Thank-you & Good Luck!

And so it begins. Today marks the FIRST big change by the Vancouver Canucks. Head Coach Alain Vigneault, and assisants Rick Bowness & Newell Brown have been let go. I may be one of the few that like Vigneault but you have acknowledge that he helped make this team competitive in his time here. I for one, will miss our French-speaking winning-est coach in franchise history!

In his 7 seasons as Vancouver’s head coach the team missed the playoffs just ONCE[2007-2008]. In his other 6 seasons the team finished in the top 3 and amassed 6 North West Division titles. Among his other accomplishments he coached this team to TWO consecutive Presidents Trohpies as the league’s best regular season team [2010-2011, 2011-2012].

Alain Vigneault came in after Marc Crawford and helped this team amass 105 points in the 2006-2007 season [a new club record until 2011 in which the team amassed a 117 points!]. In his first season as head coach he WON the Jack Adams[coach of the year award] and was nominated again in 2011. He pushed this team into pure dominance during the 2010-2011 season and coached them to within one game of winning it all. He set a franchise record as the winning-est coach in Canucks history with his 313 wins! His overall record in 540 games with Vancouver was 313-170-57[wins-losses-ot/so losses]. FYI he has a total of 422 NHL wins….313 of those in Vancouver].

Yes, I understand that following their most incredible season[2010-2011] when they were ousted two straight years in the first round it means CHANGE is imminent. The coach is usually one of the first big pieces changed. This news did not come as a shock but I do hope people appreciate the service that Coach AV did for this team in his time here!

I want to be one of the many[I hope!] that will wish Alain Vigneault luck in his next endeavor and THANK him for all he did for the team in his time here. I hope that at the end of the day he will be remembered for the many good things he did rather than the way his time here ended.

THANK-YOU ALAIN VIGNEAULT for helping turn this team into a playoff contender! #GOODLUCKCOACHAV wherever you end up next season! [the funny thing about being a coach in the NHL, you are never unemployed for long!]

As the Vigneault chapter closes for the Canucks, a new chapter begins. It will be very interesting to see where or who Mike Gillis looks at for the next coach. I am excited to see who will be the next coach. I ask you, the fans: who would you like to see as the next head coach of our Vancouver Canucks? A former player like the Avs went with or perhaps another veteran Coach[Lindy Ruff? Dave Tippett]? I

Things are beginning to look a lot different around here, it will be very interesting to see how the rest of this saga turns out! As I said before this will be a very interesting summer for the team…and this is only the beginning of the changes to come.

As always, until next time, nuck said!

Sarah E.L.

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