Here We Go Again…!

Happy NHL eve, Canucks fans! We did it! We survived another long off-season and once again a new season is upon us! Are you ready for whatever the 82-game journey holds?

The Canucks have a clean slate heading into the new season and no expectations are higher than the ones they have for themselves. They have three young prospects that will be making their NHL debut and a few new faces that will make their Canucks debut when the puck drops in Calgary. It will be a game featuring young players on both sides with something to prove and veterans looking to prove they can still compete at a high level. Did the Canucks make the right moves this summer? Did the Canucks make the right risks with their young players? Is it realistic for them to be playoff dreaming? Maybe, maybe not. Time will tell and until that final buzzer goes to end their season, whether that’s in April or June, I will be cheering every single step of the way.

Where will you be watching from when the puck drops? I’ll be watching the game from home and following along via twitter with my fellow bloggers at CANUCKS ARMY for their “Canucks Money on the Board” event while helping to support Mindcheck. How does it work?: Canucks Army is hosting a SOCIAL MEDIA based pledge drive to raise awareness and money for Mindcheck. For more details, follow them on twitter(@CanucksMOTB) or stop by their blog -[ ]. #CanucksMOTB

If you are able, I invite all of you, to also join the fun of watching the game together while we are supporting an incredible cause that helps to shine a light on the importance of Mental Health Awareness.

As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

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