Vancouver Canucks: Slaying Expectations

Don’t look now but the Vancouver Canucks have gone streaking! The team is currently on a 6-game winning streak. Yes, it’s not the recent crazy incredible 16-game win streak like the Columbus Blue Jackets just had, but it’s still been nice to see the team come together cohesively over this latest stretch that has seen them post a 8-2-1 record over the last 11 games.

During that 11-game stretch, it has been the surprising trio of Sven Baertschi, Bo Horvat and Alex Burrows leading the way offensively with a combined 25 points.

Ryan Miller has quietly been stepping up his game despite his critics. He’s posted 5 straight victories, stopping 150 of 157 shots and posting 1 shutout over those 5 games. Not be left out, Jacob Markstrom has also upped his game of late heading into tonight’s game vs. Calgary.

This is their first 6-game win streak since posting a 7-game win streak in December 2013 under John Tortorella. Oh the irony! And yes, tonight they will go for their 7th straight victory and a chance to get back into a wildcard position in the Western Conference.

When the team was losing, the media and fans critiqued them for not being able to finish games and suggested that they should commit to tanking. Now that they have put together a solid 11-game stretch and 6-game win streak, the media has been complaining that the team is still not doing enough.

And yes, you might tell me that a 6-game win streak is nothing to get too excited about or that perhaps over this stretch the team has not played their best hockey. You might tell me to get ready for the streak to end. Guess what? A win streak is a win streak and I intend to enjoy it in it’s entirety no matter how long it lasts. I’ll take the wins any way that they come and I will savour every single one. And yes the streak will inevitably end as they all eventually do but that won’t stop me from supporting my team all the way.

Heading into the season, I was told that I should have zero expectations for the Vancouver Canucks. I was also told that there was likely to be any reason to be excited about this team and I should try rooting for a different team. And you know if you’ve followed my blog or social media accounts that I do not rely on the odds or the so called “expectations”. The more someone tells me not to support my team, the stronger my support for them becomes.

As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

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