Vancouver Canucks: 7 down, 75 to go…

7 games down, 75 games to go for the Vancouver Canucks. Following back to back regulation losses has some in the fan base and media already pressing the panic button. Yes, it’s true the last two games have been far from their best. Yes, it’s true that the Canucks have struggled in their last three games in particular BUT it is hardly time to panic just yet. It’s hardly possible to predict exactly how this season will finish with so much time left in the regular season.

Many of the local media are continuing to tell myself and other Canucks fans that we have nothing to be excited about this season and that the team is nothing to shout about. Headlines like those are what made me unsubscribe from all of the local newspapers. Sure, the team may have a far from perfect season but that does not mean I will stop supporting them throughout the journey no matter how long or short it may be this season, if anything it means I will support them more.

Here’s a list of what I know to be fact so far from observing the 2016-17 regular season:

  • The Canucks opened the season with 4 straight wins and picked up points in 5 straight.
  • Through their first 7 games they had 2 back to back scenarios and picked up points in 3/4 of those games.
  • The Canucks have lost back to back games in regulation with two games remaining in October this upcoming weekend.
  • Bo Horvat and Henrik Sedin are leading the offensive pack with 3 goals apiece through 7 games.
  • Brandon Sutter has been a game changer and if he stays healthy, that will go a long way in helping the Canucks to find success.
  • The Hansen-Sutter-Granlund line has been an exciting line for the fans to see develop chemistry over the first 7 games. Every time they cycle the puck with their combined speed, good things happen.
  • Yes the Sedins are getting older, but they still make plays on the ice that still dazzle. One day they will retire and they give everything they have to this team so for now I will enjoy every game that they have left in them.
  • Ben Hutton has one heck of a laser when he utilizes it.
  • Troy Stecher made his NHL debut in front of the home crowd, and despite the outcome of the game, he had a strong performance.
  • 4-2-1 through 7 games is a respectable record to start the year with two more games left in October.

Yes, there have been glimpses of both great and terrible trends with the team so far, but again as it has only been 7 games, it is near impossible to say right now that this season is going to be a complete disaster. True the will be downs throughout the season but there will also be ups that we should be allowed to enjoy as they happen.

I know the season is a long haul and that on paper this team is not what many would call a contender but regardless of how the season goes, I will take in every moment as it comes. There will be ups, downs, heartbreak, unbelievable moments and learning curves along the way as the season progresses.

7 games down, 75 more to go.

As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.




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