From the Brink to SERIES ON!

As quickly as the Vancouver Canucks found themselves on the brink of elimination on home ice, they found their way back into their first round series. Ryan Miller earned his first playoff victory as a Canuck. Yes, I know that THIS win does not mean the Canucks will come all the way back to win the series, but it certainly was encouraging to see them battle back with a massive team effort for 60 minutes that forced a sixth game.The pressure is mounting on both sides, both want that next win and no one wants their season to end. Bring on game six! There is no guarantee that the series will or will not end in Calgary on Saturday night. That’s the best part of the playoffs, the unpredictability on any given night. Game five was a keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish and I have no doubts that game six will be the same.

Would I love to see the Canucks come ALL the way back in this series? Absolutely. Will I be disappointed should the series end before game seven? Selfishly I would absolutely LOVE a chance to see the Canucks play Anaheim in round 2 but I will not in ANY way be disappointed in the team. How can I be disappointed with the bounce back season that the team has had? I am beyond proud of the team’s comeback season after the tornado that was last season. Who would have predicted a season that saw them finish SECOND in the division with a 101 points while San Jose and LA were on the outside looking in? They found their way back to the post-season while their core all had bounce back seasons and their goal-tending was solid. Not many would have picked the Canucks OR the Flames to have season’s to remember rather focused on rebuilding. It has been fantastic to see both of these teams have success this season.

Now I ask you…are you ready for a wild finish over the next game or two? Do you believe? The Canucks believe as they have all year that they have a chance, perhaps it’s time that we do the same prior to puck drop in game six. One thing is certain, NO MATTER WHAT happens in game six, I will be cheering for the Canucks from puck drop to final buzzer. No matter what the result after the final buzzer of game six, I will remain as always a proud Vancouver Canucks fan.

As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

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