LB28: A Forever Canuck

As I sit here writing this, it is hard to believe that six years have gone by since the tragic death of Luc Bourdon. A life taken before his time and gone far too soon.

From growing up in small town Shippagan, New Brunswick to playing in the QMJHL to winning two GOLD medals in the World Juniors to being drafted 10th overall in 2005 by the Vancouver Canucks to finally playing in the NHL, Luc left his mark on this game that he loved as more than just a game.

Luc, we wanted to see many more moments like your first NHL goal or your developing dominance on the blue line. Many moments that we will never ever get to see because you are no longer here. We only have left what could have been.

Instead we have had to make these memories:

Did you ever wonder why Burrows shoots an arrow to the sky when he scores a goal?

Luc, stole the hearts of Canucks fans across the globe with his style of play on the ice and that smile! Maybe he would’ve become a Norris Winner, maybe he would have made his mark even more solidified during the 2011 SCF or maybe he would’ve played elsewhere but to me…Luc will always be a Canuck.

The truth is we will never know exactly how Luc’s career would have played out BUT we do know that his potential was limitless and he would have been one to watch. He may not have been in the league very long but his presence was felt by those he played with and the fans who watched from the sidelines.

6 years later and we still wonder what could have been. 6 years later and we still remember all that was. 6 years later and we still miss you, Luc.

Here’s to #LB28, a forever Canuck.

As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.