This summer at Nucksaid, I decided to make it all about my favourite part of Vancouver Canucks hockey: the FANS. The trend continues and will keep going all summer long!

If you or anyone else you may know would like to be featured and share YOUR True Blue story, there is plenty of room for MORE of you! I will be featuring the fan profiles up until the eve of the Canucks first regular season game. All you have to do is send me an e-mail to with the subject line: TRUE BLUE and I will send you all the details you need!

In the last True Blue post, I turned the tables and shared MY #TrueBlue story with you. (click the link below to read my story):

Are you ready to meet some more Canuckleheads?

This is Josh and according to him “this is the only picture I could find, it’s pretty bad but I can’t break the tradition of putting a photo in the blog!” (Picture and quote provided by Josh.)

JMessyThis is his TRUE BLUE story, in his own words:

“I became a fan in a pretty weird way. Growing up in a Detroit Red Wings household, it was ALWAYS, Red Wings or die and that was weird in Ontario but never the less I did. For a while I stopped watching hockey, and in 2009 I started getting back into watching it and and really getting into it. In the playoffs, it was game six of the second round: Chicago vs. Vancouver. It was late for me, so I was told to go to bed, BUT it was a really exciting game with all the goals being scored. I couldn’t sleep, so I kept watching in my room and by game the Canucks lost 7-5 and I felt so down about the final outcome. Ever since that game, I have done my best to keep watching the Canucks whenever I can, watching highlights and looking things up about the team, etc.

My favourite Canuck? Considering that I never really fully started watching the Canucks until a few years ago, one of the most exciting people to watch in a Canucks uniform for me, was Rick Rypien. Holy cow, watching him fight was amazing, it was truly great.

My all-time favourite Canuck moment would have to be Alex Burrows’ OT goal in game 7 of the 2011 playoffs against Chicago. Nothing else can compare to finally slaying the dragon!

My favourite thing about hockey has to be the way it gets you so into the game, how it can you on top of the world one moment and in the very next it can feel like it just took everything away from you and you have nothing. My least favourite thing about hockey can be tied into that as well..that’s the worst thing- watching your team get beaten in the playoffs in such a bad way, it just leaves a sting in you for a long time.

As for pre-game or game day rituals, I have only one. Once I wake up  on a game day, the FIRST thing I do, is put on the jersey. I can’t go without it on a game day, it’s almost like a good luck factor.

I feel pretty optimistic about the upcoming 2014-2015 regular season with the additions of Nick Bonino, Ryan Miller, Lucas Sbisa, and Radim Vrbata. It means the front office of the Canucks have a good amount of faith in THIS team without having to do a complete overhaul of the roster, which is nice because honestly I don’t think this fanbase can handle one (haha)! I’m itching for the start of the season so we can see how team plays under the new coach and how the team plays together, so there is a reason to be excited. -Josh”

First, I still miss seeing Rick Rypien lace ’em up with the Canucks. Every time Rypien stepped on the ice, you knew he was going to play with his whole heart and every fight he took on had the fans on their feet. He left this world far, far too soon.

Second, finally slaying that dragon after facing those pesky (and extremely talented) Chicago Blackhawks for a third straight year will always be one of my absolute favourite moments in Vancouver Canucks history! The rivalry that these two teams developed over those 19 games(3 playoff series) was so wonderfully intense, exhilarating, exasperating, exciting and keep you on the edge of your seat hockey until the final buzzer each and every game.

Next up, let me introduce you to Terry Niles and check out that completely Canucked out cubicle?! (Pictures provided by Terry).

TNiles TNiles2This is her TRUE BLUE story, in her own words:

“I have been a Vancouver Canucks fan since the beginning! I lived in Vancouver at the time and I remember going to Canucks games at the Pacific Coliseum! My all-time favourite Canuck is Tiger Williams. I am partial to scrappy guys, so I am currently a fan of Zack Kassian!

My all-time favourite Canucks moment was the 2011 playoff run and going all the way to game seven of the Stanley Cup Finals vs. the Boston Bruins. It wasn’t the outcome we wanted, but it was an impressive run and I remember getting more and more excited as we advanced through EACH round!

I love everything about hockey BUT I guess my favourite part is the camaraderie with the fans, particularly on social media. My least favourite part is the shoot outs! (No need to elaborate as to why!)

My pre-game ritual is to wear my Manny Malhotra T-shirt, has to be that one OR we’ll lose! I have a small Canucks display in my cubicle at work, BUT when we make the Stanley Cup playoffs, I completely deck out my cubicle even more! My co-workers know not to talk smack about the Canucks as I will ALWAYS vigorously defend my boys in blue!

I’m super excited about the 2014-2015 season and getting to know our new team members, and cheer on the boys no matter what! I’m true blue and will bleed blue until the day I die! Go Canucks Go! -Terry”

Scrappy players usually end up being players with the most heart and will always step up for their teammates whenever needed. That 2011 playoff run was absolute magic and to see how fans came together was something that I will never ever forget…I’m looking forward to another magical run in the future! No matter what happens in the new season, we are in for an intriguing 82-game journey! I am looking forward to seeing how the new guys mesh with the current ones and seeing Desjardins make his NHL coaching debut!

Special thank-you to BOTH, Josh and Terry for participating in my True Blue series and sharing their stories with me and with all of you!

As we inch closer to the new season, keep your eyes posted for MORE True Blue stories to come! As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

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