6 days…+ Albertan Legal Snag means what?!

6.    6 days. That is all the remains between now and Bettman’s official announcement one way or the other. 6 days for the NHL and NHLPA to discuss any and all remaining issues. 6 days to make a final decision. The NHL and NHLPA will have to take some drastic steps to bridge the gap that remains between them prior to Saturday to avoid a lockout. The question remains should there be a lockout[as everyone suspects Bettman will announce]…how long will it last? Will it be a month..2 months…3 months…or worse?..The entire season lost?? Let’s hope its NOT the entire season gone & if we must be forced to endure a lockout that is short….because another season lost would be [say it with me now] HORRIBLE. Simply horrible. A lockout as I have said before is a word that every I loathe a little bit more. A lockout leaves no winners behind…not even Bettman.There are no winners with a lockout. None.That is all…we shall all hold our collective breath while we wait these last 6 days before Bettman throws the gavel down. 6 days before we shall know the fate of the *pending season. I really do think another lockout would be Bettman’s undoing and spark his replacement. 6 days until we know the fate of the hockey world. 6 days to know if I will be watching my Vancouver Canucks and the WHL/AHL games…or just the AHL & WHL games. 6 days to know whether the sport continues or the players move on to Plan B [playing abroad or simply taking a forced year off unlike Thomas who left the game willingly].

Rumor has it that the League [according to the NHLPA] may hit a legal snag in Alberta. Apparently the NHL is rushing the lockout clearance in the province without following the required steps. A lockout vote is required in the province of Alberta by the province’s NHL team owners[both owners of the Flames & Oilers] in order to legally lock out their players if there is no new collective bargaining agreement in place by the deadline. Under provincial law the NHL is supposed to assign a mediator, they did this on August 21st. The mediator is required to wait 14 days. The PA argues that while a mediator was hired the league did not make an effort of any kind with no mediation or any kind taking place between the mediator and two sides. If the PA’s accusations are correct then the League could NOT legally lockout the Calgary Flames or Edmonton Oilers players. AT ALL. What a season that would be….Calary & Edmonton on repeat for 82 games and NO other teams? Might get a little repetitive. Wouldn’t be something if this small little legal snag could prevent the lockout from happening and its Alberta that saves the season? I will tell you this…it certainly would be something…it really would.

6 days and we will not be waiting anymore.

6 days or less and we will hear officially of Shane Doan staying in Phoenix…that almost seems certain.

As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.