Dear Vancouver Canucks

Dear Vancouver Canucks,

I know the odds of you reading this blog among all the media available to you is slim to none but I felt it important to get these words out and that maybe you get a chance to see them.

You may not know this yet as the media is constantly stating all of the negatives and questioning whether or not the fans still support you, but yes it is true that you do in fact still have fan support. Win or lose, some fans will even stand by you all season long, no what matter the outcome.

This season, the majority of headlines that I have seen from local media have been of the negative variety and been attempting to tell me that there is nothing to be excited about as a fan of this team. Maybe to them it is not exciting to get glimpses of the future as prospects get the opportunity to shine or seeing veteran players reach franchise and individual milestones.To this fan, those moments along the journey of a season are almost more magical than the wins or losses.

Are there questions that need to be addressed? Yes, but that can be said about every single team in the league. Will there be critics of every trade, signing, draft pick and decision made? Probably. Will any of those questions, decisions or critics influence or when I will support you? No, not even one little bit.

Has this season been perfect? No, but truthfully, I never expected it to be. Do I wish that you had more wins overall up to this point of the season? Yes, but even if you had only won a single game on the season, my support would not waver. Every season is made up of different ebbs and flows. Some years will be better than others, but no matter the outcome, playoffs or no playoffs, this fan will stand by you.

Do I dream that one day you will win that elusive 16th playoff game? Absolutely more than anything and one day when you DO, I will be able to say I was along for the entire ride, for all the triumphs and struggles that lead to the eventual victory. Yes, I know that day may be in the distant future, but that won’t stop me from enjoying the journey to that eventual win.

Perhaps even more meaningful than any on ice statistic is the work that you do as a team within the community and on the behalf of kids across BC. No matter what every season brings on the ice, as a team you always give your all off the ice to the kids and this province. It is an incredible privilege to see the difference that you have made over the years in the lives of so many, and often you may not even know it.

Some might think it odd that through it Maybe you will see this post, and maybe you won’t but I hope that you know that despite what a lot of the media will tell, you DO have fans that support you 24/7/365.

All the best the rest of the way, this season!



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