NHL & NHLPA still have work to do+ Detroit looking to get a ‘yandle’ on D

Well just like that another day of meetings between the NHL & the NHLPA (NHL Player’s Association) have come to a close. It has been called a clever and creative initiative designed to avoid a  work  stoppage. A few details regarding the NHLPA’s ‘alternative view’ the NHL’s original proposal have become public knowledge: it would give extra draft picks to teams in financial trouble(they would build for the future); franchises[under special circumstances] would be able to trade/sell up to $4 million in cap space to another team. Bettman and NHL however view this as slightly too ambitious as he has stated that there is too wide of a gap between the two sides and must be resolved prior to the deadline. There is one more session of meetings tomorrow and then the next major meeting of both sides is next Wednesday. There is still work to be done before all is said and done. I remain one the sole optimists in this situation and I will remain so until otherwise filled with rage by Gary Bettman making an announcement that will anger all fans. Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen.

Rumor has it that the Detroit Red Wings have inquired about Phoenix defenseman Keith Yandle. They lost both the Suter & Weber sweepstakes & Lidstrom retired…so it appears they are looking for younger solid defenseman to fill the void left behind. Detroit has also been in the pursuit of Bouwmeester from Calgary….it will be interesting to see if they acquire either and what they would have to give up to make either deal a reality.

Below is a link to a tribute one of my favourite Canucks, who will sadly never lace up the skates again…but in his short time here, left the fans with many vivid memories. Rick Rypien had no fear when it came to taking on the bigger guys…his fights and goals always had the crowd on their feet to give him a standing ovation. He may have been small but that did not stop Rypper from playing his tenacious style. #37 will always be remembered.


We await the coming drama that shall unfold as the off-season winds down. As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

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