7 Games Played, 75 more to go…

Seven games in and we have seen a little bit of everything from the 2014-2015 Vancouver Canucks from the fantastically wizardous sedinery to an improved power play to badly timed penalties to defensive slips to a soft goal and to some great saves. Through those seven games, the Canucks have amassed a 4-3-0 record and with it the question of whether or not this team has improved upon last season? Seven games in and you can feel the tensions starting to rise in the city as expectations begin to be adjusted.

May I remind everyone that we are only SEVEN games into the regular season. You have 75 more games to watch before all is said and done. Everything that happens in the first seven games in no way indicates HOW a team will finish when the final buzzer rings in game 82.

Let’s take a closer look at the first seven games of THIS season, the first seven games of the last few seasons and the team’s final results after game 82.

First seven games record in 2014-2015: (4-3-0). We have seen a little bit of everything in these first seven games, some great moments, some not so great moments and glimpses of what is to still come as the season progresses. The Sedins look to be near their 2010-2011 game form having combined for 19 points (5 goals, 14 assists) giving the Canucks some very much needed offense.

Result after game 82: Still to be determined in the remaining 75 games.

First seven games record in 2013-2014: (4-3-0). If someone had told me after seven games last season that the Canucks would not be playoff bound or that the Sedins would have their worst season since the 2004-2005 lockout…I may have called them crazy.

Result after game 82: The team missed the playoffs for the first time since 2008. Torts was relieved of his coaching duties after one season at the helm. Jim Benning was hired as the new GM by newly minted President Trevor Linden. Ryan Kesler said adios Vancouver and hello Anaheim. Willie Desjardins was hired as the new head coach and began developing a relationship with his players immediately.

First seven games record in 2012-2013: (3-2-2). Coming off back to back President’s Trophies expectations were once again high and with a shortened season anything was possible.

Result after game 48: The Canucks were swept in the opening round of the playoffs by the San Jose Sharks. Alain Vigneault was relieved of his coaching duties. Questions were asked about what changes needed to be made. John Tortorella was hired as the new head coach.

First seven games record in 2011-2012: (3-3-1). Was this the same team that just took the city on an epic four round playoff run? Could they repeat their success or would they suffer from shortened off-season? Looking at those first seven games it’s hard to imagine that they could were able to nearly duplicate their regular season success from the year before.

Result after game 82: After going to game SEVEN of the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals, the Canucks followed that up by once again being the best regular season team winning their second consecutive President’s Trophy. The team was eliminated in five games by the eventual cup winner, LA Kings in the opening round of the 2012 playoffs.

First seven games record in 2010-2011: (2-3-2). The first seven games showed the team was capable of greatness but also that they had some areas that needed a lot of work. No one could be sure that their season would turn out as epic as it did when all 82 games were over and the Canucks stood atop the league standings.

Result after game 82: The Canucks lead the league with 117 points as the top team heading into the post season. The Canucks began a playoff run that will long remain one of their best moments in franchise history.

Year in and year out, media and fans alike make endless predictions about all the ins and outs of the regular season. Sometimes we get those predictions right and sometimes they end up being far from what we could have possibly imagined.

So… will the Canucks be able to find their way back to the playoffs? With only seven games played, THAT is yet to be seen, but they have 75 games left to make their case as to why and if they should be in that sweet sixteen equation come April. Time will tell and I look forward to being there supporting them every step of the way whatever the journey may entail.

As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

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