best season in franchise history, it is important to remember that they didn’t find their groove until late November. In their first 23 games posted a 13-7-3 record in the 2010-2011 season…which is fairly comparable to their 11-8-4 record in 23 games this season. Late November led to a nearly unstoppable December.]