2012 lockout here we come……….!!!

Merry Christmas indeed Gary Bettman. Are you happy? It is official. 2012 NHL Lockout powers activated. You succeeded in completing the hat trick of lockouts in your tenure and creating MORE dislike of you for the fans[who knew that was even possible?!]. WOW….it is quite a legacy you are leaving behind. Will people remember the changes you made to the game? No…but we will all remember the 3 lockouts you enforced on hockey. Now instead of looking forward to the training camps and pre-season games….in the next few days we will get the pleasure of hearing the league cancel training camps and pre-season games….leaving the rest of the season up in the air while many veteran players will be playing abroad and younger players will be playing for the AHL or junior clubs.

Rumor has it that the NHLPA was more than willing to re-ignite CBA talks today..but the NHL did not feel that they would say anything they found relevant. Funny how the players were willing to talk…but Bettman through Daly said it did not warrant any formal talks between the two groups today. It’s nice to know that the commissioner was so completely determined to have a lockout don’t you think? [ha!] Alright…Bettman, Daly, Fehr brothers, NHL owners, and NHL players….PLEASE do get to work on the new CBA stat.

I will say this of the current lockout….it has come down to the Winter Classic saving the season. I really do not see the league canceling a game that brings in so much revenue beyond the game itself that the owners all love…not to mention the 70,000+ fans that will be at the game live in Michigan. It would be an extremely STUPID move for the league to cancel the outdoor event that features two of the original six in Detroit and Toronto. The league has until January 1st to cancel the game…but as I said…it would extremely on their part to make that decision.

Until the NHL returns…it looks like I will have to add the cheering for the Chicago Wolves to my blog[not because I like Chi-town..but because they are the #Canucks AHL affiliate and many of the Canucks players will be featured…Lack, Corrado, Jensen, Ebbett, Schroeder, to name a few. The team with the current roster looks ready to contend!].

Are you happy Bettman? I’m not and neither are the thousands of fans that are also extremely disappointed. It is official…you have created even more distaste for yourself…your name will have even more negative connotations in relation to this 3rd lockout of yours. Job well done. If you want to change the way people will view your lockout legacy then fix it.PLEASE DO NOT LET THERE BE AN ENTIRE SEASON LOST….let’s get the NEW CBA done!! Get ‘er done for the fans!

As Donald Fehr said…”a lockout is a choice, NOT a requirement”. And now once more we shall await the repercussions of this choice that has been made. A decision that did not have to be made but was and now we shall see its many ripple effects. As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

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