Dear Jannik Hansen,

Here we go again. The winds of change. I was at the game last night, saw you in the warm ups and when it was announced that you were a late scratch, you could feel something was brewing behind the scenes. Thank-you, hardly seems enough for what you gave this team and this city for 10+ years, but I’m going to try. First things first, please know that you never once for a second ever let me down.

Fans from across the league never really knew just how lucky Vancouver Canucks fans were to have you as a part of the team. The road wasn’t any easy one, but you have stayed the path. From one of a few players drafted from Denmark, to developing your game to the AHL and then to the NHL. From a rookie looking to make his mark to a seasoned veteran and leader, you did it all and you did it with incredible grace.

In 565 games over the last 10 years in Vancouver, you have embodied everything that it meant to have the heart of a Canuck. On and off the ice you found your place in Vancouver and forever left your mark.

At the beginning no one was sure of what kind of impact you could or would go on to have in an NHL lineup. You brought speed, determination and compete every single shift, every single game. No one knew what to expect but your versatility to play anywhere in the lineup and in any situation quickly won you over with the coaches, your teammates and the fans. And the rest as they say, is history. He was right, they were wrong, and you continued to prove all your critics wrong every single day.

And the critics came after you a lot over the years but you never let the negativity in. You rose above it all, every step of the way. You always did whatever was asked of you by the coaches or management. You were and are the consummate professional on and off of the ice. And when called upon to be a pillar in the community and be a part of helping make a difference for the community or helping to raise awareness about the importance of mental health, you were there. You gave everything you had with every shift on the ice and every moment you gave to the community in your tenure with the Vancouver Canucks.

And yes that magical run in 2011 will forever be cemented in part of your tenure in Vancouver, as will so many more on ice moments. Seeing you get your first goal, or you getting the Canucks first 3-on-3 OT goal or earlier this season when we witnessed your 100th NHL goal but for me, my all-time favourite moment happened just last season. It was an honour to meet you and talk all things hockey for a few moments. It meant more than you will ever know, thank-you.


Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you and thank-you again for more than 10 incredible years of memories on and off of the ice and, the ever persistent pursuit of your dreams, and inspiring so many more to keep pursuing their dreams. I wish you all the best in San Jose, but remember, that you will always be the Canucks, honey badger. You made your coaches proud. You made your teammates proud. You made this city and Canucks fans around the globe proud.

And to THIS fan, you will always and forever be a Canuck. Thank-you doesn’t seem quite enough but it’s what I have to offer. Thank-you for everything, Jannik.

Sarah E.L.

#HoneyBadger signs for 4 more!

Say what you will about Mike Gillis, but signing Jannik Hansen to a $10 million, 4-year extension [$2.5 million cap hit] is an absolute steal. Glad that this deal got done prior to the season. Following the 2013-2014 season, Hansen would have become an unrestricted free agent and easily could have tested the waters of the free agency market next summer [& perhaps have been offered more than $2.5 million]. Hansen signing this contract, it shows to management and the fans that it is not about the money but rather his commitment is to playing the game.

It has been fun to see the growth of Hansen as a hockey player from his time with the Manitoba Moose to his tenure with the Canucks; and it will be fun to see him further develop over the next four years. Hansen is entering the prime of his career and has the ability to slot into whatever role is necessary from the third line all the way to the first line with the Sedins whether it is 5 on 5, or special teams. Hansen can be a game changer and hopefully will help this team go all the way in the near future.

Congratulations on your new contract, Jannik! Here’s to a great year from the #honeybadger!

As always until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

Player Profile: #36 Jannik Hansen

Jannik Hansen’s NHL career began when he was drafted 287th overall by the Vancouver Canucks in theh 2004 NHL draft. Following his NHL draft, Hansen opted to play one more year in Denmark. He transitioned to playing North American style of play playing first in the WHL for the Portland Winter Hawks which was followed by his time with the Canucks AHL affiliate [the Manitoba Moose] before earning a full season roster spot with the team at the start of the 2008-2009 season.

In 318 NHL games, Hansen has amassed 131 points [50 goals, 81 assists]. Let’s hope to see #honeybadger add to those totals with a breakout season this year!

Here are a few #greatdane highlights to keep you going until the season gets here!

Like I said in previous profiles, everyone did something awesome in this 7 game series!:

& Hansen strikes the hawks AGAIN! Good things happen to those who play with the Sedins…!

Canucks and Leafs always make for interesting games:

Hansen has established himself as a solid third line forward with the capabilities to jump on to the 1st and 2nd lines when called upon. One of his biggest strengths is his skill on the penalty kill unit. He will be looking to build on the successful season he had in the 2011-2012 season with a career high 39 points [16 goals, 23 assists]. Going into the new season, Hansen will be playing in the final year of his current contract and hopefully put up some strong numbers that will result in a contract extension before next off-season! Let’s see what you’ve got #honeybadger!

#honeybadger #thegreatdane #gocanucks

Can you feel it? Hockey season is nearly upon us! We’re getting closer #canuckleheads! Next week is training camp, followed by a six game pre-season, which will be followed by the long awaited regular season.

As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.