This summer at Nucksaid, I decided to do something a little different on the blog, in counting down to the Vancouver Canucks 2014-2015 regular season! THIS summer I will introduce you, to my favourite part of the Vancouver Canucks: THE FANS!

What am I asking YOU, the fans for? Simply to share your Canucks story and what makes YOU a Canucks fan through and through. If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, simply send me an e-mail to with the subject line: TRUE BLUE and I will send you the details. I will be featuring True Blue profiles all way up until to the first game of the 2014-2015 regular season, so there is plenty of room for as many fans as would like to participate!

In True Blue: Part TWO, you were introduced to Brieann and Tony. (Click the link below to read their stories if you missed them!)

Shall we, meet some more TRUE BLUE, Canucks fans? Yes?

Yes. Let me introduce you to, Justin Lai who last season, was the lucky winner of the Rogers Arena/Canucks 25th Million Fan Twitter Contest!!  He described the moment as the following: “What a magical night experiencing the hockey game, being interviewed during the intermission, and getting to go onto the ice and receiving a game worn autographed jersey by one of the Canucks.I ended up with Daniel’s jersey!” Admit it, who else is jealous of that moment? (Picture provided by Justin).

JLaiThis is his, TRUE BLUE story, in his own words:

“I’m currently 26 years old, a business graduate, a diehard Canucks fan and my passions include Marketing, Social Media, and of course the Canucks. I have been following the Canucks for as long as I can remember and I am excited to recently land a job with them this Summer. During my free time, I also volunteer for the Canucks For Kids Fund and I always love to talk about hockey and the Canucks with people.

1)When/how did you become a Canucks/hockey fan? If you live outiside of British Columbia, what drew you to the Canucks as your team?

A: The Canucks came into existence in the NHL as an expansion team in 1970, but their history dates back to as early as 1945 and although I wasn’t born until 1988, for as long as I can remember, I have been a hockey fan. I remember playing ball hockey in my basement as a child and although I was too young to know what was going on with the Canucks in their early days, I remember being a part of the 1994 run as an excited young six year old and my love for the Canucks has grown ever since. As I grew up, I learned about the early history of the Canucks and have supported them. I grew up and there was nothing else I wanted to be more than a professional hockey player and dreamed that one day I would play for the Canucks and score THE goal that would them their first Stanley Cup. I know it’s not realistic when I look at it today, but I was a young child back then who didn’t know better other than my passion for the Canucks and hockey. From the days of the 1994 cup run where heroes such as Pavel Bure, Kirk McLean and Trevor Linden were some of my favourite players to the days of the West Coast Express including Markus Naslund to today where Daniel and Henrik Sedin, Ryan Kesler, Alex Burros, Rick Rypien, and Roberto Luongo are some of my favourite players in hockey. I have always had a deep love for the game of hockey and have supported the Canucks for as long as I can remember.

2) Who is your all-time favourite Canuck (current/retired/no longer a Canuck) and why?

This is a tough question considering I love the Canucks so much that it is hard to choose one of each but ill tell you one from each category. Currently I would say, the Sedins are some of my favourite Canucks. They are such nice down to earth guys and always play with class. Their community work and compassion is also a major reason why I like them so much because it’s not always about the goals and assists but also about what kind of people you are off the ice representing the team and the Canucks led by the Sedins do a great job of this.

For retired and past Canucks it’s quite simple. Trevor Linden. He embodied everything that was a Canuck. He played hard, gave it all he had every night and also earned the respect of everyone by being a classy guy who played the game with heart. He might not have had the most points in franchise history but again it’s not necessarily the stats that matter the most. His leadership and personality is one that truly defines what being a Canuck is all about and in my eyes he always will be Captain Canuck.

3) What is your all-time favourite Canucks moment?

My all time favourite Canucks moment would have to be in 1994 and the entire run by the underdog Canucks team lead by leaders like Linden, Mclean and Bure. Their run ultimately fell short but it captured the heart of Vancouver and was truly a ride to be a part of. Everything from comebacks to overtime goals to a city rallying behind the team on such a passionate level that’s what sticks through the most to me and made me love the team I grew up with.

4) What is your favourite and your least favourite part of hockey?

Favorite part of hockey is how the love of the game can really bring people together.

Least favourite part of hockey is that it’s not all year round!

5) Do you have any game day/pre-game rituals?

Whether it’s game day or not, it’s rare that you will find me without any sort of Canucks gear on. That’s just one way that I am, so passionate about the team and the game of hockey. I don’t believe in superstition, but I usually like to wear one of my jerseys or Canucks shirts on game days just to proudly display my Canucks colours around town.

