True Blue: Thank-you.

This summer, at Nucksaid, I made it a summer about the fans and put the spotlight on their True Blue Canuck stories. I was given the absolute privilege of hearing from some amazing fans all around the world…and each and every one of those stories was unique. From BC, to Ontario, to France, to Switzerland, and a land called Oz(Australia), and a few more from across the globe that I heard from and hope to still be able to share with all of you. If anyone one else would like to have a turn in the spotlight, I would love to hear from you! Send me an e-mail to with the subject line: TRUE BLUE and I will send you all the necessary details.

Today, I am taking this opportunity to say thank-you, to all those who so far have taken part in my True Blue challenge! If you missed any of their amazing True Blue stories, click the links below to check them out and perhaps inspire your own!

Thank-you: Anthony Alves & Gary Powell:

Thank-you Brieann Knorr &Tony Maguire:

Thank-you Justin Lai & Charlene Fairchild:

Thank-you Jason Allen & Beck Mitchell:

Thank-you Melanie Boucher & Dani Hagi:

Thank-you Brandi Meszaros & David McPherson:

Thank-you Josh M & Terry Niles:

Thank-you Abigail Laug & Jessica Laug:

Thank-you Artisia Wong:

And it seemed only fair that if I was asking all of you to share YOUR stories, that I share mine as well:

I have enjoyed learning every single story that each of you took the time to share with me and all my readers. Thank-you for sharing the best part of hockey: your stories as fans of a game that is so much more than a simple game. Thank-you for going above and beyond in the personal memories that you shared with all of us, and letting this game bring us all together. I look forward to sharing this NEW season with all you from start to finish!

The journey begins tonight, so I’m off to dust off my jersey from the closet and break it out for the first TWO pre-season games tonight as the Vancouver Canucks take on the San Jose Sharks in a pair of split squad games! Go Canucks Go!

As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

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