Strike 3, Bettman’s at it again!+ Detroit looking to the Flames?+ a few other thoughts

In the news today everyone’s favourite(as in the one we love to despise!) NHL commissioner was at it again! Gary Bettman officially made the statement that should there be no new CBA in place by September 15th there will indeed be a lockout(yes I know we are ALL shocked…but WAIT we already knew that!) Don’t you just love how Bettman thinks he’s alerting the hockey world to brand new information? Although following his statement today, he also stated that there is still ample time until then for both parties to come to an agreement. Once again tell us, something we didn’t already know Bettman! It is yet to be decided how drastic this lockout could be(delayed shortened season or the entire year with no hockey), but since Bettman became NHL commissioner in 1993 there have been 2 lockouts….one in 1994 which cut the 1994-1995 season to just a 48 game schedule and then the entire 2004-2005 was canceled, and he potentially could force a 3rd one! Anyone else just as frustrated with the way Bettman ‘controls’ the league?

Rumor has it that Detroit is actively looking into Calgary Flames defenseman Jay Bouwmeester in what could be an interesting trade. Rumor has it that Calgary has been looking to trade Bouwmeester(who has a cap hit of $6.68 million after signing defenseman Dennis Wideman to a 5 year contract worth $26.25 million(or an annual cap hit of $5.25 million) earlier this off-season. Apparently Detroit feels they need to fill the void left by Lidstrom’s retirement & losing Brad Stuart to San Jose. Detroit also lost the race in free agency when they lost the Suter/Parise lottery and had no chance in signing Weber after Philly upped the stakes that only Nashville could match. All in all, Detroit needs a defenseman to help stabilize the back end, and it will more than likely cost them a trade as the free agent market has not produced them the player(s) that they hoped to nab. It will interesting to see what both sides give&take if this trade does go through. Rumor has it that Calgary is attempting to rebuild & make a run for the cup, but I wasn’t aware that you could do both at the same time? Colour me confused.

Rumor has it that maybe just maybe Doan could remain in Phoenix, that is if this whole ownership ordeal with Jamison has stabilized itself. Then again, until he officially puts ink to paper the eyes of the NHL will remain on him, before moving on. If he remains in Phoenix, I like the idea of the Canucks signing centre Jason Arnott(it has been rumored that he likes the potential of signing in Vancity!) to help fill the void in centre with Kesler down, and provide a leadership role as well. Time will tell with both these players. If Doan leaves Phoenix when all is said and done…it could have an adverse effect on Phoenix…as he is their franchise player and may affect ticket sales for a franchise that already struggles filling the arena on a regular basis.

Are you kidding me?! The city of Markham, Ontario has submitted a proposal¬† for an NHL sized arena! If it were to go through, that leaves the potential for a 3RD hockey team in Ontario(they already have the Leafs & the Senators). Would another Canadian team be exciting? YES! But 3 teams in ONE province…is a bit much….yes Ontario is large….but three teams is too many….do they want to be New York(they’ve got the Rangers, Islanders, & the Sabres!) but then again who knows it could work. Maybe Quebec will get another team too if that proposal goes through…! Another team or two would add some excitement to the league…and Canada does love hockey and will fill those arenas! Until approval is given to Markham, it is just a dream for the moment.

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Sarah E.L.