“OH Danny Boy…”

In the midst of Ryan Kesler’s return to his former self and the fact that with him in the line up means the Canucks actually have a power play that works everyone has forgotten about Daniel Sedin.

Daniel has been quietly sneaking up on the Canucks all-time points list sitting just ONE point behind Markus Naslund[prior to the game in St.Louis] and will very soon be solely number two in the Canucks record books behind his brother Henrik. Earlier this season, Henrik surpassed Markus Naslund’s record and it was only a matter of time before Daniel joined his brother in the elite company, after all they seem to do everything together.

Henrik won the Art Ross in 2010 and Daniel won it 2011. Henrik surpassed Markus Naslund’s record in February and Daniel will do so within the next few games [perhaps also against Dallas JUST LIKE Henrik?!] Daniel DID tie Naslund’s record during the Blue’s game with an assist on the Edler goal and will be looking to surpass 756 points in the game against Dallas. Can you script this story any better? They won back to back Art Ross trophies and Daniel also has the chance to pass Naslund’s record in the same fashion as Henrik did. When one achieves something great, the other is quick to follow.

The Sedins really are special players despite what some people say about them, they probably wish they could have these brothers on their own teams. Sure there are brothers playing together in the NHL, but these two have something unique in the fact that they have played EVERY level of hockey of their careers TOGETHER.

Throughout their careers their regular season stats look like this:

Daniel Sedin: 290 Goals, 466 Assists [756 points] /902 games played/ 378 penalty minutes

Henrik Sedin: 182 Goals, 607 Assists [789 points] /935 games played/ 532 penalty minutes

Season after season since the 2005/2006 season they have put up respectable numbers averaging more than a point per game. Since the 2005/2006 season, Henrik has 643 points in his last 617 games and Daniel has 605 points in his last 587 games! Canucks fans are very lucky to have not one, but BOTH Sedins as part of their team’s history. It will be quite a story when/if they are able to go all the way and get that ring.

Following a disappointing effort in St.Louis, the Canucks will look to close out the road trip with a win and one step closer to closing in a playoff berth and the division title. Are you ready for the final countdown? There are just 5 games left before playoffs begin and anything can happen. Daniel WILL reach his milestone, the question remains will it be in Dallas or when they return home against Detroit? Personally I think it will be in Dallas and it will be a night full of #sedinery.

Rumor has it that the NHL will be announcing an outdoor Stadium series that will feature NOT one but SIX outdoor games in 2014: [including one featuring the Canucks!]

1. January 1st – The WINTER CLASSIC – Detroit vs. Toronto @ Michigan Stadium

2. January 25th – Anaheim vs. LA @ Dodgers Stadium

3. January 26th – New Jersey vs. New York Rangers @ Yankee Stadium

4. January 29th – New York Islanders vs. New York Rangers @ Yankee Stadium

5. March 1st – Pittsburgh vs. Chicago @ Soldier Field

6. March 2nd – VANCOUVER vs. Ottawa @ BC Place

What are you thoughts? Are you excited about the potential for MORE outdoor games next season? Will you attending any of the games or boycotting them? It will be interesting to see if the NHL goes through with this plan [to win back fans] and how the fans in the various city will react.

Amidst the excitement for the playoffs some teams are surprising fans around the league. The New York Islanders and the Toronto Maple Leafs are on the cusp of reaching the playoffs for the first time in over 5 years. The Columbus Blue Jackets are fighting for 8th with the Detroit Red Wings. The Canucks have an opportunity to catch Anaheim in the standings if they get on a roll in their final 5 games and the Ducks win just 2 of their remaining games. It’s an exciting time of year for hockey fans and it is only just the beginning as each team closes out this final stretch before the playoffs begin!

I am excited to see what the Canucks will do in the final 5 games and beyond. There is an air of excitement that comes every year at this time as fans around the league await the playoff match-ups and every city colors their cities in their team colors.

As always, until next time nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

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