Winds of Change are Brewing…

The winds of change are blowing into the Vancouver Canucks line-up and personnel this summer. These changes could and probably will involve not one but multiple trades and a possible coaching change to name a few. The rumors grow louder every day.

The media storm has already begun to spin its web of rumors. I would like to ask, WHY are we driving ourselves and each crazy trying to create headlines? Why not wait until the rumors and fiction become fact.

Simply put, let’s just wait and see what happens this summer before helping the media spin their rumor web.The winds of change are blowing around the league, just ask Dallas and Buffalo! Ch-ch-changes are are brewing just around the corner. The new CBA goes into affect and our current two conference system will be replaced with a 4 conference/division system. Every team will play each other TWICE[once in each other’s arena!]. Let’s not forget that in edition to the Winter Classic there will be a few extra outdoor games as part of the “Stadium Series” [one that may feature our Canucks…pending an official announcement from the league of course].

No matter what this summer holds for our Canucks, I will still be cheering for the blue & green when they hit the ice again in October. It will be both a little nerve-wracking and exciting to see what this off-season has in store for our Canucks and other teams. In the very least it will be a much more interesting than the last off-season where the only big news was Minnesota investing nearly $200 million in 2 players.

Back to the current playoffs, have you been watching any of the other teams in the playoffs? It seems impossible to not catch a glimpse as playoff hockey is on most nights and occupying many channels. As much as I cannot cheer for Leafs, I was hoping to see them knock out the Bruins…well you know how that ended [game 7 heartbreak!]. Let’s be honest, I cannot under any circumstance cheer for Chicago or Boston…EVER. LA is putting the lights out in San Jose, Detroit has to step it up if they want to make it an interesting series with Chicago and PLEASE New York can you challenge those pesky Bruins?! The only team that I am rooting for is Pittsburgh because it would be really nice to see Jarome Iginla win it all after everything he has been through in his career. #teamIGGY #winitfor12 #GoPenguins

Here’s to enjoying the game as a fan even our Canucks are no longer in it and here’s to looking forward to whatever lies ahead for the team moving into next year. Playoff hockey will be ending in June but there will still be plenty of hockey headlines as the drama tends to unfold when the craze of free agency begins. Are you ready for the madness to ensue?

With the winds of change come new opportunities and possibilities for the team. It’s going to get very interesting around here pretty soon. So while those you who enjoy being part of the growing media rumor web, this kid will wait until rumors and fiction become fact. I accept the fact that changes ARE coming, but until those changes get made official there is no sense in discussing what could be. Whatever happens will happen and I will be happy to discuss any OFFICIAL changes that do in fact get made. I look forward to the many debates that will be fun to be a part of even if they can drive me crazy[mostly because people don’t realize that girls can know more than just the box scores about this game called hockey!].

As always until next time, nuck said. #isitOctoberYET?!

Sarah E.L.

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