Panic? I Got NO Time For THAT.

You win some games, you lose some games. Sometimes you lose THREE games in a row and they say the panic SHOULD set in. At least that is how some people said fans should react when the Canucks found themselves in the thick of a losing streak and on the verge of falling into old habits that last year were all too common. Last year when things went wrong, it was hard to watch games from start to finish. This season there have been tough games where there have been flashes of last year’s mistakes that cost the team the season. There have been some tough stretches but let’s remember that THIS IS NOT last season.

It’s true that the team struggled during their recent 3-game skid scoring just TWO goals total in those three games. Each loss brought up memories from last season and the question of whether THIS team can still be a contender with playoff potential. The good news is that in the two games that have followed THAT 3-game skid has seen Ryan Miller return to top form posting back to back shut outs ON the road to keep THIS team in the playoff contention race. They will need Millsy to steal games down the stretch just as he stole the last two games but they will also need balanced offense combined with strong defense to help them find their way back into the playoffs.

Yes, they have struggled at times this season, but THIS is not last season. Last year was a comedy of errors which saw nearly everything go wrong and at times the team looked disjointed. This season has seen the team struggle at times but even during their struggles THIS season, they have found ways to come together united as a GROUP.

So…will I panic because of a recent 3-game skid or because of potential upcoming skids? NO, I got no time for that! You win some games, you lose some games. Some nights you need your offense to step up, some nights you need your goal-tender to step up to steal you games, some nights you need luck on your side and some nights you need a combination of all three. There is no guarantee that says the Canucks will OR will not make the post-season this year but they are geared with the potential to be a contender come April. Where they finish in the final standings is dependent upon HOW they play between now and April.

As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E. L.

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