Who are THESE Canucks?!

Who are these Canucks? Yes, it has only been six games and that is hardly a proper measure or preview of how a season will shape up but after six games, the Vancouver Canucks are starting to draw the attention of many outsiders. If you had told me prior to the start of the season, that by game six, the Canucks would have won BACK TO BACK games in California (their kryptonite in recent years), I may not have believed you. And before you say, that it’s only the beginning of the season,it hardly counts…YES, I know it’s barely started. It’s only been SIX games, and they have had good and bad games in that small sample…BUT earning points early in the season can prove VITAL late in the season during the race for the playoffs…and at this point they have earned points in every game but one. Am I saying the Canucks are going to be playoff bound come April? No, it’s impossible to say that at this point BUT they have 76 games remaining and anything is possible.

Through six games, we have seen good battles, some bad habits and some massively encouraging signs. This team is supposed to be under achieving in all categories and struggling on the scoreboard. The Sedins are supposed to be too old, the young guys are supposed to be too young and Miller is NOT supposed to be playing with veteran ease. The youth movement was not supposed to catapult THREE rookies to the starting lineup. Each feat brings with it questions of sustainability. Can the Sedins sustain their custom season long consistency? Can Millsy stay the course with his steady play all the way? Will there still be any rookies in the lineup after they’ve each hit their 9-game mark? At seasons’ end will we still be asking who are THESE Canucks? Or will we be saying: “Benning knew.”?Time will tell where that line will be drawn at season’s end. All I know, is that regardless of the season’s outcome is that just as after six games, after 82 games (& a potential playoff run), I will still be rooting for my Canucks.

Who are these Canucks? The next 76 games will tell exactly that.

As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

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