UTICAAAAAAAA…can you hear us?

Dear Utica Comets,

Do you have ANY idea just how insanely proud you have made not only your fans, but also Canucks fans and the entire Vancouver Canucks organization?! There are not enough words to fully express just how amazing it has been to watch the transition in Utica from last year to this year. There truly is something special happening in your city from the fans, to the players to the coaches and the will to win that you have all embraced from the start of the year.

Travis Green has done an impeccable job mentoring the players and instilling in them all what it means to play an unselfish game and never wavering in the belief that ANYTHING is possible if you give it your all. The players embraced the systems not only individually but collectively as a group, allowing them to play their best nearly every night. Goalie Jacob Markstrom had an incredible year despite what the doubters said prior to the year and has carried that impeccable play over into the post-season.

As for the fans…what can I say about the fans over there that have set an incredible precedent for what it means to be a hockey fan through thick and thin? Comets fans are truly, truly, truly special and believe me…UTICAAAAAAAA, we can hear you LOUD and CLEAR, every single game in Vancouver…can you hear us all in Canucks nation cheering with you? You are giving these young players an incredible gift of support as they continue to further develop their game, that they will never forget no matter where their careers take them.

There may be many or only a few miles that separate us all, but we are all on the same side when it comes to supporting the Utica Comets. No matter how this Calder Cup Final ends, please know that all around the globe, there are fans who are insanely proud of how far you have come and we will be here cheering you all the way. Here’s to an incredible atmosphere as the series shifts back to the AUD for the next three games! Go Comets Go! Canucks nation is on your side ALL THE WAY!!!

Sincerely, an insanely proud Canucks and Comets fan,

Sarah Laug

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