The summer about Canucks fans continues at Nucksaid as I will continue to introduce you to Canucks fans until the eve of the Vancouver Canucks first 2014-2015 regular season game.

What am I asking the fans for? To simply share their Canucks story and to put the spotlight on YOU, the fans. Whether you have been a fan for your entire life or only a short period, whether you live in British Columbia or halfway across the world, if you’d like to be featured in my True Blue series simply send me an e-mail to with the subject line: TRUE BLUE and I will send you the details! There’s always room for more stories!

In True Blue: Part FIVE, you were introduced to Melanie and Dani (click the link below to read their stories!):

Now, are you ready for Round SIX of #TrueBlue? Here, we go!

Please meet, Brandi Meszaros (& her adorable kids! Pictures provided by Brandi):

BMeszaros BMeszaros2This is her TRUE BLUE story, in her own words:

“When/how did I become a Canucks/hockey fan?

I was raised in a household of Leafs fans. Regardless of what you thought, felt, enjoyed…you were a Leafs fan; no ifs, ands or buts. If you didn’t like the Leafs, too bad. You still displayed yourself as a Leafs fan.

So in 1999, while watching the draft, I see these two geeky looking twins called the Sedins, who were drafted to the Canucks. I had already heard so much about them and all the wheeling and dealing it took to get them and thought to myself that these two are going to be really interesting to follow. So, on October 5, 2000, at the age of 14, obviously my parents weren’t about to let me stay up until 1:00 AM watching hockey games, so I began setting my VCR to record the CBC aired games of the team they were drafted to, the Canucks. Thus, began my love affair.

What drew me to the Canucks as my team, living outside of British Columbia?

It began with the hype around the Sedin twins, but the more games I watch, the more I saw the team as up-and-comers. They certainly weren’t the best team in the league back then, but there was so much passion and skill that I could just feel that the boys on the ice were destined to be top competitors in the coming years, and I just couldn’t take my eyes off of them. It was unfortunate that the only games I was able to watch were ones aired on CBC, as I live in Ontario, but I would follow them as best I could. If it meant watching the highlights the morning on TSN or going to the library to check out the stats from the previous nights’ game, I did it. There was no stopping my run from the Leafs into the rink of the Canucks. My love affair just continued to grow.

Who is my all-time favourite Canuck (current/retired/no longer a Canuck) and why? (Do you want my talent and skill answer or my puck bunny answer?)

Well, I can only answer from 2000 and beyond, but again, I would have to go with the Sedins, if I can pick both. The talent and skill, the TWINTUITION that those two have together on the ice makes for some beautiful, envious and dangerous plays. Off the ice, these two are extremely generous, giving not just their time back to the community, but money to help support research and care for sick children. They never fail to amaze me.

My puck bunny answer would be Ryan Kesler…but then who doesn’t love him?

What is my all-time favourite Canucks moment?

How do you choose just one? There are just SO many….BUT if I have to pick, it’s definitely a tie between Alex Burrows’ OT goal in Game 7 that eliminated the Chicago Blackhawks and sent us into round two of the playoffs. The energy from the night was so high, you would have thought we had just won it all. The other goal was Cody Hodgson’s beauty of a PING against Tim Thomas in our first game post-Cup Final loss against the Bruins. Rookie vs. Veteran…and he didn’t even see it. Absolute beauty.

What is my favourite and my least favourite part of hockey?

Hockey makes my adrenaline rush. When the boys rush the crease and desperately attack the puck for a goal with seconds left to play, my heart starts pounding, and I’m at the edge of my seat and when that goal goes through…the excitement gives such a high. It’s exciting, it’s breathtaking. I love the fast pace, the fights, the action. What is there NOT to love?

Well, to answer that last one, I’d say my least favourite part, BESIDES Gary Bettman himself, is the shootouts. I DESPISE the shootouts. If after 65 great minutes of hockey, the game ends in a tie, it ought to stay in a tie. Both teams fought hard to split the points and hockey is a TEAM effort. I don’t believe a team should be awarded an extra point based on one player vs. the goalie being on the ice and scoring a goal.

Do I have any game day/pre-game rituals?

Doritos and coke. A bag of Sweet Chili Heat Doritos, and a tall glass of Coca Cola with three ice cubes. That’s it, that’s all.

How do I feel about the upcoming 2014-2015 season?

With all of the big changes that the team has gone through this off-season, it’s best described by this song:

Everything will be better next year. -Brandi.”

Brandi, I am the same way…it is way too hard for me to choose ONLY one favourite Canucks moment, I love the Sedins TWINTUITION every night and I could not agree more about the dreaded shoot out!

Next up please meet David McPherson, pictured below with Canucks alum, Dave Babych (picture provided by David).

DMcpherson2This is his TRUE BLUE story, in his own words:

“I have been a Vancouver Canucks fan for as long as I can remember BUT I guess it goes back to my very first NHL game which was in the 1991-1992 season. The San Jose Sharks very first NHL game and have followed them ever since and with living on Vancouver Island and in the Okanagan, have followed the Canucks ever since. I’ve been lucky enough to have been to a few games over the years as well.

My all-time favourite Canuck would have to be Pavel Bure. Growing up as Canucks fan during the Bure era, he was AMAZING. I loved his speed, determination and ability to score goals.

My all-time favourite Vancouver Canucks moments would definitely have to be the 1994 and the 2011 Stanley Cup playoff runs.

My least favourite part of hockey is the season ends and the off-season begins. My favourite of hockey is the entire season when hockey is on.

My pre-game rituals is usually wearing my jersey and Canucks shirt. During their playoff runs OR when the Young Stars tournament is on here, I wear my puck head around town.

I am looking forward to the upcoming 2014-2015 season. I am particularly looking forward to seeing how Ryan Miller does as well as the youngsters. – David.”

David, there is nothing quite like the thrill of seeing your team go on a great playoff run and seeing the fans come together the further the team goes! I think Ryan Miller just might surprise a lot of people this year and hopefully a few young prospects will break into the lineup throughout the season.

Special thank-you to BOTH, Brandi and David for sharing their Canuck stories! I love all of the unique stories that each one of you has shared with me & I am looking forward to sharing them with all of you as we continue the countdown to the new season in October!

As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

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