More Than JUST a Game…

This week the Vancouver Canucks are embarking a fathers and sons road trip as one way to help express their thanks to the sacrifices that were made to pave the way for their hockey careers. It takes a lot of work to make it to the NHL, but first all of that hard work began with a simple dream that was encouraged to take shape and grow over time.


Hockey is more than JUST a game.

Hockey is a dream come true.

Hockey is dedication to one’s sport and physical conditioning.

Hockey is early morning practices.

Hockey is being committed to your team both on and off the ice.

Hockey is intense rivalries and unbreakable bonds between teammates.

Hockey is knowing that sometimes the impossible IS possible.

Hockey is knowing that a game is NEVER over until the final buzzer.

Hockey is epic wins, tough losses, incredible playoff runs and everything in between.

Hockey is a simple pure love of the game.

Hockey is sacrifices made by those play the game and those who make playing the game possible.

Hockey is a dream come true that once a upon a time was simply just a dream.

Hockey is knowing that your parents stood by you from the time hockey was JUST a dream to now when it is a reality.

Like father, like son.

Hockey is more than just a game.

(S.E.L. Feb.9.2015)

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