6) How do you feel about the 2014-2015 season?

Last season was a rough one but as a diehard loyal fan and not a bandwagoner, I know that one day when the Canucks win it all it will be so rewarding for true fans like us who have stuck with them through the good, bad and ugly. Honestly, last season was ugly but I’m not losing hope. I know that with all of these changes this season will be one I’m eagerly looking forward to whether I’m working with them, volunteering or just watching them play I know I’ll be behind them 100%. I feel that this season is going to be an interesting one. I know we’re not the favorites to win the cup but my belief is once you get into the playoffs anything can happen and I’ve seen strange things happen in the playoffs. With that being said, I expect the team to compete hard this year and know that whatever happens true fans like myself will always be behind them. -Justin”
First, WOW getting to meet Daniel Sedin on the ice after the game and getting his jersey!! Lucky! That will be a memory you’ll never forget! Second, I could not agree more about supporting the team through the good, the bad and everything in between because anything can happen and one day they will win it all. 


Next up, I introduce to you, Charlene Fairchild (picture provided by Charlene).

CEFairchildThis is her TRUE BLUE story, in her own words:

“Ahhh hockey! I was born in Nova Scotia, birthplace of Hockey (Windsor, Nova Scotia, and grew up in a hockey home. My Dad was a passionate Leafs fan, back in the day of the Original Six. He told stories of growing up poor in the Depression but, I most loved the story he told about using horse droppings as hockey pucks! Every Saturday night was really Hockey Night In Canada, eagerly anticipated all week. The whole family gathered for the game and bedtimes were suspended. My brothers played lots & lots & lots of street hockey.

I owe my love for the game to my Dad. He taught what being a true fan was all about. His knowledge of and passion for the game helped lay the foundations of my continuing obsession with the Greatest Game On Earth! (Sorry, not sorry, socceroos!) Eventually my Leafs fan Dad became a season ticket holder with the Halifax Moosehead of the QMJHL. So, what’s an east coast gal doing being a passionate True Blue Canucks fan? I grew up, married, moved away. My hockey days were pretty random & spotty during those years as the men I married were neither of them sports fans. Eventually I moved to the Columbia Valley at the confluence of the Kickinghorse and Columbia Rivers in Golden…BUT it wasn’t until the 2010 Olympics that I awoke again to hockey.

I’ve always been a goalie afficionada and one goalie caught my eye and my heart…”Bingo Bango Bongo, his name is Roberto Luongo.” I was hooked. And he was a Vancouver Canuck. So I started watching Canucks games and thereby fell in love with the whole team hook, line and sinker!  That love for the team has only grown stronger and stronger.

Now not only am I a very passionate Canucks fan, I’m also involved with a Junior B team of the KIJHL (Kootenay International Junior Hockey League
) as Social Media person for the team the Golden Rockets. I live tweet the games as part of our broadcast crew.

My favourite Canuck(s):
You mean I have to choose? Out of the past, from all I have learned and watched, that would have to be Pavel Bure & Gino Odjick.
Presently, Eddie Lack and Kevin Bieksa.

My favourite Canucks Moment:
That would have to be the 2011 Stanley Cup run.

My favourite and least favourite part of hockey?
When I walk into the arena and the boys go out on the ice…I love the slice of the blades on ice, the cold, the anticipation. I love the sound of the goal horn, the fans cheering and chanting, AND I love the play on the ice. Watching the young guys make their plays, defend their zones, and celebrate a goal! I love everything about hockey except shootouts.

Any game day/pre-game rituals?
Not really.

In regards to the 2014-2015 season, I cannot remember being more excited for a season to start. The hope ushered in with the Linden-Benning-Desjardins era is awesome. There is so much to look forward to. Go Canucks! -Charlene”

Charlene, I’m with you, goalies have always had a way of stealing my heart. Roberto Luongo’s determination and will to win when he was a Canuck, propelled me into the Canucks fan that I am now. I am also 100 % with you that shootouts are my LEAST favourite part of the game!

Special thank-you to BOTH, Justin and Charlene for sharing your stories! I LOVE all these stories that everyone is sharing with me AND sharing them with all of you! I look forward to sharing more fan stories with you as the summer continues!

As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

5 thoughts on “TRUE BLUE: Part THREE

  1. As for Charlene the Canuck hockey fandom passed down through the generations … Me Bryna ( her daughter) and Maggie (her granddaughter ) and Kapi ( her grand bearded dragon ) are all fans and I have Pic’s of the bearded Dragon to prove it … he freaks if I do not let him watch the games with us !!!

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