All eyes on NHLPA’s presentation + optimism enough for all hockey fans!

All eyes remain on the NHL & NHLPA meetings taking place in Toronto this week. Talks began 7 weeks ago…and there has been a constant back & forth until Bettman enforced a Sept. 15th deadline. Tomorrow is the day that the NHLPA led by Fehr will make their presentation of their alternative view for a new CBA[Collective Bargaining Agreement- settles the team salaries/cap/bonuses/franchise revenues/etc]. It is rumored that Sidney Crosby will be one the players present in representing the NHLPA at tomorrow’s meeting. Bettman is said to be ‘curious of the players view’, but the end result will tell the whole tale. Both sides remain optimistic that a new CBA can be established by September 15th. As I previously stated, I might be the only optimistic fan out there…but I  do think there is room for optimism in this scenario and I will just have to be optimistic enough for all hockey fans. Even if it ends up a shortened season….I would rather shorter than NO season. I do not like to entertain the idea of no hockey…we had that in 2004-2005(delaying Alex Ovechkin’s NHL debut until the 2005-2006 season when he was drafted in June 2004!) and it was brutal! Fingers crossed that the players, NHLPA director Fehr & Bettman can all come to an agreement that makes all sides happy and gives us a FULL season beginning in October:)! I refuse to join all those who are accepting the lockout before it is even official…what will you all do if it doesn’t happen, or is not all season long? Hear’s hoping this week goes well in Toronto for the NHLPA!


As always, until next time, nuck said.

Sarah E.L.

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