It all begins with 82…

It was only a matter of time before the unraveling began. First the pre-season was lost partially and then completely canceled. Now, we have lost any games that would have been played beginning October 11th through October 24th. Thank-you, GB, thank-you.Once again one of my favourite traditions has been delayed yet again. Following the announcement of games off the table, the New York Rangers goaltender Henrik Lundqvist tweeted this message of frustration: “Feels like I’m going to practice without a purpose, and I hate it! Don and Gary, let’s figure this one out! #NHLHockey #theplayers #thefans”. I agree with the hating it part. So, just how many games are lost? A total of 82 league wide regular season games gone from the season [granted there are usually more than 1100 league wide regular season games combined between the 30 teams…]. 82 games gone between 14 days. 82 games is the number that represents the length of the regular season for EACH team.  Oi vey. I hated hated hated hearing the announcement of the games cancelled which was followed by all the GM’s releasing statements in response. Yuck. More empty apologies from the league and all the GM’s about how important the fans are and how they understand our disappointment. Really? I don’t think so.  I will continue to hold out hope for November.  In lieu of NHL games that are currently on pause[until atleast the 24th]…Sportsnet is going to begin airing AHL games as of October 13th -Canucks fans can see the Wolves take on the Heat[Calgary’s affiliate] on October 20th 7PM pacific time.

As Fehr stated following the cancellation of this set of games: “A lockout should be the last resort in bargaining, not the strategy of first resort”….it certainly feels like the only strategy they[both sides] have resorted to lately is a war of words rather than making any actual progress.

Bobby Ryan is back at with more fighting words. First it was him stating very potently that he would welcome a trade out of Anaheim [following him signing an extension just one year ago!]. A few short weeks later he then apologized for making such statement and proclaimed his happiness to play in the sunshine state. NOW, Bobby Ryan is once again causing a media frenzy with his words…this time aimed at the players flocking overseas during the lockout. He believes that they should all stay and see this CBA debate through until a new deal is done rather than run away. I must say…I do agree with you Mr.Ryan! Now if only we could get the players, the owners, NHL & NHLPA executives to SIGN a new CBA any time now. Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up to news of the season being re-instated? I would love love love that announcement!

82 league wide regular season games are more than enough to have stolen. PLEASE GB, Daly, Fehr brothers, Owners, and Players, PLEASE just get back to the bargaining table and get that new CBA hammered out STAT, so that the fans are not forced into waiting until January1st or worse…losing an entire season!

Is it October yet? has now become #isOctoberOVERyet? followed by #isitNovemberYET? Can we just hear the news that #hockeyfans around the world want to hear? That hockey is back on….that would be nice.  #HockeyNowPleaseGB You got  your lockout hat trick Mr.Bettman…but please do not lose the whole year.

As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.