True Blue 2014 Continues…

This summer, I decided to make it a summer about the fans, at Nucksaid. So far, I have had the privilege of sharing sixteen True Blue stories from others, and of course my own with all of you. There are still more stories on the way from BC, Australia & the UK!, but like me, you will have to wait until they send in their final responses! We will await their stories eagerly and as I have said all summer long, there is STILL room for even more of your stories to be told!

In TRUE BLUE Part Eight, you met two of my three sisters, (click the link below for their stories and perhaps to inspire your own):

If you would like to also share your True Blue story, simply send me an e-mail to with the subject line: TRUE BLUE and I will send you all the details needed. I’d like to feature as many Canucks fans as possible before the season starts on October 8, 2014. There’s even room for some rival fans to be featured about the hockey team they love, if they’d like to share their love of the game and for their teams!

And for those who are asking if it is October yet?:

As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

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