7-3-2 =The Canucks in February

Why hello there readers. The Canucks are one game away from finishing February. Despite that despicable loss in Detroit, February has been a fairly decent month for the Canucks. Eleven games in [excluding tonight’s results] the Canucks are 7-3-2 [and 10-5-4 overall since January 19th]. Yes, that game in Detroit was a debacle and the Canucks barely stumbled out of the Joe with their horrendous play [particularly in the 2nd and 3rd periods and all those penalties did not help!], but all it accounts for is ONE game. Yes, it was definitely their worst effort of the season. Let’s take a moment to relax, 19 games in and the Canucks are still in the top three.

There are still 29 games to be played .All in all, the Canucks are not looking bad. February has seen the Canucks get some important wins and a few bad moments[yes that loss to the Stars and the one to the Red Wings]. Great moments include Henrik reaching new heights in the Canucks record books as the all-time franchise points leader and the return of #Sedinery with the twins rediscovering their scoring touch[Hank has 17 points & Danny has 20 so far]. The good news is that one game does not decide everything[unless you are stuck in downward spiral….see Calgary and Columbus]. There is still a lot of time left in this shortened season for teams to surprise us and new streaks to begin. Besides I think perhaps that absolute stomping by the Red Wings might have been a wake up call. Does anyone remember two short years ago that team from the #WindyCity stomped the Canucks 7-1[at home…ouch]…but after that game the Canucks became absolute dominators? The Canucks suffered one loss after that 7-1 stomping[it was 3-2 to Phoenix, coincidentally…much like tonight] but followed up that 2 game losing streak with an absolute dominant run. The Canucks will have that chance to get back on a roll Saturday[March 2nd] when they face the LA Kings.

Regardless of tonight’s outcome, as February ends, March is looming around the corner and I look forward to seeing what the team and the hockey world has in store for us hockey fans. The conclusion to this season is still to be decided.  Until next time, as always,  nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

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