Nucksaid One Year Later…

I’m a few days late in posting this BUT here goes!

Hard to believe that ONE year has passed since I began this crazy blogging journey with you all! So how did this all come to be? Why start a blog? It all started because a friend suggested that it would be a good outlet for me to express and share my opinions regarding the team with others who enjoy the team and the sport. A blog allows me to say more than a Facebook status allows and to share my crazy hockey obsession with the world.

To me, hockey is more than just a game. Hockey tells a story of more than just one player or team and can capture the hearts of cities and countries alike. Sometimes it can be predictable and other times a player or team will take everyone by surprise. Each season brings new excitement, new predictions, new surprises [good and bad!], and the ever endless debates between fans and the media. Every season brings change and not one season is the same as the one that preceded it.

I look forward to every October as my favourite sport returns from hiatus and once again my craziness begins. I am one of those fans who yells at the TV when the game is on….cheering when things go well and booing when the other team scores or the ref makes a bad call…if you want to watch the game in peace do not watch the game with me. It is impossible for me to watch the game without getting excited or expressing my distaste at something either said by the commentator or a bad play in the game. The way I see it…how can one really enjoy the game OR any sport[or show] without expressing themselves as it happens?

Last season the league had a shortened season and THIS year the fans get not only a FULL season BUT 6 OUTDOOR games and the enjoyment of OLYMPIC hockey! People always ask me, don’t you ever get tired of watching hockey? Simply put, no. I get chills at the start of every new season as the calendar turns to October and this crazy season long journey begins!

Can the 2013-2014 season begin already?! Hockey needs to come back soon!

Can the 2013-2014 season begin already?! Hockey needs to come back soon! #70daysuntilhockey #OctoberFirst!

Thank-you to all of those who have followed this blog from the beginning and thank-you to all those who have joined along the way! I love sharing my scatter-brained thoughts & interacting with all of you! Here’s to many more!

One year later…wonder what my thoughts were from that first post? My style has not changed too much. Here’s a link to my first post:

One year later and I will continue to share my crazy hockey fan madness with all of you! Thanks again for joining me & my craziness!

As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

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